Perennial Garbage Crisis Sparks Public Outcry in Paynesville

One of several uncollected garbage piles at Redlight Market.

From all indications, the perennial garbage crisis that continues to affect the life and health of the commercial hub of Paynesville may be nearing its end soon, with promises from Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee to assist in the cleanup exercise.

The garbage, which had remained uncollected for weeks, was posing a health and environmental hazard to residents.

Strategic areas now overwhelmed by the stench of the uncollected garbage are Bob Taylor Road, around the Church of Lord Aladura, Gobachop Market, the newly constructed one side of Somalia Drive Road at the South of the overcrowded market and the four major entry points of the commercial hub.

Residents and a large number of fish mongers have begun to throw their rotten fish cartons into the drainage that leads to the east end of Bob Taylor Road, thus creating a serious sanitation crisis in that part of the market area.

Most of the garbage dumpsites have accumulated so much rotten dirt to the extent that commuting and buying of essential goods and locally produced commodities are indeed an uphill battle as street peddlers and vehicles spend several hours navigating through the traffic.

Gobachop Market at Red-Light, Paynesville, plays host to hundreds of locally produced wholesalers

As to who is responsible for the collection and disposal of the rotten garbage, there are claims and counterclaims as the trading of blame continues between authorities of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) branch at Red Light Market and the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC).

When contacted during the weekend for comment on the uncollected garbage, officials of the Paynesville branch of LMA said that a little over L$200,000 has been given to the PCC administration to collect and dispose of the garbage.

PCC Mayor E. Pam Belcher Taylor informed reporters on Monday, October 8, that the amount in question was indeed given to the PCC administration but was not intended for garbage collection.

Madam Taylor, dismissing claims by the LMA officials of the Red-Light Market, clarified that funds were intended to carry out administrative and other pressing issues confronting the PCC.

Meanwhile it has been reported that the MCC has agreed to address the sanitation crisis in Paynesville. According to news reports, Monrovia City Mayor Koijee has agreed to provide trucks to assist in the garbage removal exercise which is expected to commence any time soon.

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