People Withdraw from Going to Clinics, Hospitals

A pictorial of Ganta City in Nimba County during the start of the three weeks State of Emergency

For fear of being diagnosed with Coronavirus

Apart from the financial difficulty many may encounter to pay hugely charged medical bills for which some do not like to visit hospitals and clinics, a lot of people seem not to be much interested in visiting health facilities for fear of being diagnosed as coronavirus patients.

While it remains indisputable that the Coronavirus is raging the world killing many people especially in Italy, United States, and China, public opinion is suggesting in Ganta and other parts of Nimba County that “Any death now is Coronavirus even if people have existing health problems that might claim their lives.”

Some women conversing in a group on Friday morning in Ganta were heard discouraging one another of going to the clinic or hospital for medication, noting that even malaria that is with them throughout the ages has now become Coronavirus.

“For me I will not go to the clinic now because when the doctors test people now there is nothing they can say besides Coronavirus,”   said one woman in a group with others.

A patient who had just been discharged from the Ganta United Methodist Hospital after undergoing surgery for Bow Obstruction said: “All the nurses are afraid now to touch any patient, and people themselves are afraid to visit the hospital because they don’t want to be considered Coronavirus.”

“We are encountering a serious problem with patient intake because people do not want to be diagnosed of the virus, and the way the information is disseminated whereby reports of the increase comes, it is causing people to have fear coming to the clinic and hospital,” said a Physician working at the Power House Clinic in Ganta.

Besides the experience of Ebola in 2014 that get residents to withdraw from going to health facilities with the medical problems, there is a growing fear surrounding the death of Don Patrick, a man who came from the United States in February this year and mysteriously fell sick and died in the Tappita region.

According to sources in the area, Patrick had come to pay a dowry for a woman he intended to marry, and during the process, he became ill and went off while in the bathroom following which he was pronounced dead at the Jackson Fiah Doe Hospital.

The controversy surrounding the death of Patrick is that he was about to get married to a woman who was betrothed to a man for whom she bore some children, and Patrick was about to pay the dowry of this woman in the very village the previous husband lives.  According to sources, throughout his stay, he did not show any symptoms of illness until during the marriage ceremony.

According to family sources, there was no symptom of Coronavirus diagnosed when the deceased was first taken to the hospital, but after some hours elapsed, they heard again that he died of the virus.

The question that lingers now with no answer is:  How come the hospital could not diagnose the case earlier but after many hours before coming out with a positive case of Coronavirus?

With this concern, many citizens, in addition to their possible rejection at clinics and hospitals tracing history to back to Liberia’s Ebola crisis that claimed the lives of many health workers, are resolving not to go to hospitals and clinics for fear that they might pronounce them Coronavirus positive when what is bothering their health may actually be different.

Meanwhile, enforcement of the State of Emergency that was pronounced by President Weah to come into force on April 10 at 11:59 p.m. is beginning to be taking effect.  The general market ground in Ganta is now emptied with a few marketers on the ground selling food items.  Stores were halfway opened for buyers to purchase rice to take to the villages.


  1. Why is this ass calling the President to the people* house? This deadly sickness kills anyone. Even the law makers and breakers. Those fiasco Doctors who study only theories do not even observe the Mosquito that bites from the ass. Liberian mosquito bites from the front only; not the back. This COVID-19 will not control us. It has a cure. The country Doctor will find it the treatment or get out. You have already taken a sample of people dead and alive. No more money to test the whole native nation. Remedy: Provide the money to find the medicine and as you find the cure for each person, than you test as we go. God did not make everyone the same. We are in a medicine war. Where are the medical numbers? Pass the budget or find the money otherwise Liberians will remove non-essential Officials now. Even those Preaching the gospel can not even find the holy medicine. They do not even know the right medical prayers.
    Do not Reply. Kill virus before it kills the world. I am praying. Don’t disturb.

  2. Build your own testing center in your own city and leave Monrovia to its own center. Monrovians get contaminated and have not been able to use their own facilities for years causing them to move out for fear of disease contacts.. Government employees who come to the city to work refuse to return to various counties establishing homes in the city and calling themselves intakes neglecting their own places of birth. Carry your cap back to where it came from. We do not give va shit. We will always be Monrovians, No matter where we go. Go keep your distance home and the one lab will be enough to serve us until we can find the medicine and the qualified staff to save the nation. One lab in each County’s cap city makes sense for Government operation until you can get the treatment for two or more. The Health distance will be kept while the density for our Lab in Monrovia be reduced to maintain the 50 cases per Lab science fixture in facts. We record when EBOLA stated in Lofa, Sinoe and other counties. Instead them building their own Lab they all rush to Monrovia and contaminated the entire nation. If you pass the 50 test per Lab at Monrovia’s interval and get contaminated, do not blame us. Blame where you came from to come to our city. We all are fighting to survive. The Virus got the whole world.
    Do not reply. Praying for the Universe by myself. Do not knock.

  3. TD, come on though. News websites with comment sections serve meanly two purposes: commentary on the subject matter of the article or opining on posts submitted by other readers. You have written a post here which some might respond to either positively or negatively. I think you raised some intersting things here which I’d like to address.

    Firstly, let me address the issues of population density and the challenge of adequate testing facilities in light of the covid 19 health threat. So long as per the wisdom of leaders the lion’s share of developments is concentrated in Monrovia, those thinking to improve their will migrate there. Economics is the primary driver for rural to urban migration. Hope for better schools, medical facilities, possibilities of jobs, etc., keeps more people relocating and thus, overpopulation and your result of pockets of slums here and there. And those people? Social mobility aspires forward and upward, not downward and backward.They’re Liberians too and they are not going anywhere until and unless those same opportunities that drove them here, in the first place, become available back where they had come from. I think reasonable people can agree on this.

    Secondly, the reason why we find testing facilities woefully inadequate boils down to either the failure to learn from the Ebola crisis and proactively prepare for future infectious disease outbreaks or simply because we lack the financial capacity to invest in dedicated infectious disease labs. These sorts of labs require expensive equipments. Maintaining and staffing such facilities runs into the millions. If we cannot equip even a regular medical lab with more basic testing equipments, reagents or gloves, how feasible is it then to build a sophisticated lab in each of the political subdivisions?

    Lastly, this is like beating the proverbial dead horse. So long as those who have the power to change things in Liberia remain uncommitted to that ideal, as sure as the sun is going rise in the east and set in the west, most citizens of Liberia will continue to live precariously.

  4. Each county should have its own budget protruded from legislative budgetary approvals. What projections could have been made that stern on platforms of elected canvassing in each county’s priority health care that has not included a Lab at least in each administrative city to avoid such density on us? What have these law makers or breakers been doing with Health care numbers? There is no excuse for not developing the area you were born in, neither is there any for looting the capacity of others whilst there is enough land and space to improve or make way for self development. There are much natural resources in terms of solidity. Tell the Liberian people as a people. Do not Reply me again. No need to call you an idiot.
    I say I am meditating with God. Do not enter.

  5. Much less, they spend time of slashing the economy for personal greed forgetting that in such crisis time everyone will get injected one way or another. This virus has no east or west, north or south, sea or river. It attacks any human being rich or poor.
    Gone in silence 57% majority. Pray for Liberia.


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