People Africa Foundation Launches Empowerment Program

Mr. N'tow: "We urge you to inspire for the best by becoming investors to improve the country's economy."

By Sonnie Lawrence (Intern)

The People’s Foundation Africa (PFA), a local-based charity foundation that provides educational materials as well as scholarships to “vulnerable” Liberians was recently launched in Monrovia to create educational opportunities for the beneficiaries.

The program, the first of its kind was launched on iCampus, Carey Street in Monrovia under the theme, “Building and Sustaining the Peace–Young People as Catalyst.”

The keynote speaker, Saah Charles N’tow, former Minister of Youth and Sports, challenged young Liberians to see themselves as solutions to the many difficulties the country is faced with instead of being the problems.

N’tow’s statement came against the background where many people have viewed some of the young people as the problem in the Liberian society. He therefore called on the young people to make the best use of themselves by investing in their own economy instead of the age-old dependency syndrome.

“I challenge you to make investments via time, skills, professionalism and whatever positive means that will change situations in Liberia for the best,” Mr. N’tow said.

He then encouraged young people to build their integrity by keeping focused, standing for the truth, and to do positive things that will better Liberia’s development agenda.

Mr. N’tow meanwhile advised them to conduct themselves respectfully as there are consequences attached to whatever one does. For the young people, “let them put Liberia first.”

The launching ceremony brought together over 25 individuals.

Originally named after its founder, the People’s Foundation Africa was established in 2016 as the Kula V. Fofana Foundation for People’s Empowerment. It was later re-branded as People’s Foundation Africa. It works to reach communities on health, education, mentoring, and agriculture as well as youth development.

Madame Kula V. Fofana gives a statement of appreciation to those who attended the launch.

Some of its flagship programs are the Boima Dukena Boys Education Fund, which is geared at supporting and mentoring young boys between the ages of 15-19 years, who are at-risk of being addicted to alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances.

The foundation intends to utilize a holistic approach with their families, friends, schools and communities by providing tuition assistance, and school supplies, including uniforms.

Another program is the Mama Africa Scholars (all girls), seeks to mentor young women of similar ages like the boys for a period of one year. The program seeks to work with young women at risk of getting married or pregnant before their 18th birthday. To achieve the objective, the foundation will also pair the girls with mentors and support systems.

The PFA conducted WASSCE tutorials in 2018/2019 to support students as they prepared to sit the national exam. The tutorial extended to additional communities in Grand Cape Mount County.

Fofana then expressed gratitude to Mr. N’tow for his meaningful advice to the young people, who are benefiting the program.

The ceremony was climaxed with fund-raising through a bid of items including umbrellas at the initial price of L$300, inscribed with PFA.


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