Penalties Await 3rd Party Insurance Violators


    The Minister of Transport, S. Tonorlah Varpilah, said there are several penalties awaiting those who would refuse to cooperate with the 3rd Party compulsory liability insurance scheme registration.

    He said any vehicle refusing to register with the 3rd Party motor compulsory liability insurance scheme would be arrested and taken to court by the Liberian National Police (LNP). Vehicles without the scheme won’t be allowed to ply the streets of Monrovia.

     The Transport Minister made the statement recently in Monrovia while addressing journalists.

    The 3rd Party compulsory liability insurance scheme launched over the weekend is intended to help protect lives and property while removing the economic burden of accidents from victims and their relatives and transfer it to the insurance company. This would stimulate financial growth and solvency within the insurance sector and the Liberian economy at large.

     “The compulsory motor 3rd party liability scheme was enacted to law in 1972 by the National Legislature to promote public safety and properties, said the Minister”

    According to Transport boss, “Those who refuse to abide by the law and register their vehicles with the scheme will be arrested by the LNP, charged and taken to court. There will be no cars or motorcycles allowed to ply the main streets without being registered for the scheme.”

    He continued saying “the Ministry has renovated the ground floor of the MOT and procures computers and software to automate the license registration process on a ‘One Stop Shop’ basis.

    “The time to register and obtain vehicles license plate has considerably reduced from two-three weeks to one day.”

    Minister Varpilah disclosed that the MOT was determined to reform the insurance sector so they could improve public safety, promote economic growth and generate additional revenue for government.

    “The ministry has forged a sustained partnership with the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), the ministry of Justice, and the Association of Insurance Companies to re-introduce the compulsory third party motor vehicle liability insurance scheme. In May 2013, 18 insurance companies were certified by CBL and mass media awareness campaign,” explained the Minister.

    Following Minister Varpilah’s statement, our reporter went out on Monrovia’s streets to find out if the registration is being implemented effectively from the LNP.

    During this investigation she came across several vehicles involved in the process and observed the LNP successfully making sure those vehicles that have not registered do so.

    Meanwhile, many citizens expressed satisfaction over the Ministry of Transport and the LNP’s decisions to help protect lives and property in Liberia.


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