Peaceful Protest Ends in Chaos

Flashback: LNP fired its water cannon along with teargas on peaceful protesters on January 6, 2020.

— Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue Justifies Reasons for using force against protesters

What initially started as a mass peaceful protest organized by the Council of Patriots on Capitol Hill on January 6 later turned chaotic in the evening hours of the day as officers of the Joint Security immediately began using teargas and a water canon to disperse the crowd.

The actions by the joint security, according to organizers of the protest, were precipitated by the protesters’ insistence to cook their food and to spend the night at the protest venue until some of their demands are met or addressed by President George M. Weah.

The peaceful protest took place between the Executive Mansion, which is the official seat of Presidency, and the Capitol Building, the official seat of the Lawmakers.

The Council of Patriots (CoP), headed by popular talk show host, Henry P. Costa, said Monday’s protest is in continuation of the June 7, 2019, peaceful assembly aimed at calling on the government to address the economic hardship.

However, some pro-government supporters and onlookers also began chanting, “no more protest, go home.”

Prior to the chaos, mainly created by the LNP, District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah had told the media that he had gathered intelligence that President Weah had given an order to the police to arrest Henry Costa and other ring leaders of the COP.

Rep. Kolubah said he was informed by some officers of the Liberia National Police, while heading to his residence to return for the continuation of the protest.

He said people working with the President’s office were feeding him with information on how the government is “planning to manhandle the protesters in a few hours,” a statement that was proven in less than two hours.

According to him, President Weah called on the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) management to switch off the lights around Capitol Hill in order to give the officers the opportunity to carry on some clandestine acts.

“I’m defying the government. They should come and arrest us from among our supporters,” Representative Kolubah said, while boasting that he has trained a number of police officers who have called him about the planned arrest of his person, adding that Weah, along with his officers, will not succeed.

The much publicized protest started peacefully early Monday morning and ran well beyond 5 p.m., with protesters chanting slogans and singing songs of protest against the government.

The President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah, who was voted into office in 2017, has been criticized for erecting and renovating several personal properties, allegation that his supporters have denied and claimed that he came with his own money to the presidency.

LNP officers pursue protesters after firing teargas to disperse them.

LNP Inspector General Patrick Sudue Justifies Reasons for force against protesters

The Inspector-General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Patrick Sudue, late yesterday evening explained that the use of force to dismiss the protesters came as a result of the protesters’ refusal to quit cooking on the grounds of the Executive Mansion and other state buildings, including the Capitol.

“We told them to stop the use of fire for the cooking of their food but they did not adhere. We called in human rights observers to talk to them, they obeyed but later they reignited the fire. For us, as members of the security apparatus, it was a threat,” Sudue said.

Inspector General Sudue, confirmed that several protesters were wounded by the use of teargas, and an additional 18 people arrested by joint security officers during the protest.

Meanwhile, Sudue displayed two shotguns loaded with rounds of ammunition allegedly taken from Montserrado District 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah’s vehicles.

“These deadly weapons were found in these cars. One of the cars belongs to Rep. Yekeh Kolubah. This is what we have seen,” IG Sudue said.

Rep. Kolubah, however, has denied having any gun in his vehicle. He blamed the police of planting the gun in his vehicle, describing it as a calculated attempt on the part of the government to falsely indict him.

“I did not drive my car this morning to get to Capitol Hill. I walked and my cars followed me later. As far as I am concerned, there were no guns in my car. I am not stupid and so they should not think they will get me,” Kolubah said.

He said he will not report to the police for any questioning but will proceed to the court with his lawyers.

Speaking earlier to their supporters, Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon, Henry Costa, Representative Yekeh Kolubah and Telia Urey assured them of all material support in order to maintain the protesters who had vowed to sleep in the streets until President Weah answered their demands.

Mattresses, cooking pots and other utensils were transported by the COP in an attempt to spend the night on Capitol Hill.

During the morning hours, the state security denied the protestors, including Mo Ali, an executive member of the CoP, from gathering at the Capitol Hill.

The standoff between the state security and the early morning protesters came to an end after the intervention of the Deputy Inspector General of Police for Operations, Marvin Sarkor, who walked with the protesters and Mr. Ali to the assembly area.

Police say they decided to disperse the protesters by force because they refused to comply with security advice that no fires should be lit on Capitol Hill.

“The Liberian government cannot allow its security forces to get away with hurting unarmed protesters and attacking bystanders,” said one of the protesters who got injured by teargas.

The violence against the protesters yesterday undermines the Liberian Government’s legal obligations under several international and African human rights treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, which require it to respect the right to life and freedoms of expression and of assembly.

The action of the security forces, according to a Human Rights monitors in attendance, violated those obligations. The Human Rights monitor added that the state security forces did not abide by the U.N. Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials in policing demonstrations.

“The principles require that law enforcement officials, in carrying out their duty, shall as far as possible apply nonviolent means before resorting to the use of force. Whenever the lawful use of force is unavoidable, law enforcement officials must use restraint and act in proportion to the seriousness of the offense,” the monitor said.


  1. Protesters who are granted permission to protest in a democratic society should be protected by the government when the protesters go out to protest. Sadly today in Liberia, something went wrong between the protesters led by Costa, and the GOL.

    Some protesters were gassed. Protesters who were gassed were found to be cooking on the campus of the country’s presidential compound. Some protesters took mattresses on the campus of the presidential compound in order to spend day and night on until the protesters’ demands were met.

    What are some of the protesters’ demands?
    1. The protesters want the president, George Weah to step down from the presidency.

    2. The protesters want better government…. which is the equivalent of saying George Weah must step down by all means. Period!

    Was it discussed or agreed upon for the protesters to cook and sleep on the campus of the presidential compound during protest?

    Answer: No

    Were the protesters right to do something that they were not authorized to do?

    Answer: No. Because it wasn’t discussed and agreed upon for food to be cooked and for mattresses to be brought to sleep on during protest. The protesters’ organizers are blameworthy. The organizers seem not to have control over their protesters. That is a bad sign of confusion within the CoP.

    Did the GOL handle this affair professionally?
    Answer: Maybe. On the other hand, maybe the GOL will handle a situation similar to today’s event a little differently.

    How differently?
    Use handcuffs. Don’t use gas immediately. Gas should be used as a last resort. But the situation may change if the protesters become rowdy or ridiculously uncontrollable. Please no live bullets. Never.

    Does it make ample sense for a protest to be held on a weekday?
    Given what has happened today, absolutely not!
    Weekends or non-essential holidays are much better.

  2. Dear Daily Observer,

    You need to employ some freelance journalists on this blog to serve their eccentric and fiendish interests in Liberia.
    We don’t know what they want of our dear country Liberia.
    They found it “scurrilous” to have come to serve it, yet they support perpetual hatred and misdemeanors in it under their deceitful disguise of love; what a love between cat and rat!
    They always incite insurrectional and chaotic intimidations and practices; how hypocritical they are!
    By the way, why don’t they sleep for a while to leave events unfolding in our country? Are they secret agents or what?
    Prove the love by entering to help train some poorly trained teachers, journalists, etc. you will be disappointed because Liberia will NEVER burn anew, if that’s your hope. May this be ingrained in their brain forever and ever, Amen!

    Hear me all of you hypocrites and war mongers, beware that any shot fired in Liberian again that will take the life of a single Liberian will be the last shot ever fired in my dear country Liberia.

    • No one listens to the hypocritical sentiments of Beneficiaries and Sons of the Beneficiaries of the Liberian civil conflict who are just waking up from their slumber.

      Where was this voice of reasoning when the NPFL’s SBU ( Small Boy Unit ) and ATU ran the streets of Monrovia, harassing, intimidating, threatening journalists to the extend that some of them had to flee Liberia for their lives. There is no track record of your sentiments under those circumstances because it was good for you at the time.

      It is laughable to issue a warning about shot been fired when the war machine your brought on us were never silent and you had nothing at the time to say, What a hypocrite and deceitful character.
      This time around, well meaning Liberians are prepared.

      Daily Observer don’t need to do a darn thing, Journalists have always been around. Send your special request to your coca cola Kid ( From ANC ) along with a proforma invoice for his action or reaction, don’t really give a crap.

      Before you go there, We are on record for training more than 30 people in Liberia from undergraduate to Doctoral levels. We have kids who have the authority approved by the President of the US to use their fire arms against domestic and foreign Threats. You better believe the security forces in Liberia have similar authority and YES shots will be fire if the COP decide to act on their well documented intentions to unseat the President of Liberia unconstitutionally and your NPFL rebel turn Representative is on record as saying, he will do the honors by dragging the President down from his office after they storm his office.

      There is nothing wrong with Protesting, but the intentions of this Particular Dec.30th protest by their chairman on record and his foot soldiers in Liberia is the problem most well meaning Liberians have a problem with. The utterances of their leadership showed their inexperience and it is true there is a rift in their leadership structure. They don’t have a plan and can’t answer critical questions, so we can’t blame season politicians with INTEGRITY who distanced themselves from the COP. They are not traitors but refused to join in with a group that make up a plan as they go.

      While they hold the government of Liberia to deliver on their promises, we will also hold their leadership structure as to who are they ? Who are their Parents ? Especially The Father ? We can tell a lot by the family upbringing. What is the plan and next steps for Liberia because Liberians are not going to buy any pig in the bag crap. Lay out your plans.

      And again to the Beneficiaries and Sons of the Beneficiaries of the Liberian civil conflict BEWARE this is just the beginning.

      • You need to see a psychiatrist; I beg your pardon.
        Frankly, most of what you write cannot be understood. Let go of your passion and nervousness and clearly express yourself

        May God Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, be with you this day!

        • Stupid fool Dolo, You are the one that lacks the understanding of what I wrote.

          You are in no position to give me an advice, You are the one that needs to see a Doctor for your mental health as regards to the benefits you received from the Liberian civil crisis and didn’t have anything to say then, so don’t come on here to issue any warning to anyone or government because your hands are as black and dirty as your so call warning.

          You don’t even know what passion is, so STFU.SMH. Don’t even mention the name of God in your post, You DEVIL.

          • “He who knows not,
            and knows NOT that he knows not,
            Is a fool, shun him”

            Sadly, you will open your mouth to say you have a degree. Your children will one day see your writings here and laugh at you oooh!

            Like Weah like supporters!

            Take out Minneapolis, USA from your name. it doesn’t fit you. Living in a country with high literacy rate and writing English like that!
            If you were living in the Ivory Coast like me, it could have been an excuse for you,
            stupid and untrained gronna boy!

      • This post is directed to REBEL DOLO who is a hypocrite and a deceitful character.

        At the time his NPFL rebels were ransacking Liberia, he never opened his dirty mouth to call on journalists or a news paper to monitor anything because at the time he earned his living from the war.

        We will not allow this fool to come on here and pretend to be a statesman or someone with integrity. Now Taylor is gone, They are behind Cummings with a different intent. Cummings Beware, they murdered their own flesh and blood in cold blood, The Hon. Jackson F. Doe who was set to be President of Liberia even after the civil conflict but because of greed and power thirsty, they kill him, they might do the same to you.

  3. The billions we keep talking about have been encumbered, whether in the positive or negative. 2017-2019 dead cat-movement, past gone, and flushed. Finding out who are responsible for the past does not matter right now. It will follow later. We have another 4 billion printed in Liberian currency (dollar-LRD). Another 4.3 Billion LRD offered in IMF exchanged lend. 2020 workable present issue. Get off the streets get to work, pay the workers in Liberian dollars only and see what change will come after the local currencies are commercialized in coffer or vaulted. The 8.3 Billion LRD constitutionally regenerated will dig out the missing and obviously all misappropriations will be visible. Jurisprudence can only step in if economic fall is proven through local activities. Return the American people money back to them after a quick and gross rate of (exchange) returns. It is only the Liberian currency that will grow the economy. No more war and street fire cooking, sleeping, looting, fighting or screwing on the street. Eat decent and live good in the sight of God. Forget about the head without tail and tail without head they all will answer for themselves. Fix it yourself as a people in peace and silence. One group or one person cannot. Tell the Liberians. Not my box. Gone to silent majority.


        You are the one that need to shut your gronna and stupid ass up. You stupid blood thirsty rebel.

        Come to Minneapolis to see the life I have built for my family as a provider not a War monger like you that earn a living by the demise of 250’000 people. Stupid Fool.

  4. Speaking earlier to their supporters, Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon, Henry Costa, Representative Yekeh Kolubah and Telia Urey assured them of all material support in order to maintain the protesters who had vowed to sleep in the streets until President Weah answered their demands.


    WORLD NEWSJULY 11, 2019 / 1:43 PM / 6 MONTHS AGO
    Police fire guns during Shi’ite protest in Nigeria capital: BUT IN LIBERIA, THE POLICE SHOULD CLAP AND DANCE FOR THE PROTESTERS!


    Tear gas fired in Freetown after body left on street
    Police in Freetown, Sierra Leone, have fired tear gas as people took to the streets to complain about the authorities’ handling of the Ebola virus. BUT IN LIBERIA, THE POLICE NEEDS TO GO TO COURT TO OBTAIN ORDERS TO DISPERSE PROTESTERS!

    WORLD NEWSJANUARY 16, 2017 / 9:36 PM / 3 YEARS AGO
    Ivory Coast police fire teargas to disperse protesting students
    Ange Aboa
    3 MIN READ

    ABIDJAN (Reuters) – Ivory Coast police fired teargas on Monday to disperse pupils and students protesting at government ministries in the main city, Abidjan, as nationwide strikes intensified, police and a senior union official said. BUT IN LIBERIA, THE POLICE IS SUPPOSE TO RUNAWAY!

    Senegal: Police fire tear gas at protesters
    This video file cannot be played.
    (Error Code: 102630)
    with Reuters, AFP 19/04/2018
    Hundreds of protesters on Thursday morning demonstrated against a law to change Senegal’s electoral code due to be voted on in parliament in the capital Dakar. IN LIBERIA THE POLICE IS TO JOIN THE PROTESTERS!


    We who have worked with the UN are aware that tear gas and water cannons are what are used in such cases. And this is why Ellen never hesitated in even using live bullets.

  5. Specifically missing in action (MIA) in yesterday’s protest march by the CoP is Alexander Cummings, founder and standard bearer of the ANC. Cummings (is, was) one of those who merged with a litany of political parties to form the CoP. But, in days leading up to the protest date of January 6, 2020, Cummings has not been heard from neither has he been seen. That’s a marvel.

    On the other hand, there’s speculation by some pundits that the CoP is experiencing or has experienced a kind of a strategy turbulence. In other words according to those who study and monitor the inner workings of the CoP, the top brass are not in one accord. If the speculation of the pundits is correct, that could be the reason why the once gaudy Cummings is missing in action! But if Cummings is deliberately hiding from public view, his strategy could boomerang in his face with negative consequences.

    Making matters worse, some of Cummings’ campaign workers have been unable to convince anyone why Cummings should be voted for. Sadly, some of these campaign workers whom Cummings himself have never seen or talked with, are often reposed or ridiculed because of their lack of poise or virtuosity in politics. Instead of discussing the bread and butter issues of Liberia, Cummings’ campaign workers sometimes travialize commenters who think Cummings is nothing but a neophyte. Example, why is it important for a Cummings’ acolyte or campaign worker to worry about when a blogger goes to bed? If a commenter wishes to prepare cocktails and dough 24/7 without going to bed, it’s a right of the individual. But that is certainly not a bread and butter issue.

    First of all, because of the five or six-hour difference (depending on where one lives in America) anything that’s written outside of Liberia will be recorded in accordance with the Liberian time. Let’s say a commenter posts his or her comment at 11:53 p.m. in the US. Well, when the Daily Observer immediately gets the text, the posted comment will be recorded at 4:53 am. That’s because of the time difference.

    The CoP operatives as well as their intermediaries and campaign workers or apologists have a lot of work to do. Liberian voters will not awake to a rude awakening experience next time. The chicanery of unsophisticated politicians will not bamboozle the Liberian people anymore. If the CoP wants to be seen as being credible, an introspection is needed in its ranks.

    • Cummings lacks the mind of the importance a sanitary environment, and he is worse than irresponsible Costa in terms of leadership and sound judgement.He Cummings must be a dirty man.

      For example, there is no difference in their poor and disgusting judgement with..

      (1) Costa instructing his protesters to go cook, and eat, on the premises of the seat of power of the Presidency, the Legislature, and the Temple of Justice, to be followed by the very protesters shitting and pissing on those very premises, and..

      (2) Cummings stupidly believing he is politicking, by saying it is right that protesters cook, eat, and piss, on the premises of the most political, legal, and diplomatic, site of the State, Country, Nation, and Republic.

      Mr. Cummings, if God forbid, you were one day to head any of the three branches of Government, it is obvious you would instruct your supporters to cook, eat and piss, on such a highly sacred and diplomatic site. For political leadership, you are totally unfit.

      • Mr. Garsuah, from my previous exchange with you, I assume you know me personally. As a friend and brother, refrain from accusing good people without proof, refrain from character assassination, refrain from profanities and vituperative expressions, especially on social media.
        You may account for them in due time!
        Have a nice day brother!

        • What did your NPFL account for ? Why you didn’t advice then ?just find somewhere to sit, Let the account start from the past, I’m sure you know why you don’t want to open pandora’s box.

          You are on record for using profanities on the President of Liberia, you are in no position to advice anyone about what you are already engage in, You deceitful and hypocritical character.

  6. they must stop the rubber plantation in poor river bomi county because there is too much problems with cars tires also planes and it is big in my life if we have the plantation they must give us respect and not try to kill us

  7. You stated, “Finding out who are responsible for the past does not matter right now. It will follow later.”

    However, in my opinion, ignoring the past and not making efforts to correct our mistakes is not good. It sets a dangerous precedence in that we keep on repeating the same old mistakes.

    Another point you made is that people should, “Eat decent and live good in the sight of God.” This is incredible! Are you laughing at our struggling people? How can they live decently and eat well when they can hardly take pay? Is this not the reason they are parading the streets in the first place?

    God’s thinking is not man’s thinking. He will intervene, but he will intervene in a manner and time that all sides will behold Him with wonder and awe; Liberians will finally know that He is not a “god” to be toyed with.

    A nation that keeps forgetting the past, will always repeat the past?

  8. Right to be anonymous , is not repeating our past mistakes or setting a good precedent supporting losers of presidential election to overthrow a democratically elected government ? Or is setting a gteat precedent, allowing protesters to take their coal pots in front of the Mansion and the Capitol to cook and mess up with d8rt, fire smoke and filth? You people must be crazy! Order, the gods say, is the soul of BEAUTY! Hence, the saying, “God does not like ugly! Evrrything about this RUDE boy, Boakai, Urey and their CoP is UGLY!

  9. Hello Liberian people! I write to inform you that the peace is worth more than anything else.It’s a precious gift which God has given us,and we cannot imagine a single moment without it.We must therefore cherish it much the same way we cherish our loved ones.

    have every reason to panic over any action that appears to pose a threat to their peace and security.And a protest could be just one. Of course the meaning of protest is not associated with violence.But sometimes motive behind the protest and/or the use of force ,particularly by government in dealing with protesters, is what has earned it a bad reputation.

  10. If an idiot does not know the meaning of ” do not enter my box or tell the Liberian people and not me” do we care to see? Did any such experience the “suffering” during the war compared to the one now? How can such people be a part of the rationale in disguise under God’s protection. After the 8.3 LRD is liquidated, automation will make misappropriation visible. This means fire in the street does not worth the little time left to wait and see this 8.3B get circulated to vault. Do not TD name again. Tell Liberians. Gone in silent meditation.

  11. The Consequences of Been Fine Tuned

    Are Liberians fighting their own wars, or it is business as usual. Reminiscent of Baccaus Matthew telling William Tolbert to bring down rice price in April 1979. By 1980, a bag of 100 pounds rice was $22.00, 100% increase from William Tolbert price of $10.00, a year before. Why couldn’t Matthew and his PPP continue the protest in 1980, if it was due to “rice price”. Matthew was the foreign minister of a government under whose reign, rice was been sold for $22.00 than Tolbert’s $10.00. He sat and kept quiet. Does that make sense?
    Maybe, some “old uncles” on this platform can teach me small history lesson. Maybe Mr. Costa is been “fined tuned” by the ORACLE, like Venezuela’sJuan Guaido or Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong Chi-fung. Since we cannot fight our own wars and help solve our own problems, unless someone fine tune us, we will continue to be waged for a long, long time to come.
    Mamadu S. Bah NP ( Nurse Practitioner), Meridian Health


    Insane NPFL REBEL DOLO, you are mentally ill because of the killings, raping of women and destruction of properties your rebel group carried out in Liberia, so you need to be ashamed.

    I’m not in hiding Fool. I lived a very comfortable life in the states and visit my country regularly since the nineties. As a matter of fact, was just there 3 weeks ago Stupid fool. My family is very proud of me as a PROVIDER and I have also have adult children who are serving the united government on the frontlines as compared to your Stupid ASS who benefitted from innocent blood that spill in Liberia.

    DON’t concern your stupid rebel ass with what my kids will think about me because the day you run into one of them, you will sure be put in your dam place. A promise to keep REBEL DOLO.

  13. Brother Aaron Nelson Sr,
    I am thirsty. Let’s go out to drink fresh coconut water. But listen to this. When we get to the coconut trees, guess who’s going to climb? Don’t make any mistake. You will climb. Why? I am your big brother. If you’re ready, let me know.

    How are you Nelson Sr.? Say hello to your family. Hope you are enjoying the New Year already. I want to eat palm butter with pumpkin and cow skin in it. Again, call me when you are ready brother.

    Guess what? FPA has reported that Rufus Nuefville, the young fellow who broke away from the CoP and begrudgingly formed the ICoP has planned his own protest march. According to FPA, Nuefville’s request to protest has been approved. The funniest thing is that Nuefville is not really protesting against the GoL, but rather against the CoP. Now, if Nuefville is unhappy with an organization which he was an original founder of, prudence suggests that something is wrong somewhere. We know where and why!

    Alexander Cummings is one of the founders of the CoP. And so are Boakai, Costa, the Ureys, Dillon, Kolubah and many others. Somehow, during the recent protest march of the CoP, Cummings and some of the top brass of the organization did not show their faces. No one knows why Cummings and his colleagues did not march with their people. Let’s hope that Cummings and his brood were not hiding behind the skirt or lappa of a poor Liberian woman because of fear! Some Liberians think that Cummings, Costa and company are cowards! So there’s no surprise there. I don’t know how a coward can run a country and at the same time create 100,000 jobs in three months.

    Another thing that needs to be speculated on about the CoP organization is that the CoP is clueless about the issues that affect the Liberian people. The organization is getting weaker, that is if it wasn’t weak like a dead duck in the first place. Before the march, Cummings, Costa and company called for Weah’s removal from office. But when the request to march was granted, there were no speeches made by Cummings, Costa and company to tell the Liberian people how they would restructure the economic sector or how the quality of lives would be improved.

    The bottom line is this…. the Liberian people ought to be extremely careful with the gimmicks of the CoP organization. They’re up to no good. Their shortsightedness has caused their sympathizers to marvel at them.

    • Bro. Hney,

      What a pleasure it will be to have some coconut water with you, and yes, I will be up that tree so fast to get the coconut Big Brother.

      What you wrote is the truth that is very hard to understand for the illegitimate surrogate insane Dolo of the ANC who thinks so highly of himself to the extend that he really believe he is the only certificated negro around here, thats why I called him Insane Dolo.

      Will definitely let you know, in the main time, please allow me to excuse myself while I deal and speak the language this moron and Rebel Dolo understands loud and clear.

  14. Before the “June 7” protest march last year, VP Taylor was accused by sowers of discord that she was one of the sponsors of the protest. Because of that diabolical propaganda as part of the overall strategy of the CDC to oust her from office, the VP played safe by refusing to serve as government’s designee to receive the protesters statement scheduled for presentation to the GOL that day.

    Similarly, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) were accused by the GOL/CDC of being sponsors of the CoP’s December 30th protest march, eventually effectuated on January 6. In order to distinguish the two organizations as separate and distinct entities in spite of drawing from the same pool of members, each CPP member-party was constrained to put out statement dissociating themselves from the “12/30,1/06” march. That move was considered more of an obvious political tactic than anything near copping out of anything, as is being interpreted by their detractors.

    Interestingly paid trolls would want the Liberian people to be leery of the CoP, (a group of voluntary citizens seeking social justice for the people of Liberia) for “not delivering what it promised?” What could be the accountability in that case? Yet, these same spineless self-seeking trolls want the Liberian people to continue to repose confidence in a dysfunctional and incompetent leadership (the accountable morons) responsible for the unending hardships they are grappling with? Such callous illogic!

    • At least we are few but very lucid. Our problem is that we have so many dummies to deal with, but we will not relent in our strive to improving the livelihood of our people.
      Brother Hilary, they will NEVER understand what you have written, but they don’t know who they are dealing with and what they are playing with.

      If some of them knew, they would be scared to see Petarus involved in political talks. We will get the job done, come what may.
      Liberia will once more be respected in the comity of nations, be assured of it. It will not be left in the hands of ‘kooks” and cockroaches!

      • Look at this Bitch of a Dog known as Insane Dolo calling well meaning Liberians that disagrees with him cockroaches. This is the same Insane fellow pretending to be a statesman or someone with integrity who is on here giving advice and warnings about profanities. What a confused Dog that proved my point.

        Your Insane ass Dolo called me a gronna boy, well that’s far from the truth but I will play along your stupid ass distasteful game. It takes one to know one, therefore while I was doing my gronna work, SURPRISE !!!!
        guess who I saw, YOUR MOTHER, YES, I SAID IT, and will say it again, YOUR MOTHER. You need to have a talk with her because she was prostituting on the streets that’s how you were conceived, A nasty and stinking BASTARD. I guess you didn’t know that part of your birth records.

        Like I told you, I’m not in hiding, I go back and forth between the States and Liberia, go ahead and choose a location for us to put this to rest like men do. This time around, well meaning Liberians are prepared for Rebel Ass like you. I hope this dose of your own meds fell good to you. If you can’t stand crap, don’t dish it out.

        FACTS your condescending, cockroach, Rebel, Insane bitch ass Bastard Dolo ( wow, your name is getting longer by the minute ) don’t know about me.

        1. I don’t start something I know I won’t end.

        2. I promised you, you will see this face by or before your 2023, the year you can’t wait to get here. Maybe you have forgotten that Liberia is a small country, I will get to know if you are planning to be in attendance of any major ANC meeting. You barked at the wrong tree Dog.

        3. You will get to know sooner than later who’s in the immediate inner circle of Mr. Cummings that knows me and respects me. I will fly to Monrovia to attend any major ANC meeting that I might suspect you might be attending before or during election time in Liberia to let the him know you are not a representative of what he wants to accomplish in Liberia.

        4. In your stupid and condescending little mind, You might believe that I hate the COP for expressing their frustrations about economic situations facing Liberia and the ills of the Liberian government.
        FYI, I have Mr. Costa personal cell phone number in the States and he also have mine. We do have respect for one another and have had meaningful conversations.
        I disagree with the intentions of the protest he sounded out from the States before he left for Monrovia because I knew it was going to be used against him. I’m in my rights to disagree with anyone for any reason and shouldn’t have to be called names by stupid fool like you.

        Mr. Costa have met with me and my wife the 3 times he visited Minnesota and I was one of those that helped to facilitate his stay in Minnesota. Maybe your dumb ass should ask him because I’m not a liar like you. I identify with him on some of the issues he raised but disagree with the manner in which he intended to have the situation solved. ( side note, My wife holds a Doctorate from the University of Minnesota ), My son is well on his way to fly a fighter jet for the US Navy and Daughter is training in Human Resource for the US Army, So get your stupid ass to Minnesota so you will get to know who I’m and the other 2 of my kids can tell you who they are, that way before you opened your dirty mouth to call someone you don’t know names, you will at least find out who they are.

  15. 6. When My Wife and I met Mr. Costa on his first visit to Minnesota, I was one of those that welcome him and made sure he was comfortable when he spoke to Liberians in Minnesota. I knew he had love for his country, I believed and still believes he has a bright political future in Liberia which I made known to him in various ways, ate and drank with him and I plan on keeping it that way. I say this to say, Not everyone that disagrees with the utterances and intentions of the December 30th protest hates Mr. Costa or what he stands for, so do your home work before you start your name calling, you never know, who know who. You will see me unexpectedly in one of your ANC meetings in Monrovia if you dare be there, I will discredit you as not been a true representative of what Mr. Cummings stands for. You can take this promise to the bank.


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