Peace Without Justice, A Threat to Liberia’s Emerging Democracy


Ambassador Juli Endee, Executive Director for the Crusaders for Peace, has said peace without justice is a threat to the country’s emerging democracy.

Ambassador Endee made these remarks recently when her institution made a presentation of 1million Liberian dollars to Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET) as the winner for the 2019 George Weah Peace Prize in Monrovia.

The George Weah Peace Prize is an annual award given through the Kukaturnon (meaning we are one), it is also a peace festival that organizations in Liberia are recognized for promoting peace, reconciliation and security. The award further recognized President George M. Weah efforts and role-played in terms of fostering peace in Liberia during the 14years of civil crisis which destroyed thousands of lives and properties.

Endee said if Liberia must move forward there is a need to respect the rule of law and access to justice which is cardinal to the growth and development of every nation. “There can be no genuine peace without justice, let us make sure that justice prevails for all not for one,” she emphasized.

She said to also keep the peace, the truth must be told, because if you can not say the truth; absolutely you are not a peacemaker. She urged the government to investigate the recent incident in District #15 and persecute anyone found liable for the violence.

She told citizens to denounce the culture of violence and promote peace, adding citizens should to do away with what she termed as branding all of Liberia’s activities as negatives, adding that there are a lot of positive things that happened in Liberia than bad.

“Liberia is contributing to the sub-region and the world at large positively, people try to paint everything about the country negatively, and there are good people in Liberia that are making more positive impact than the bad ones, how can we say that we are peacemakers, then we say to the world do not support Liberian then,?”  She asked.

She said Liberians who claims to be patriotic are not showing patriotism and leadership. “It is not about the government because the government refers to you, me and the rest including you that are sitting here,” she noted.

She further acknowledges that there are issues in the country is faced with but disagreed with those Liberians who are calling on the international community to stop supporting Liberia.

Endee stated that the KUKATURNON Peace Festival started 18 years ago during the leadership of former President Charles Taylor and up to current President George Weah, stressing that it will go beyond President Weah’s Administration.
According to her, 16 years ago Liberia signed the Accra Peace Accord that ended the Liberian Civil war during which time the Women in Peace Building Network played a very active role.

According to her the KUKATURNON Peace Festival has another program called the Mano River Union Women Conference, highlighting that every year they will organize the KUKATURNON Peace Festival, noting that they will have the Mano River Women Conference where women will share their experiences from the various MRU countries, which she said could help in maintaining peace in their respective countries.

Queen Juli Endee said part of the experiencing sharing would concentrate on health, drugs abuse, and domestic violence, among others. She further disclosed that the KUKATURNON Peace Festival has been accepted and adopted in the MRU countries for the sake of iprotecting the peace and stability of the MRU Region. Madam Endee said other MRU countries would shortly conduct KUKATURNON Peace Festivals, indicating that all started from Liberia.

The National Coordinator of Women in Peace Building Network  Belphie Morris who extolled the organizers of the KUKATURNON Peace Festival for recognizing the work of the Women in Peace Building Network in Liberia and the West African Region,
said the award was the first major recognition from the Liberia Government, something which she said is worthy of commendation.

She commended  President George Weah for his efforts to promote peace and stability of the Country including the support to the peace prize.

She reaffirmed her organization’s commitment to protecting the peace and stability of Liberia, she quickly pointed out that while it is true that peace must be maintained, her institution will not compromise any issue that will violate the rights of women including other abusive acts perpetuated by heartless men. Madam Morris noted that women have the ability to mitigate the effects of any form of violence and ensure that the country is peaceful.


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