“Peace and Development Remain our Priority”

Mr. Komala says his concern is the development of the district

Diaspora Quardu-Gboni Citizens

A United States-based group under the banner, Movement for the Promotion of Mariamu Fofana and Affiliates, has termed as critical the enhancement of peace, reconciliation and development in Quardu-Gboni District, Lofa County.

The Diaspora group emphasized that following heated electoral processes in 2017, it was important for the residents to put aside their differences and unite, to promote peace and development.

In a release the group, under the signature of its chairman, Selekie Komala, called on those who lost the elections to rally around the incumbent, Mariamu Fofana, to fast track the district’s transformation.

In the release, Komala stated that a divided district will only undermine the progress to forge ahead, something which must be avoided if Quardu-Gboni District is to get on par with other districts.

According to him, the time for political activities are over. As such, the people must get back to work through the collaborative support of the all residents.

“We sincerely believe that regardless of who you may have voted for in the October 10, 2017 elections, Representative Mariamu Fofana is representing all the residents,” Komala said.

He continued, “We are convinced that with the support of everyone, Rep. Fofana will provide oversight, ensure adequate lawmaking and responsible representations of all irrespective of tribal or ethnicity divide.

“It was based on her numerous contributions across the district that led to her re-election, so we must embraced her and move ahead,” Komala said.

Rep. Fofana is serving her second term after she was re-elected in the October 10, 2017 election.


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