Liberians in Sierra Leone Build ‘Protective Fence’ Around Embassy

Amb. Ruhle (2nd from right) with the PDLSL leadership.

The Professional Diaspora Liberians in Sierra Leone (PDLSL), a consortium of professional Liberians residing in Freetown, Sierra Leone, has made a financial contribution to constructing a perimeter fence around then newly acquired land of the Liberian Embassy in Freetown.

The chairman of the Professional Diaspora Liberians in Sierra Leone said the project is aimed at protecting the premises of the Liberian Embassy in that neighboring country.

The donation of US$1,340, according to the Liberian Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Madam Musu Jatu Ruhle, is an act of people contributing to projects meant to be supported by the national government of their own country, which she said is uncommon in many parts of Africa, mainly in the sub-region.

“I am thrilled by this act of sacrifice from professional individuals who, in fact, are fellow Liberians in Sierra Leone,” Amb. Ruhle said as she received the donation from the leadership of Professional Diaspora Liberians in the country.

She described the Liberians’ gift as “sacrificial love of dynamism and patriotism.”

“I hope that other Liberians, not only in Sierra Leone, but in other parts of the world, will see a reason to do likewise for communities larger than Freetown,” Ruhle said.

Earlier, the chairman of the PDLSL, Gregory Sneh Tugbeh, said Liberians giving back to a neighboring country signifies one’s love for his/her country of origin.

“This contribution is little, but we are impressed and humbled to have acquired the opportunity to make a contribution to the construction of these pillars to protect the premises of our Embassy from encroachment,” Tugbeh said.

A dispatch from Freetown says that the new project is taking place on number two Spur Road, Freetown, and it is expected to finish anytime soon.

The PDLSL is described as the most proactive of several Liberian Diaspora organizations that are formally registered with the Liberian Embassy in Freetown under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Diaspora Liberians’ engagement program.


  1. The donation of $1,340 by the Professional Diaspora Liberians in Sierra Leone is a good idea. Keep it up. Your donation signifies patriotism!

    Curiosity: I have a few question for you, (PDLSL)…

    Why do you refer to yourselves as “Professional Diaspora Liberians”? Also, during your fund raiser, did the unprofessional diaspora Liberians in Sierra Leone refuse to make a donation? By the way, who are the unprofessional Liberians, if any of Sierra Leone?

  2. Uncle Hney,

    you paa, why you want to be technical? the PDLSL made a generous contribution of that amount. They did not mention the unprofessionals, so why you got to come and ask about them?

    you now owe USD 6 dollars for the mistakes.


  3. JM,

    Your 6 bucks will be here waiting for you, by the
    loving grace of God.
    Where are you out of the country? Be sure to meet my siblings before you come.

    The bet is on…all you can eat! Vegetable salad, fried rice, pancakes…you just name it!


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