PCC Prepares for Rainy Season


The Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) has embarked on a five-day clean up exercise aimed at clearing waterways, alleyways, front views and major garbage sites within the city.

According to authorities of the city government, this is in preparations for the Rainy Season, which has now begun.

The exercise, which began yesterday, April 13, in the R2 Community along the main road leading to the Roberts International Airport (RIA), will run up to Saturday, April 16.

Speaking to journalists during the exercise, the Director of Public Relations at PCC, Ms. Jani K. Jallah, said the initiative is aimed at giving the city a facelift as the rains have started to fall.

During the Dry Season, some Liberians deliberately build structures in waterways, which lead to clogging when the rains start to fall heavily and streams begin to flow.

The beginning of the PCC’s campaign did not go without some bad feelings from locals of communities the city corporation team visited. Bystanders and those whose properties were destroyed complained and shouted that there was not enough awareness carried out by the city government before beginning the exercise.

Residents of the area have raised serious concerns over the PCC operation, especially as it relates to the clearing of front views and alleys, stressing that these places are cleared without the initiation of any tangible development.

However, Ms. Jallah said prior to the exercise, they had created “massive awareness” to put residents on the alert in a bid to avoid embarrassment.

“For the clearing of alleys and waterways, we are beginning straightly from R-2 to the ELWA Junction. We are doing this because the rains are coming, and one of the major things that these areas have over the years suffered is flooding. We want to avoid or minimize it this term,” said Ms. Jallah.

For the clearing of front views, she said the city is taking the regular 75-feet distance into serious consideration, stressing that any structures built within that measurement are ordered demolished by the city government.

The PCC official disclosed that the ongoing exercise is being supported by the Ministry of Public Works and the Liberia National Police or LNP.

The PCC Public Relations Director stated that the purpose of the exercise is not just about building “sky scrappers or widening the road,” but it is rather geared toward maintaining what she referred to as the “proper layout” of the city.

She urged Liberians, especially residents of Paynesville, to consult the Paynesville city government before carrying out construction, especially along the main highway, in order avoid future embarrassment.

“What we are doing is no different from what we have been doing in other places. Our aim is to maintain the greenness of the city. That is our mandate, and we are fighting to achieve it,” Ms. Jallah stated.


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