PCC Launches ‘Weah4Clean City’ Campaign

Mayor Belcher-Taylor addresses the ceremony.

To robustly institute policies that would make the City of Paynesville, forever clean and green,  the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) yesterday, September 26, launched its version of the “Weah4Clean City” campaign, with the aim of giving Paynesville a major facelift as well as creating jobs for some of the residents, many of whom are young people.

The project, according to PCC authorities, is designed to address challenges associated with solid waste collection, transportation, treatment and disposal as well as the massive number of unemployed young residents of Paynesville. 150 youth are to benefit from the initiative.

PCC’s Director of Special Project, Robena Lewis Vincent, said the corporation’s primary goal, through the implementation of the project, is to create a safe and healthy environment for the residents as well as proper waste management, while creating jobs for the youth within the 54 communities.

Madam Vincent (r) addresses the gathering.

“The project addresses community improvement through the creation of additional income as well as community involvement in keeping the environment clean,” she said, adding: “This initiative is intended to ensure that every quarter is clean and green, so we can be healthy.”

Mrs. Vincent said that the high level of unemployment in the city is a major challenge which has become one of the leading factors of increment in criminal activities to the disadvantage of the residents.

“Youth loitering on the streets with no destination is an indication that there is a need to provide jobs in our communities, though we have taken about 150 of the young people off the streets to eventually undergo training in waste management,” she said.

The results of the project is anticipated to include a safe, clean and healthy living and working environment, a reduction of the risks of diseases and sicknesses commonly associated with living in an unclean environment.

Paynesville City’s E. Pam Belcher-Taylor said that the project will also start a sustainable Waste Management System.

Madam Taylor said the project will create a Waste Management Plan, to be more sustainable and actionable than the reactive collection process now in place. This will include taxing houses for waste collection in all those communities.

“With a comprehensive plan, the city will be cleaned instead of being  filthy communities,” she said.

Young people that have been recruited for the “Weah4Clean City Campaign.

One major challenge that continues to serve as a stumbling block to keep the city clean, despite the many effort put into the cleaning exercise, is the selling of foodstuffs by peddlers, many of whom are women, which causes more filth that litters the streets every day.

It is therefore no secret that the city’s daily cleaners are less in number for the uncollected dirt.

The campaign was originally launched by Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) early March this year to give the nation’s capital a deserving facelift. Though promised to be held on the first Saturday of every month, the campaign is yet to have the desire impact as filth continues to overwhelm the city.

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