PCC Gets Equipment to ‘Wage War’ on Garbage

Picture of some of the equipment that will be used to clean the city.

The much-publicized protest by marketers at Red-Light on Monday, January 21, 2019, might have been avoided had the aggrieved party known the latest strategy of the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) to boost its waste collection and disposal exercises—efforts aimed at cleaning up the city.

Though the marketers were venting their frustration at their sector leadership, the Liberia Marketing Association, the PCC seemed to have the remedy which, just hours later, manifested in the signing of two waste collection agreements with two Liberian companies to help enhance the City’s sanitation initiatives.

The PCC sealed a deal with Desire Construction and Hiring Company (DC&HC), an equipment rental company and Prompt Venture Incorporated (PVI), a fumigation company for cleaning the city.

The agreement with Desire Construction will be for one year period and under this agreement, the company is committed to providing four brand new Sinotruk Howo 371 trucks and a front-end loader—for the purpose of collecting and disposing of wastes.

PVI will be disinfecting the major markets and other places to get rid of insects.
The success of finalizing these agreements followed months of lobbying by Mayor E. Pam Belcher-Taylor, who desires, not just to see a clean Paynesville, but enlightened residents, especially the young population with her series of educational initiatives.

Paynesville Mayor E. Pam Belcher-Taylor (right) and DC&HC CEO, Dave Koomey display the signed MOU

At a brief signing ceremony, Mayor Belcher-Taylor expressed of the benefit these MoUs will bring to the city. The lack of equipment, the mayor said has for too long hindered the smooth operation of the PCC.

The agreements, she believes, will take away the pressure PCC undergo from individuals, who rent their trucks to the city government on a daily basis.

Mayor Belcher-Taylor and the company’s CEO, Dave Koomey, showcase the signed MoU
With these agreements now sealed, the Mayor said that PCC Waste and Sanitation Team will immediately start clearing some of the challenging areas.

The exercise actually commenced in areas with the huge uncollected garbage on Monday, January 21, 2019. Some of these areas were the Gobachop, Pipeline Road and Red-light markets.

The municipality, she said is to shortly commence the process of registering homes for waste collection purposes. “We want to call on homeowners, businesses to come to Paynesville City Hall and do their registration so as to start collecting garbage from their homes,” she said.

The Mayor also said that the PCC is to start the exercise of arresting residents, who throw garbage in the streets, waterways and in the drainage.

She lauded Montserrado County District #5, Representative Thomas P. Fallah, for his role in making the agreements successful.

Rep. Fallah said the agreement with Desire Construction will afford the city government the opportunity to adequately cater to the collection of garbage within its city limits. He admonished residents to help the city government in cleaning the city.

“Cleaning Paynesville should be the prerogative of every resident, because the PCC alone cannot succeed in this fight without your support,” Fallah said.

He then urged Mayor Belcher-Taylor to be vigilant and straightforward in the implementation of the City Ordinances to bring some sanity. “The Paynesville Legislative Caucus, which I chair, is fully behind you in this regard. You need to start exerting some punitive measures to keep our city clean,” he said.

Mr. Koomey expressed gratitude to be contributing to the implementation of the government’s Pro-poor Agenda in the area of waste management.

The ceremony was also attended by Paynesville City Council chair Joseph Hinneh, and a representative from the Liberia Marketing Association.


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