Paynesville Red-light Stinks, Rotten Dirt Spreads


Paynesville City, a commercial hub that plays host to the nation’s largest food market, has generated many stockpiles of  stinking garbage and spreading all over the place.

The rotten garbage dumps, which are also an extensive sanctuaries for dangerous and deadly insects and diseases,  have over years been given no realistic and strategic attention, toward collection and disposal.

Besides that, Paynesville City also plays host to dozens of residential compounds and large business entities being operate by Liberians and foreign businesspeople.

Also during the weekend, small, medium and large business entities were seen doing normal transactions in the midst of the rotten filth and most unfriendly environment.

Accordingly, business entities, residents and citizens of the Municipal settlement have complained year in and year out to the relevant agencies of the Liberian Government.

Regrettably, such complaints, frustration, anger and sometimes resentment have fallen on deaf ears, eyes and noses of the stakeholders and Liberian Government officials in the critical sanitation sectors.

In a three-hour tour of  areas gravely affected by the garbage, it was observed that many of authorized dumpsites were overwhelmed by the rotten garbage stockpiles, uncollected and disposed for weeks.

Many residents and business entities located near the rotten filth told the Daily Observer that they were now fed up complaining about the grave sanitation crisis and environmental pollution in their neighborhoods.

At Wood Camp Junction outside of the Red-light Market, drugs-store and pharmacy operators and dispensers expressed serious concern over unsanitary conditions of the dumpsite being managed by LIBRA Sanitation based in central Monrovia.

Pharmacy dispenser Harrison M. Beyan, 55, underscored the need for the relocation of the dumpsite from the Wood Camp Junction in order to ensure the safety and protection of his drugs and other goods as well as his customers.

Dispenser Beyan pointed out that the dumpsite has over years created more harm than the critical purpose for which his drug store was established.

Mr. Bernard Sam Thompson, 68, told the Daily Observer during the weekend that his drug store continues to come under criticism by health and environmental inspectors owing to the strategic location of the entity few yards from the rotten dirt.

Physician Thompson explained that he had made many formal and official representations to the Municipal Government of Paynesville for some kind of practical redress but all efforts have proved fruitless.

Sadly, at the Bob Taylor’s Junction in the proximity of the Red-light Market, some three weeks old dirt has remained uncollected and continues to pose grave health and environmental hazards for other residents of the area.

Business owners and residents that live near the stench told the Daily Observer over the weekend that despite numerous calls on the Municipal Government of Paynesville, the situation remains the same.

Businessman Darlington Beatty Cooper pointed out that many of his calls and representations have allegedly been ignored by the Sanitation and Environmental Department of the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC).

“We continue to be helpless victims of this stench of garbage in our homes and even our food-stuffs over the years,” Mr. Cooper lamented.

Resident Mary Gonkawon, 48, suggested that there should be different and more practical strategy designed to enhance the collection and disposal of from the area.

When contacted over the weekend, heads of the Public Relations and Environmental Departments of the PCC were not available.

But, low ranking personnel of the Public Relations Department of the PCC told the Daily Observer that some parts of the Red-light Market, Bob Taylor’s Junction and Wood Camp had  allegedly been contracted to some sanitation companies in Monrovia.

They however, declined to disclose the names of the sanitation companies contracted under the Urban Waste Management program supported by the World Bank in the country.

For the Environmental Department of the PCC, some of the personnel complained of lack of essential logistics in order to sustain the collection and disposal of the stench of garbage.


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