Paynesville Mayor Encourages Liberian Youth to Seek Academic Empowerment


Paynesville City Mayor, Pam Belcher-Taylor, wants Liberian youth prioritize academic empowerment if they are to succeed in their future endeavors. According to Mayor Taylor, Liberian youth must always seek academic empowerment over quick financial gains.

The Paynesville City Mayor made the statement Wednesday, March 28, 2018, during the launch of Human Aid International, a Non-governmental organization that seeks the welfare of disadvantaged youth. The disadvantaged youth are predominantly made of drug users from various ghettos within Paynesville and its environs.

Mayor Taylor told the gathering of over one hundred disadvantaged youths (refer to in Liberia as “Zogoes”) that they can still achieve their full potential if they submit themselves to rehabilitation.

In another development, Mayor Taylor outlined several ambitious plans intended to enhance the workings of the Paynesville City Cooperation and also improve the lives of residents of the municipality.

Mayor Taylor named, among several others, the establishment of a Community College and Vocational Institution, Students exchange program, training of teachers, sister city relationships and health care as some of the plans of the PCC.

Meanwhile, Major Taylor has named the lack of logistics as one of the major challenges confronting the Paynesville City Cooperation. She named, among others, limited trucks and sanitation equipment, to properly tackle garbage within the municipality of Paynesville.

Mayor Taylor has also admonished residents of Paynesville to join the PCC in maintaining a green, clean and healthy city.


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