Patrice Juah to Launch Book of Poems on Saturday

Entrepreneur and poet Patrice Juah.

Entrepreneur and poet Patrice Juah is always on the move. If she is not working to empower girls through her “Sexy Like A Book” initiative, she is creatively tinkering with Liberian country cloth, globetrotting on public speaking engagements or, in this case, working tirelessly to promote her highly acclaimed debut book of poems.

The book, “Under Ducor Skies,” which has performed remarkably well during launches in the USA and Ghana, is “a reflective journey across lost childhood, war, arduous youth, and caged dreams, to a time of soaring peace, where bullets are finally silenced, with an even greater battle left to silence within.

”Under Ducor Skies” mirrors life in its various forms – love, growth, adventure, everyday happenings and experiences of people, near and far – known and unknown.

“Anyone who reads the book will be entertained, inspired, provoked, and pushed to think beyond the layers of what seems ordinary,” Ms. Juah said. “It is a voyage of dreamers and wanderers, who have held onto the tattered threads of their dreams; pushing beyond limitations and challenges, to make something of themselves.

“Readers will be given a front row seat into Ducor, the city of dreams, through the author’s lens. They’ll enjoy the openness, depth, vulnerability, and ease with which she shares each poem. Together, they will open old scars, mend wounds, laugh, cry, heal and rise. The girl power-themed poems are particularly armed with the right ingredients to give any woman, or girl, back her power, and inspire her to elevate to her most authentic and exceptional self.”

The book is set to be launched for the first time in Liberia on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at Lila Brown on 19th Street. Upon its release last year, Under Ducor Skies topped Amazon’s New Release in African Poetry category for three weeks and has sold impressively, both online and at  book launches in the USA and Ghana, respectively.

Under Ducor Skies book cover.

“Under Docor Skies,” according to its author has been in the works for many years and was inspired by her  journey and experiences; everyday musings, happenings, and the experiences and stories of people near and far; known and unknown who have pushed through various challenges and hurdles to make something of themselves. Women and  young people also served as inspiration for the book.

Juah, also a former Miss Liberia (2006) added: “The purpose of  the book is in to inspire readers, mostly females, to discard their fears, worries, and doubts, by exploring and rediscovering themselves, so that they become wholesome members of the society. I hope that the book blesses and touches others, as it has me. Most importantly, I hope that it pushes readers to reflect, heal, live authentically and start bold conversations that ignite change.”

Ms. Juah explained that the book’s name is taken from her native Kpelle vernacular. Ducor, she says, is the Kpelle name of Monrovia, and the book captures her the reflections on life under Monrovia’s skies.

As a girls’ education advocate, Ms. Juah’s ‘Sexy Like A Book’ program is an academic initiative designed to inspire young women and girls, to improve their perspective on reading, literacy, and education.

“Our goal is to inspire and equip them to know that they can be sexy through education,” Juah told the Daily Observer’s LIB Life last year. With this initiative, we’re working to redefine what it means to be sexy; the kind of sexy that embodies brilliance and depth, and not the superficial kind that puts everything on display.”


  1. she writes “purpose of the book is in to inspire readers, mostly females, to discard their fears, worries, and doubts, by exploring and rediscovering themselves,” this is a bunch of crock. Patrice Juah participated in Miss Liberia where women parade their bodies to be judged based upon looks and appeal. this is not what should inspire young girls. No human should be allowed to parade their bodies on stage and be labeled as we do with dog, cattle and goats. just to win a prize. Ms. Juah is not a real role model for young girls because we want young girls TO JUDGED BY THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER AND NOT BY THEIR BODILY DIMENSIONS.

  2. Just understand one thing; there can only be one Patrice Juah. By the way she’s “Beautiful”. If she can inspire other-young, Liberian ladies to value themselves and become entrepreneurs, that’s just fine. Why shouldn’t any Liberian be happy about that? I’d like to read her book of “INSPIRATION”. Thanks! Ms. Juah…

  3. Wow! This is disheartening how people are quick to judge others of their past. Being a “Miss Liberia participant” does not in any way define one’s future. For those of you who do not know her, I suggest you go back and do your research properly because this lady has had the passion of writing from high school where she won several awards/prizes. It sickens me to see how hateful people are instead of applauding a young and brilliant lady who’s impacting people’s lives positively. What have you all contributed in helping to shape our young generations’ minds? So are you saying that a prostitute who has been converted as Pastor and now runs a Church ministry should not be regarded simply because she was once a prostitute? C’mon, your anology has no parity of reasoning and I
    suggest you focus on what contribution you all can make rather than to judge/criticize a person who’s done a tremendous job. Miss Juah has a wonderful personality and we’re so proud of her achievements! Go Patrice Juah, these are all distractors who you will encounter every step of your journey🙌🏾☝🏾👏🏾💪🏾

  4. Well I am proud of Patrice for such a wonderful literary work. I hope it inspires our future nation builders.


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