Patient Dies En Route to JFD Hospital Due to Bad Road

Present condition of the stretch of road between Yriah Town and Tappita, Nimba County

The road connecting Ganta and Tappita is reportely completely cut off, as a result of heavy rains in recent weeks, rendering the road impassable for the movement of goods and people.

Because of the deplorable road condition, it was reported that a sick lady from Bong County, traveling to Tappita for advanced medical treatment, lost her life near the township of Graie because they could not get through the mud, one of the cyclist has said. The road at Graie is infamously deplorable during the rainy season every year.

The JFD Administration has put halt to the ongoing construction of the nurses quarters and other developments, due to the difficulty in the movement of materials.

When the Daily Observer visited the road recently, it was discovered that the road had become totally inaccessible and posing a serious threat to lives, especially those traveling to seek medical care from the Jackson Fiah Doe Referral Hospital in Tappita.

Presently, the road in Yriah Town, a stone’s throw from Tappita, has completely been cut off by flood and mud, making it very hard for even a motorcycle to cross.

“For every bad part of this road, we pay L$500 for the bike to be lifted. And when we charge the passenger heavy money, they too complain, so we are appealing to the government to intervene or life will become very difficult for those around Tappita and even the southeastern part of the Liberia,” said Rufus Miaway, a motorcyclist.

On a local radio station in Nimba early Tuesday, September 25, a concerned citizen of Tappita, Mr. Menloday Tuah, called on the local leadership of Nimba to speedily intervene to avoid human suffering in Tappita and the surrounding villages.

He said the county’s 22 pieces of yellow machines were meant to bring relief to the people by rehabilitating the feeder roads, but this is not happening as people continue to suffer daily.

He said when the equipments were bought, Nimba was divided into three sections: upper, central and lower; with each section carrying one set of the equipment, including a caterpillar, motor road grader, front end loader, compacter, an excavator, a dump truck and many more.

However, Mr. Tuah explained, that the set intended for lower Nimba road work is yet to be seen, leaving the entire lower part of Nimba under deplorable road condition, including the main road.

“If the set of equipment intended for Lower Nimba was available, we would have rallied around and had our main highway rehabilitated, because we are suffering and people are dying, fighting to reach the hospital.

The road network across Nimba is becoming very deplorable since the road building equipments broke down almost one year ago.

Vehicles plying the highway, usually detour by the way of Zekepa in Lower Nimba, near the boundary with Bassa and Rivercess counties, before heading for Tappita and on to Zwedru or beyond, due to the deplorable road connection between Saclepea and Tappita.

“Prices of goods and services have doubled in Tappita and we cannot bear it any more,” Tuah said.

The fate of the yellow machines still in limbo, almost one month since the County Council Sitting appropriated about US$800,000 to cater to the road works.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Works is announcing the final verification exercise of all properties along the road, beginning September 26 to October 16, 2018.

The Ministry is calling on owners of affected properties along the Tappita to Ganta road corridor to be present at their property site during the verification exercise.

The twenty-one days’ exercise will commence from Tappita to Ganta. The following major activities will be carried out during the final verification exercise: setting up of Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) Committee and training of GRM Members; Disclosure of World Bank Group Policies to affected property owners (PAPs); and final disclosure of total compensation benefits to PAPs along the road corridor, the announcement has said.


  1. Unfortunately, this incident is not unique to this poor family at all, and not minimizing their painful and this unnecessary death by any means. My point being, hundreds of citizens have lost their lives due to this impassable road condition seen here and all over Liberia every year during the rainy season. It doesn’t have to be that way, for Christ’s sake. Sadly, governments have come and gone over the years, but the fate of our people who have no other alternative but these death traps remain the same. Worst and most regretfully, our own people go out to these victims during campaign years to ask them to vote for them and their lives will be better or will improve. But lo and behold, as soon as these supposedly sons and daughters of the people get elected the people never see them again, Monrovia becomes their hideout and the people are left to continue enduring these brutal realities without any recourse. The people to hold responsible therefore are our senators and representatives! These are the people who supposed to be identifying and advocating for anything to improve the livelihood of our people be it roads, clinics, hospitals, schools, just anything a people living in this day and age supposed to have under the circumstances. One way to put stop to this madness is to kick some of these liars out of office and replace them with others who we know by their past deeds, will do better. Another demand in this regard would be that our representatives and senators must reside with their people in the counties and travel to Monrovia only when both houses are in session. These crooks supposed to be residing permanently within their constituencies, not residing in Monrovia and going to visit the counties. If this were the case, for example, wherein senators and representatives had to use these bad roads to get to Monrovia, their pepper bush, some of these bad road condition would be improved long tome ago. Same way with all the other amenities like schools, hospitals, drinking water, etc., too, if these officials and their families were faced with the same fate as the people in the counties, some of these things would be far improved than the sorry state they are in now. These are just some of the things our people need to do in order to change or improve their fate. Try this every election year and see what happens.


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