Pastor Accused of Biting Woman’s Nose Appears in Court


    The case against a pastor accused of biting a woman’s nose during a fight has begun at Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice.

    Defendant Edward K. Weah is the senior pastor of Christ the King Church in the Voice of America (VOA) Community, off the Robertsfield Highway, outside of Monrovia.

    He is facing the crime of “Aggravated Assault.”

    The incident allegedly took place on May 16 at the VOA Community.

    At Thursday’s hearing, Madam Lucia Oberly took the stand to testify as prosecution first witness.  She explained that the fighting began after two of her children were refused entrance into the defendant’s school.

    Before that the victim alleged her children went to school late that morning on May 16, and were sent home by Pastor Weah’s wife, Mother Marthaline Weah.

    Mrs. Oberly claimed that Mother Weah, in her attempt to send the children home,  accused them of being rebels who were planning to burn down the school.

    When the children returned home, the witness said, her children explained to her the altercation at the school and the behavior of Pastor Weah’s wife.

    “At that point, a daughter of Pastor Weah and my son got into bitter argument, where the Pastor’s daughter used insulting language  against me,” Mrs. Oberly  explained.

    During that period, she said, Pastor Weah’s wife appeared on the scene with an object and beat her son.

    In the process, Madam Oberly alleged that Pastor Weah came to her house in an aggressive mood and started to use profane words.

    She further alleged that Pastor Weah walked to her house jumped on her son in fist fight.

    “I attempted stopping him from fighting my son, and he jumped on me and started beating me.”

    She alleged that Pastor Weah beat her to the extent that her face was covered with blood.

    "Then he suddenly bit my nose. It was extremely painful. I cried and my eyes were full of tears,” she recalled.

    After biting me I trembled with shock, and as I speak, I still feel pain on my nose.”

    The defendant is expected to take the stand on a day the court deems appropriate and convenient.  


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