‘Passage of Decent Work Bill is Paramount’


The newly elected Secretary General of the Liberia Labor Congress (LLC), David D. Sackor has notified LLC members that the passage of the Decent Work Bill is paramount on his agenda to ensure that better working conditions are created in the country.

 Mr. Sackor made known his intentions at the National Trade Union Solidarity Conference 2015 held at a local resort recently in Monrovia under the theme, “Making Labor Relevant to Liberia’s Development Agenda.”

He attributed the delay in the passage of the Decent Work Bill to “political restrictions” which he said, “are denying us from having a say in who become leaders in the country.”

 According to him, the slow pace to the passage of the Decent Work Bill is one of the factors impeding the work of the Labor Congress.

The bill has been lingering before the National Legislature for about five years now and nothing is being done for its passage while other concession agreements have been passed, complained Sackor who is also the secretary-general of the United Workers Union of Liberia (UWUL), a group under the LLC.

He contended that workers unions must be included in the decision-making process in the selection of national leaders charging that Labor Unions have been restricted by Labor laws from doing so.

 “It is a restriction that needs to be repealed as it was done to the P12 of the Labor law as well as amending Article 81 of the Liberian Constitution,” he argued.

 “We are going to take a strong position in the Constitution Review Process so that come 2017 the Liberia Labor Congress will participate in the decision to elect the President of Liberia,” he declared.

Mr. Sackor promised to work hard nationally and internationally to transform the lives of LLC members so that they can be recognized in Liberia.


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