Participants Urged to Support National Gov’t in WASH Sector


A workshop aimed at adopting an international standards on sanitation and waste management has ended in Monrovia with several recommendations proffered by participants.

The workshop focused on the current status of water, sanitation and hygiene in Liberia and the world and non sewage systems.

ISO 30500A non-sewer sanitation system collects, transports, and fully treats the specific input within a stand-alone system. It also allows safe reuse or disposal of the generated solid, liquid, and gaseous output as well as connects network sewers or networked drainage systems.

It is either manufactured as one package, or a set of prefabricated components designed to be assembled in one location without further fabrication or modification that may influence the system function and sanitation.

Providing an overview of the workshop, the lead facilitator, George Yarngo, said the workshop was intended to put Liberia on par with other countries that have adopted the ISO standards.

Mr.Yarngo disclosed that information received from partners indicates that the Liberian Government has already received the standards.

He urged participants to put in place mechanism on how the standards can be adopted nationally to support the efforts of the government.

Yarngo who serves as a former Assistant Minister for community Services at the Ministry of public works stressed the need for the involvement of rural WASH actor to understand what the International Standards’ protocol is all about.

Topics discussed at the two-day workshop included Sludge Lift Stations, Sludge Treatment in Fiamah, Transport, and Treatment and Disposal of Septic Tanks.


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