Parker’s Co-Defendant Turns State Witness


Mr. Deneah Martin Flomo, a co-defendant in the ongoing economic sabotage case involving former National Port Authority (NPA) Managing Director Matilda Parker can now travel freely, after government dropped charges against him.

The prosecution’s action was in exchange for Flomo to testify in favor of government at the trial.

It comes immediately after the defense exposed several irregularities in the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission’s (LACC) final report on the allegation of corruption at the NPA regarding wreck removal and security consultancy, which is considered as prosecution’s key documentary evidence.

The defense discovered the fault during the cross examination of prosecution’s first witness and chief examiner of the LACC, Mr. Blamo Koffa.

Flomo, together with Parker, and her Comptroller Christiana Kpabar Paelay were jointly charged for their alleged individual role in awarding two contracts, for wreck removal at the Greenville Port and security consultancy to Demar Enterprise in the tune of US$837,950, which prosecution claimed the money was received and the work was not performed.

The alleged wreck removal company is owned by Flomo.

Dropping charges against co-defendant Flomo last Tuesday, Cllr. Darku Mulbah said, “Prosecution hereby entered ‘nolle prosequi’ in favor of co-defendant Deneah Martin Flomo in the case for reason that the prosecutor has resolved to have the said defendant to serve as state witness.”

Cllr. Mulbah added that the decision was in consistent with Chapter 18.1 of the Criminal Procedure Law and it was done with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and the office of the County Attorney for Montserrado County.

Cllr. Mulbah happened to be the County Attorney.

Before dropping the charges, the other two defendants had denied knowing Flomo personally and they had never interacted with him based on the wreck removal and security consultancy contracts as alleged by the government prosecutors.

They made the statement when they appeared before the LACC for an investigation on the allegation.

Based on that, the defense during the start of the case asked for the pair to be tried separately from Flomo, a request Judge Blamo Dixon of Criminal Court ‘C’ granted.

But during Koffa’s cross examination, when he was asked during his investigation of the defendants, if he had a meeting with both defendants and Flomo, the LACC chief examiner responded “I did not have a meeting with Parker, Paelay and Flomo.

“But, when I investigated Parker and Paelay in the absence of Flomo, they identified an individual known as Deneah Martin Flomo, as wreck engineer.”

They also had the opportunity to provide the address or location of their wreck removal firm and security consultancy, where they did business for the contract amounting to US$800,000.

According to Koffa the defendants claimed that they did not know Flomo’s whereabouts and had no trace of him.

“But, we did identify the defendant Flomo and he gave us his statement,” Koffa further explained.

“We also identified Flomo from the returned checks and the photo on the ID card that appeared on the returned checks,” the LACC chief examiner said.


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