Parker’s Bond Final Argument Today


The fate of a US$1.2 million bond secured for suspended National Port Authority Managing Director, Matilda Parker, and her Comptroller Christina Kparbar Paelay, is expected to be placed in the hands of Judge Peter Gbeneweleh of Criminal Court ‘C’ at the Temple of Justice today.
Judge Gbeneweleh will decide the merit of the bond following the conclusion of the presentation of final argument between prosecution and defense lawyers.
Parker and Paelay were accused by government of stealing US$837,950, while serving in their respective posts at the corporation. They claimed to have secured a bond to prevent them from being incarcerated until their case could commence.
She and her colleagues have maintained their innocence long before a grand jury indicted them.
The highly contested bond was filed by the Family Dollar Universal Insurance Company, a company government lawyers claimed lacked the legal and financial capacity to file said document for the defendants.
The defense team will likely try to refocus Judge Gbeneweleh’s attention on the testimony of an executive of the insurance company, George Gbormai.
Gbormai, who is the only witness to testify on the validity of the bond, told the court that his institution met all legal and financial obligations as prescribed under the act that created the Central Bank of Liberia to operate in the country.
At yesterday’s hearing, Gbormai refused to disclose the assets of his company which is one of the major contentions of the prosecution.
According to him, if he does that he would be exposing the strength of the company to his competitors, which he must not do in the insurance business


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