Parker Finally Accepts Petition to Run

Cautions youth, others to hold him accountable for better oversight, representation among others

Mr. Parker speaking as he accepted the petition from his people

Montserrado electoral district 4 representative aspirant, Mr. Adolphus B. Parker on Wednesday, March 15 formally accepted a petition signed by 302 persons to contest the district seat.

According to information from Mr. Parker that was subsequently verified true by this Newspaper, he was petitioned both in 2005 and 2011 by residents of the district to contest the representative post but he turned each down citing his unpreparedness to take the challenge at each of those moments.

Accepting this third petition, he said the time is now and the people of the district should hold him accountable for better leadership, including oversight, representation and commitment to adequate service delivery.

“I am prepared now to bring you the change you need,” Mr. Parker said, noting further that he feels within himself that he is the best alternative among all including the incumbent, Rep. Henry Fahnbulleh, who is seeking re-election to the seat.

“They blame you the youth for the challenges of the district which include robbery, rape, as well as other heinous crimes that are perpetrated against our people daily but I feel they who point fingers at you should take the blames and bear the consequences thereof,” he pointed out.

Mr. Parker is the deputy inspector general for rural businesses at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

He expressed his disappointment in the poor health system of the district and the low income earners lacking the will power to send their children to school due to the hike in tuition.

“It saddens me even up to now whenever I recall a young lady of this district giving birth in the street only because the clinic to which she was rushed could not conduct her delivery of the baby in the absence of money at that moment,” he said.

The aspirant said such incident on record and many other happenings that have kept the district down have pushed him to the wall as a humanitarian to take over the mantle of the district’s leadership at the level of the House of Representatives.

“Let hundreds more take the risk to run for the seat. I will beat them all because I am the best and most prepared and qualified,” he said, challenging his opponents.

Reading the petition to Parker and the audience attending the ceremony, the secretary of the Baptist field Youth United for Progress (BFYUP), Mr. Chelra P.  Saye-Geh, said their decision to petition him is not an imagination.

BFYUP is a youth group that seeks to develop the talents such as sports and other skills of young people in the district and is sponsored by the aspirant.

“Asking you again to stand for our redemption is not dream. We are true to our word as before, real and mean it,” Saye-Geh said, admonishing the aspirant to not let them down this time round.

“We are very confident and trust our judgment that you will not let us down this time as you did in the two preceding elections,” he said.

The youth leader said the aspirant’s self- esteem and his commitment to transform the lives of his people are evidences of his lifestyle that must not be ignored.

“We will be with at all times and do what is right, including voting for you so that we will be able to have access to good living through entrepreneurship, skills development and service to our beloved district,” Mr. Saye-Geh noted.

The petition ceremony also included a football match between the youth football and kickball teams and visitors from district #5.



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