Parents Urged to Be More Interested in their Children’s Education

Members of NAPTANOL at the end of the parade, return to the indoor program

NAPTANOL joins 121st World PTA Day celebration

Parents must take charge of their children’s education by inquiring from them and also visiting their classrooms to have an idea of what they are being taught, Monrovia Consolidation School Superintendent (MCSS), Aldophus Benjamin Jacobs during an indoor program commemorating the 121st anniversary of World Parent Teachers Day in Monrovia.

Speaking on Saturday at the National Headquarters of the National PTA Network of Liberia, at the St. Samuel High School campus, Mr. Jacobs said because parents are the first teachers of their children they should be concerned of what their children are learning.

“They must visit their children whenever they are in school and even wait for a few minutes in their classroom and observer what is going on there,” he said.

“When your children come home, let them read to you,” Mr. Jacobs said, “even if you (parent) does not know how to read, asking the child to read to you will mean a lot to him.”

MCC Supt A. B. Jacobs, 3rd left, and NAPTANOL president Mayson Saweler, 4th left and other members

Admitting that parents show up at their various only to claim their report cards, he said it is not enough and warned against parents that send out gifts to their children’s instructors. “We are discouraging this practice and therefore no parent should do that. A parent can send a card that expresses appreciation to a teacher and nothing else, he said.

He said parents have free access to any school that their children are attending. “Parents don’t have to request for permission to visit any school campus in Liberia,” he noted. To get his message Jacobs related a story of a young woman, though graduated from high school, could not fill in a simple form that brought great embarrassment to the parent.

Jacobs called on parents to visit their children’s classrooms and see what is going on there and pointed out that the school’s Parent Teachers Association, PTA, is not interested in the job that any instructor or a principal is holding.

Participants at the program on Saturday afternoon

“Parents spend money on their children so they have the right to know what is done with their money,” he said and commended the National PTA Network of Liberia (NAPTANOL) for celebrating the 121st anniversary of World PTA Day.

He assured the MCSS’s cooperation with NAPTANOL in its advocacy to ensure quality education for Liberian children.

NAPTANOL president Mayson Saweler gave a brief review of the celebration which recognized the founding of the National Parent Teacher Association on February 17, 1897, Washington DC in the United States.

He said Liberia joined the global community for the celebrating for the first time this year. He said the National PTA Network of Liberia is a conglomeration of parent-teacher associations in Liberia that advocate for quality academic excellence, speak against over crowdedness in classrooms believing that the learning environment is not healthy when classrooms are congested, seek laboratories and libraries for all schools, and encourage positive parent/teacher relationship that contributes to children’s learning experience, among others.

In a special statement, Mr. Charles Kumbly, director of Parent Community Engagement, Dropout Prevention at the Ministry of Education, commended NAPTANOL for the occasion and promised his department’s support to ensure that quality education becomes the norm in the country.

He said Parent Teacher Associations are designed to support schools in the delivery of quality instruction to guide the process. He noted a policy document that guides the process will be soon completed and delivered to NAPTANOL and all parent-teacher associations in the country.

Before the indoor program, members of NAPTANOL paraded through the principal streets of Monrovia. The theme of the celebration was ‘Parents Involvement in Advocacy and Monitoring.”


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