Parents of Ailing Child Cry for Help

Baby Velstecious Tiah, before she was diagnosed of the heart condition.

Stephen S. Tiah, the father of an eleven-month-old child, has launched an SOS appeal for his ailing child, who doctors have diagnosed of “serious congenital heart disease-tetralogy of fallet (hole in the heart), as also diagnosed on the heart ultrasound.”

Although her father says Baby Velstecious Tiah, was born with the heart condition, Dr. Kebede Gofer, Radiologist at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Medical Center in Monrovia, on October 8, 2019, diagnosed her of having inter-ventricular septal defect at the membranous portion measuring 5.7 mm; a mild septal, and posterior wall hypertrophy of the left ventricle measuring 8 mm; and that there is no interatrial septal defect.

This means, the hole in the baby’s heart is located between her upper and lower chambers and pulmonary hypertension that calls for immediate medical attention, but out of the country.

Over the weekend, Mr. Tiah informed the Daily Observer that his daughter’s condition has worsened to the extent that she only eats through a tube inserted to the mouth, which also allows her to breathe at least “freely.”

“We have gone to several hospitals, but her condition continues to deteriorate,” Mr. Tiah cried as he appealed for help from any well-meaning Liberians and foreign residents or philanthropic organizations to “save my daughter’s life.”

He said doctors have told him that his daughter needs to undergo urgent surgery outside the country, “but we don’t have the means, so we are crying for help.”

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Tiah are further appealing to the Liberian government; the business community to come to the aid of their ailing daughter to receive urgent treatment abroad.

Anyone wishing to help can please call cell numbers 0770-194-787/0886-332-691.


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