Palm Cutters Association Want Empowerment to Produce More Palm Oil

Palm cutters ask Rep. Koung and any well wishers to assist them with at least one mill in their community so as to generate revenue for themselves.

The palm cutters association of Zian Rlekpoulay in Zoe Gbar Administrative District is appealing to any well-meaning organization or individual to empower their association with equipment so as to produce more palm oil.

Speaking in Rlekpoulay during the visit of Representative Jeremiah Koung, the group said if they are provided with Freedom Mill (a manual oil palm mill), it will enable them to produce more palm oil for self sustainability.

They asked Rep. Koung and any well wishers to assist them with at least one of the mill in the community so as to create avenue for revenue generation for the palm cutters.

Zoe Gbar is a leading producer of fresh palm oil, which is usually used for cooking. The produce from this region are sold in Bahn Market and other market places around the county. “We are the actual producers of palm oil, which is commonly called “country oil”.

“To distilled palm, using traditional method is very labor intensive, leaving most of palm to get damaged, so we need help to purchase one of the Freedom Mills for this community, said the spoke person, Moses Sehtor.

The palm tree is so important to the citizens around the Zoe Gbar belt. According to them, it is prohibited to cut down palm trees.

James V. Mulbah contributed to the story


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