Over US$500 Child Support, Lawyer, Pastor in Fistfight


    Drama unfolded at the Temple of Justice on Tuesday, May 27 when Pastor Jensen Wallace, General Overseer of “Walking with God Ministry” and Cllr. Cooper Kruah entered into fistfight.

    The fighting ensued between the lawyer and the pastor over a US$500-child support that Cllr. Kruah was asking for for his client.

    It all started when a lady believed to be the mother of Pastor Wallace’s child complained to Cllr. Kruah that he, Wallace had refused to support his child.

    After Cllr. Kruah invited Pastor Wallace, he demanded him to pay US$500 monthly as child support.

    The demand was rejected by Wallace, and he informed Kruah that he was not working and so could not afford paying US$200 monthly.

    Not content with response from Wallace, Cllr. Kruah threatened to send him to jail, if he refuses to pay the US$500.

    Also annoyed by Kruah’s jail threat, Pastor Wallace physically attacked the lawyer.

    As the confusion ensued, Pastor Wallace was publicly heard saying, “If you think you have all the contacts to see me go to jail, I will take three-day dry fast and prayed that you suffer stroke.”

    Upon hearing the statement, Cllr. Kruah became terrified that he also stated, “I’m going to sue you for terroristic threat and criminal cohesion. And I will make sure that you go to jail, nobody would stop me from doing so.”

    However, the timely intervention of Judge Blamo Dixon of Criminal Court “D”   brought the situation under control.

    Following the fight and threatening statements from both parties, Pastor Wallace was arrested and forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for prosecution on the commission of the crime terroristic threat and criminal cohesion.

    A Writ of Arrest, copy of which is in possession of Daily Observer says in part that “Defendant Wallace threatened the life of Cllr. Kruah, stating that he would pray for him (Kruah) to suffer stroke, and that he was going to harm and kill him.”

    He was sent to the Monrovia Central Prison by the Court, but after a few minutes, Pastor Wallace was seen in the courtroom after his lawyer had filed US$3,000 property bond for him.

    Pastor Wallace is the owner of Miracle FM radio station that is located in New Georgia Community outside of Monrovia.


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