Over US$4K, L$2M Raised for Gov’t Hospital in Buchanan

The Government Hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The Committee to Help Save the Government Hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, has raised over US$4,872 and L$2,621,355 to help save the hospital from its present stage which lacks essential drugs and other facilities.”

Members of the committee on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, made an initial presentation US$3,880 to the administration to assist in the running of the hospital for the period of one-week.

Christopher Yarwoe, secretary of the committee, who read the statement during the presentation ceremony, said the hospital’s administration has presented a one-week budget to the committee of US$2,455 to help cover some operational costs, including fuel for generator, ambulance, Operation Research materials, as well as feeding of patients.

“We realized both Liberian and US dollars, which we kept in the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), amount to about L$2,621,355, and US$4,872 as of October 16, 2019,” Chris said.

Mr. Yarwoe, who read the statement, said based on the pressing need of the hospital since it was reopened on Saturday, October 5, 2019 following a fire incident, the committee to Help Save the Government Hospital decided to give two weeks of support to the hospital.

“The committee is pleased to present an initial amount of US$3,880 on behalf of the citizens and residents of the county. The presentation of the money to the hospital is fully supported by residents, including government officials, and eminent sons and daughters of the county,” Yarwoe said.

He continued, “We want to thank those who contributed to this citizens’ initiative by supporting the hospital, including the communities, towns, ethnic groups, the churches and mosques. Also the schools, individuals, motorcyclists, market women, petty traders, and members of the Legislative Caucus.”

Mr. Yarwoe also lauded the management of Equatorial Palm Oil, ArcelorMittal Liberia, and the Nigerian Community, while calling on the public, as well as those that are willing, to make further contributions.

The hospital medical director, Dr. Abraham Jawara, described the citizens’ initiative as laudable as it remains the right decision.

“We want to express our sincere appreciation to the committee for taking on such a task, because this donation comes at a time when the hospital is declining in need of medical materials,” he said.

Committee members in the yard of the hospital.

Dr. Jawara said while health workers undergo the stress of getting allotments, the citizens’ initiative has made a significance landmark in the history of running the hospital by coming in with more assistance to the delight of the administration.

“We feel proud as health workers to commence our work amid strenuous challenges, and also happy to receive the donation. Today is a happy moment for the people of Bassa, and health practitioners at the government hospital, because this is going to enhance our work,”  Jawara told members of the committee.

He said that the administration considers the initiative as a move for the hospital to come back fully ready to serve the people of Grand Bassa County, as well as patients from neighboring catchment communities.

Meanwhile, the administration has called on the government to provide their allotments, which the county has been following for a period of time, but was yet to receive it.

“We want the government to see this as a reason to give our money. The citizens’ initiative is not sufficient to run the hospital and provide the desired healthcare so rely on the allotment to ensure that that our people benefit from the healthcare,” he said.

Madam Martha F. Karnga, chairperson of the Committee to Help Save the hospital, who officially presented the money to the hospital’s administration, said Bassa people at home and abroad were pleased to present the money to the hospital administration.

She said the money shows a sign of unity among the people of Grand Bassa County, which will help them, and the administrator of the hospital.


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