Over 300 Benefit from Christian Medical Outreach

Evangelist David Oni, US Medical personnel and other team members attending to a patient during the medical outreach last week

More than 300 persons over the weekend benefited from a “free medical” medical outreach service provided “free of charge” through the kind courtesy of a US-based professor of nursing, Evangelist David Oni, in collaboration with General Overseer Bonaji O. Thomas of the Defenders of Faith Ministries World-Wide in Nigeria.

Evangelist Oni is also the founder of the Christ the Hope of Nations, based in Washington DC. Oni’s one-week visit to Liberia has brought several persons, specifically those with various ailing conditions, some relief and restored their hope spiritually.

During the medical outreach exercise in Gardnersville over the weekend, where men, women and children were in their numbers seeking treatment, Oni told the gathering that Liberia needs great help in many areas, especially in the area of health. As such, he said it was important to come to Liberia to cater to the health needs of women, children and orphans and to consult some ministers of the gospel to be more focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ which God has called them into.

The medical service and other donations, which can be put at a cost of US$1,500, was a self-initiative from two distinguished ministers of the gospel in the US.

He said the gospel itself is a full gospel and that everywhere Jesus went, he always met people’s needs in health and provided them spiritual guidance. “The gospel is about giving to the needy” Oni noted.

According to him, if women and children in Liberia get good health care delivery services, Liberia will be a healthier nation. The medical team was more focused on the Gospel; as part of their mission to the country, they also distributed 200 pieces of the Bible to enhance the work of God.

The team, during its medical outreach, also treated Typhoid, Malaria and children suffering from malnutrition. “We treat and also give medical advice to them on what to do.”

He stressed the need for bigger churches around the world to lend medical support to churches and orphanage homes across the continent of Africa to be more proactive in God’s work, of which he said Liberia is no exception, adding that, “When these things are done, the name of the Lord will be glorified.”

The medical team also visited one of the orphanages, the Great Commission Orphanage Home in the Gardnersville, Chicken Soup factory community and made a donation of few bags of rice and other items.

During the donation, the general Overseer of the Defenders of Faith Ministries Worldwide, Evangelist Bonaji O. Thomas, on behalf of the team, expressed deep concerns about the condition of the Great Commission Orphanage Home in the area.

He said the children of Liberia are the next generation that will take over very soon. As such, there is a need to lend a supportive hand to them in order for them to become useful in the society so that the name of God will also be glorified.

However, following a week-long visit with series of activities the team is expected to leave on Monday, July 16. According to medical personnel Oni, following their assessment  he has understood that Liberia still needs more help. As such, they are expected to come back to Liberia in September this year, following other consultations with friends from the diaspora.

The director of the Great Commission Orphanage Home, Prince Mulbah, however lauded the kind gesture and described it as timely, adding that, “The donation was important to the children because they had nothing to eat at the time the team arrived.”

He also used the occasion to call on others to do the same as continued support to the kids will help to promote humanity.

He said currently, the school is seriously challenged by the lack of qualified instructors. The Great Commission Orphanage Home caters to more than 82 orphans and runs a school from Kindergarten thru 12th Grade.


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