Over 100K Orphans in Liberia


-Orphan Concern-Liberia on World Orphan Day

November 13, 2017 marked World Orphan Day celebrating children and adults across the world who are orphaned for one reason or the other.

Orphan Concern-Liberia joined its partner, International Star Foundation, to celebrate the day with hundreds of children and teenagers.

The second Monday in November is set aside every year to observe and honor orphans around the world and to call global attention to them, with issues ranging from the children’s many needs, the needs of their homes and this days gives them the much needed audience to appeal for assistance.

Amos Sawboh, founder of Orphan Concern-Liberia, says there are over 100,000 orphans in Liberia and many of them have been abandoned.

“This situation is alarming. World Orphan Day should be recognized globally to ensure national leaders remember those parentless children. Many children lost their parents and have been abandoned by national leaders and people who don’t want to be bothered with their burdens,” he lamented.

During a ceremony held to commemorate the Day, it was disclosed that the deadly Ebola virus left over 20,000 orphans in the three most effected countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. “Liberia alone accounts for 5,000 of that number,” he added.

Orphan Concern has called on the United Nations and other world bodies to recognize the Day and institute appropriate programs in observance of it to make orphans feel part of the world. The Day was celebrated under the theme: “Plight of orphan, the way forward.”

Children smiled in delight as they were given attention, shown love and reminded that though they don’t have parents, they are still important to society and themselves. Orphan Concern has been commended for their role in building up the self esteem of these children.


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