‘Our Victory against LISCR Sign of our Preparation for LFA 2018 league’

Captain Karleo Anderson standing with the trophy along with BMMC CEO Sarhan Umurhan and General Manager Ozkan Umurhan

Says FC Bea Mountain president

The president of Liberia Football Association (LFA) second division side Cape Mount-based FC Bea Mountain Mr. Sando Wayne has described his team’s triumph in the just ended Blue Cup Tournament as a clear sign of his boys’ preparedness for the LFA 2018 National League.

FC Bea Mountain were last Saturday crowned champions of the tournament after a 1-0 win against LFA first division champions LISCR FC in the grand final at the Blue Field sports ground on Lynch Street, Monrovia. The tournament was organized by the Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) Sports Association.

Mr. Wayne in an interview acknowledged FC Bea Mountain (The Gold Boys), headed by Coach Kaetu Smith, has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that all is set for the LFA 2018 National League.

He made it clear that their main target in the upcoming LFA 2018 National League is to finish among the first two teams, which would secure them a place in the first division.

He pointed out that their players’ excellent performances against their opponents in all of their games showed that they are on course for the challenges in the second division race.

“We are sending a word out to football enthusiasts that this Bea Mountain team that we have built is going to be the Rock of Gibraltar in Liberian football. Remember that our triumph against LISCR FC did not come by surprise but by good preparation, good support for our players and also the brilliant performances our players themselves displayed against their opponents,” he said. FC Bea Mountain scored three straight victories in the tournament to be crowned champions.

The Gold Boys first victory in the tournament was 1-0 against LFA first division side Monrovia Club Breweries that qualified them for the semi-final against third division side Muscat FC which they won 2-0. Their third match was against LISCR FC that they won 1-0 in the finals.

Mr. Waye identified his team’s finishing touches as the main problem in his boys upfront and hoped that Coach Smith and members of his technical staff will work in that area before the resumption of the national league. He paid respect to his team coach Smith and members of his technical staff as well as the players for a job well-done.

He also paid respect to his company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Sarhan Umurhan and the General Manager Ozkan Umurhan for their support to the company’s sports department.

He described the management’s support to the team as encouraging, because it would also help to reawaken the spirit of the game among the people of Grand Cape Mount County.


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