‘Our Country Is Slipping into the Drainage’

Dan Saryee: “The decision on December 8 will defend our country against meddling evil.”

— Rainbow Alliance official says

By Joaquin M. Sendolo

While there is no evidence or any public statement depicting the interest of the Rainbow Alliance of Liberia in joining political forces with the four major Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to counter the George Weah Administration and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the Rainbow Alliance appears to be in a posture of solidarity with the CPP’s candidate for the Montserrado County Senatorial seat in the upcoming senatorial mid-term elections.

Dan Saryee, chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), which is a member of the 11-party Rainbow Alliance.  The 11 political parties that comprise the Rainbow Alliance are the Liberia Restoration Party, Change Democratic Action, Movement for Economic Empowerment, Democratic Justice Party, Victory for Change Party, Grassroot Democratic Party of Liberia, Redemption Democratic Congress, People’s Unification Party, Vision for Liberia Transformation, New Liberia Party, and the True Whig Party.

At the climax of a “Dollar Rally Campaign” in support of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon’s reelection bid, held on Saturday, November 7, 2020 at the Unity Party Headquarters in Monrovia, Mr. Saryee, who once worked in the Weah Administration as a Director for Technical Services at the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC) said: “We are not here for any interest in the CPP, but to stand tall against the dictatorship that is creeping into the country and to arrest it.”

According to Saryee, for the last 17 years, Liberians fought to restore their democracy and to lay the foundation for the future of their children. However, as the situation shows now, he said, the country is slipping into the drainage and it needs to be rescued now.

“The election should determine where the country should go in 2023.  It is not about which party a person belongs to; the decision on December 8 should be sanctioned from here.  Our country is slipping into the drainage, and the best to do now is to resist those who have taken our country into the drainage,” Saryee told the gathering.

He added: “The decision on December 8 will defend our country against meddling evil.”

Also in remarks, the man at the center of the ring, Senator Dillon, said:  “It took the UP under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai twelve years under difficult circumstances to bring Liberia from the kitchen to the living room, and it has taken George Weah and his gangs less than three years to take Liberia from the living room to the septic tank.”

According to Dillon, characteristics of Liberia’s septic tank status include missing monies; a seemingly artificial appreciation of the Liberian dollar against the US dollar, while prices of basic commodities remaining high; four government auditors dying in eight days; and a self-imposed curfew by citizens for fear of being caught in the street to be killed.

Dillon, whose supporters have asked him not to use even one cent from his account to finance his re-election campaign, has also thrown the challenge to his key contender, Montserrado County District #5 Representative Thomas Fallah, who is contesting on the ticket of the CDC to appear with him in public debate to discuss national issues as both of them run for the senatorial seat for Montserrado.  “I challenge Thomas Fallah to appear with me in a public debate to discuss national issues; not throwing stones, not ma cuss (not mother cuss).”

When contacted, the spokesperson for the Government of Liberia, Information Minister Ledgerhood J. Rennie, did not respond to the phone call and WhatsApp message sent him for response to the statements made by both Mr. Saryee and Senator Dillon.

Since the message was sent and received on WhatsApp 18:04 GMT yesterday, there has not been a response from the Information Minister.


  1. Most Liberians are jaded because of the pendulous speeches of the opposition political leaders. For instance, the Liberians are being told by the knavish opposition politicians that Liberia is sinking! But the unanswered question is this…how does Saryee and his colleagues intend to reverse the trend? Or, to put it more bluntly, what are the solutions that could be used in order to stop Liberia from sinking? Bottom line…. it’s a big bluff, the opposition leaders have no solutions! Due to their infirmity, the opposition leaders will be unable to convince the Liberian people that their speeches will stop Liberia from sinking.

    Liberia is not sinking. The truth of the matter is that Liberia is going through some difficult times. The hope is that the difficult times will evaporate. Like the opposition leaders, most Liberians want to see progress, not stagnation or egotistic, self-centered speeches across the spectrum. We will get there.


  2. How on earth can our country be said to be Slipping into the Drainage ’while we see headlines and leads as “Liberia has made improvements in the ensuring rule of law and gender in economy, according to the new Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) scorecard expected to be released on Monday“!

    How on earth can our country be said to be Slipping into the Drainage ’while we see HIGHLY CREDIBLE headlines and leads as “The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has drawn up a comparison from data attained from Transparency International’s 10th Global Corruption Barometer capturing the corruption index of 2019 which shows that corruption in Liberia was minimized in 2019 compared to its soaring heights in 2015 when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was President.“!!

    • liberia is not slipping. the hospitals have lots of medicines, the nurses are happy with not getting paid, archie ponpon did not burn himself, you can go outside at 9pm and not get robbed. rice is cheap, there is food and transportation everywhere. all the government workers get paid every month. the roads are very good. Liberians are rich. all the roads are made by Libierians. all the grocery stores, hotels, and major building suppliers are liberian. the biggest traders are liberians. there is electricity 24 hours in liberia. If the vice president gets sick JFK will heal her in three days. The auditors have nothing to fear. If you get sick the government will give you $150,000. 00 usd to fly you to Ghana. like they did for the minister.


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