Oumou Sirleaf-Hage Exposed

Two different deeds (real and fake, respectively) for the same property, as submitted to the court by Oumou Hage.

-For producing two deeds in court for same property

Days after Madam Oumou Sirleaf-Hage attributed her detention by the Probate Court at the Monrovia Central Prison as being unconstitutional, she has reportedly been engaging into a campaign that her imprisonment was because of her refusal to sign what she considered a “fake deed” has been met with robust resistance.

Madam Edith Hage Smith, believed to be the mother of Nohad Hage, the oldest Liberian daughter of Milad Hage, a Lebanese, explained that Oumou was never married to the late Milad Hage.

Hage is a Lebanese national who died in 2010, about five years after his legitimate wife, Mrs. Olga Hage, also a Lebanese national, died in 2005 in Lebanon.

Mr. Hage died five years later in 2010. He and his late wife, Mrs. Olga Hage had four Lebanese children together.

Oumou was one of Mr. Hage’s many girlfriends with whom he had children.

After Hage died, Oumou quickly produced two marriage certificates, according to our investigation, thus leaving the children to wonder why there were two marriage certificates just for one man.

When Mr. Hage died, Oumou calculated on how to tamper with every property that was bought for Nohad Hage, even though she had the 74 stores for she and her children. And yet she took away Nohad Hage’s personal properties, changed all her deeds and placed them in her own children’s names to add to her wealth.

Besides, Oumou was said to not have been around when Mr. Milad Hage and his daughter, Nohad, started constructing estates; but later, she came in as Mr. Hage never left her empty-handed; instead, he gave her lots of stores and lands, yet she deprived Nohad Hage for three years and reportedly made away with all her money.

However, it was later investigated and determined that Oumou’s two different marriage certificates were “fake,” something which is reflected in the court records.

Also, a Clearance of Verification, dated June 16, 2011, signed by Robert G. Makor, secretary, Legal Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs, states that there exists no indication that Mr. Milad Hage and Oumou Sirleaf were married and obtained traditional marriage certificate from the Legal Bureau of the Ministry.

Regrettably, it was revealed that Oumou was allegedly in a relationship with Mr. Hage’s store boy, who has been identified as Abasher Davies, and had a daughter by him.

Mr. Hage was living with his daughter Nohad Hage in Kakata, Margibi County, before moving to Monrovia to build his estate in the Red Light community, and bought properties for his Liberian daughter Nohad Hage.

“Oumou is lying and misleading the public. She is not satisfied with the 74 stores personally belonging to her and her children. These stores have been turned over to Oumou completely,” remarked Mrs. Edith Hage Smith, mother of Nohad Hage, the oldest Liberian daughter of the late Milad Hage.

Mrs. Edith Hage Smith: “Oumou is vexed because Milad Hage placed some of the properties in his first legally recognized Liberian daughter’s name. So she tried to claim Hage’s property by fraudulently removing his oldest Liberian daughter’s name from the property of the original deed.”

She said from the very beginning, Oumou submitted the correct deed to the Civil Law Court. She furthered that the correct deed included the name of Mr. Hage’s first daughter, Nohad Hage, and Oumou’s two children, Bashir and Raquel Hage.

Mrs. Hage-Smith added, “Oumou was not satisfied, so she wanted to remove the name of the oldest Liberian child (Nohad Hage) from the deed.”

“Oumou went and submitted a second deed for the same property,” Mrs. Edith Hage said.

“You see God is not sleeping! How can one property have two deeds?” she asked, noting: “The court investigated and determined this second deed to be fraudulent.”

“Oumou committed a crime by lying to the court and falsifying information. She presented a fake deed to the court. Everything is on the court records,” Edith explained.

It can be recalled that in 2016, Judge Eva Mappy Morgan ordered the survey to be conducted on the same property, and asked all parties involved to submit their deed, if any.

Mrs. Edith Hage Smith said that Oumou was not satisfied with the over 74 stores that were turned over to her, so she tried to remove Mr. Hage’s oldest Liberian daughter’s name from the deed. She said Oumou only placed her own children’s names on the deed.

Therefore, Oumou should be charged for producing the “false deed” to the court and lying under oath.

Oumou, she said, should also be charged for seeking to damage the reputation of Mr. Hage’s oldest Liberian daughter, “just because he placed his oldest Liberian daughter’s name on some of the property documents.

She has therefore called on the Supreme Court to stop Oumou from persistently being wicked.


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