Oscar Cooper’s Running Mate: ‘Competent, Principle Minded Youth’

Sen. Cooper: “The Oscar Cooper Experience with Mr. Freeman will change Liberia for the better…”

Promises ‘a better Liberia,’ if elected

Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper over the weekend lifted the hands of Wonderr Koryenen Freeman as his running mate to contest the upcoming October elections as independent candidates.

Mr. Freeman, a youthful Liberian accountant, auditor, financial crime investigator/anti-money laundering expert, international trade and investment lawyer, hails from Fishtown, Maryland County.

Sen. Cooper, who is running as an independent candidate under the banner of the “Oscar Cooper Experience,” his own crafted political ideology, which he intends to transform into a movement.

The Oscar Cooper Experience, the Senator said, aims to move Liberia from its present backwardness to a state of prosperity, where every citizen will have the opportunity to contribute to the country’s development.

The ceremony took place on Senator Cooper’s Farm in Cinta, east of Kakata, with several persons, mainly the youth, in attendance.

Sen. Cooper believes the country has fallen way behind in development and, therefore, his presidency will improve the situation if elected at the October polls.

Cooper continued: “Freeman is not just my vice presidential choice, but an active youthful player to champion the cause of programs that would bring the country on par with other developing nations. If elected, we will be serious to fight corruption and transform the country to benefit the disadvantaged, the youth, since my number two is one of the youth.”

Sen. Cooper said he is set to introduce quality education and better healthcare services with value judgment.

“If elected as president, I will live in the countryside with members of my cabinet for one month to help the farmers, the rural teachers, health workers assigned in the villages,” Cooper said.

He said the exercise to take a ‘one month interior leave’ to identify with rural Liberians to experience their living condition is “so that we can better run a government of inclusion to bring on board the ideas and experiences learned from rural inhabitants.”

Sen. Cooper promised to introduce mechanized farming where the government would import earth-moving equipment and other farming implements to help farmers with rubber and cocoa nurseries, as well as introduce new methods of rice planting through which his administration would distribute rice seeds across the country.

The objective, he said, is to make Liberia self-sufficient in food production, and not to depend on imported commodities, including rice.

He said, if elected, he would encourage all cabinet ministers and their subordinates to return to the counties every Thursday to brief citizens on how his government is running. The intent, he said, is to make Liberia number one among the comity of nations.

In a rather excited mood as the crowd of supporters started to swell, Sen. Cooper promised to reduce lawmakers’ present monthly benefits of US$12,000 to at least US$4,000.

Among his other dreams for the country is to build an airport in every county capital to allow international investments to reach rural Liberians.

For his deputy, he said the Cooper-Freeman ticket is the “vote of confidence in young Liberians,” because the two are “competent and principle minded Liberians,” who the voters should trust to govern the country.

Freeman added: “If my name appears with Sen. Cooper on the ballot, corrupt-minded individuals will worry, because we will prosecute anyone that would attempt to steal from taxpayers.”

Wonderr Freeman is a Lawyer, and an Accountant with over 14 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. He previously worked at the Liberia anti-corruption Commission (LACC) as strategy/policy, anti-money laundering strategy/policy, public sector management

Freeman is a member, Association of Certified Financial Crimes Specialist, (2016- present; Member, Liberia National Bar Association (2013 – present); member also of the LNBA Audit Committee (2015 – present); member, Society for International Economic Law, UK (2013 – present); Co-Chairperson/Member, GIABA [ECOWAS] Working Group on [Anti-Money Laundering and -Counter Financing of Terrorism] Risk-Trends and Methods (Typology Group)  (2014 – 2016).

Among his notable achievements, Freeman said he was “primarily responsible for the drafting and introduction of new Regulations issued by the GOL in 2015 that brought Liberia on par with global AML/CFT standards applied across the global financial services industry.  He also participated in “the drafting and introduction of laws approved by the Liberia’s National Legislature on terrorism/terrorist financing that ensured Liberia’s compliance to international standards as mandated by various resolutions issued by the UN Security Council.



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