ORWOCH Trains 25 Women in Transformative Leadership


By Tina S. Mehnpaine

A two-day exercise aimed at promoting, developing and strengthening the capacity of young emerging women leaders to attain in-depth knowledge and skills was organized by the Organization for Women and Children (ORWOCH) via zoom conference. The training also focused on Self-development for women to become active citizens, advance gender equality and women’s rights while participating in decision making and national development.

Over time, there have been reported cases of gender inequality; ranging from the low number of women in leadership – one female senator to 29 males, as well as inadequate access to education and health care for women and girls across the country.

The online workshop, supported by the European Union (EU), in collaboration with Oxfam and the foundation for Community Initiative (FCI), as part of the Enough Excuses campaign, aims to empower women, girls and boys to take positive actions in ending sexual and gender based violence.

The training does not only give opportunities to female leaders, but aims to encourage girls to emerge from their places of comfort and fight for equal access to their rights and protections, stressing that the rights of women are also human rights.

The 2002 Gender Policy frame work tends to achieve bridging existing inequalities between women and men in all development sectors. Yet this remains a serious challenge both to government and developing partners.

The Gender gap remains wide with violence against women and girls threatening their very existence. This training does not only provide an opportunity for young emerging leaders to have an in-depth knowledge of the gender disparity in Liberia, but for girls to emerge from their place of comfort and fight for equal access to their rights and protections as they are human being as women rights are human rights.

Musu D. Kamara, Program Manager at the Organization for Women and Children, expressed profound gratitude to the EU for the Enough campaign project, especially during this time that the world is faced with the Global Pandemic Coronavirus.

She said girls are now more vulnerable to abuse and human rights violations than ever before.

“This is not an event but the beginning of several interactions to ensure that Women and girls actively participate in policy reforms and decision-making processes,” she told participants.

According to Lessay Comfort Dormia, one of the participants, the training was an opportunity to  nurture her growth as a future leader. She said the two-day workshop was not a waste, for her interaction with great women leaders has given her courage to advocate for women and girls.

“It was indeed a wonderful opportunity to learn from the experiences of prominent women in Liberia. The interactions were insightful and the knowledge gained has impacted my life forever as an emerging leader,” said Dormia in a post made on Facebook.

Founded 2013, the Organization for Women and Children (ORWOCH) is a women’s rights organization whose mission is to champion the cause of women on increased participation in decision making, the reduction of sexual and gender based violence and addressing gender stereotypes and advocate for the rights of Children.


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