Orphaned by Ebola


September 15, 2014, an unidentified toddler is seen standing unaware of the commotion going on around her. She and her gravely sick mother had just disembarked few minutes ago, from a taxi cab. Her mother struggled to take few steps, she collapsed and died. The innocent child was pulled away from her. The woman’s “lifeless body” was immediately dumped over other dead bodies already in a pickup truck waiting to transport the dead either for burial or to the crematorium.

She’s still unidentified.

According to witnesses standing in front of Redemption Hospital, which has quite recently become an Ebola holding center, the little girl and her said mother came to the hospital for treatment.

“Just how they arrived, the mother died in the car and her body was added to the bodies that were being taken out of the hospital today,” stated an LNP officer, who asked not to be named.

As three different ambulances were seen bringing suspected Ebola cases, one seemed to be carrying a sick family of six.

“There was a family last night, eight in all that were all sick. Two of the family members died in the house, and our ambulance brought the remaining six, including two children who are already vomiting blood, to Redemption Hospital,” stated More Than Me’s founder, Katie Meyler.

According to the witnesses, some of whom were crying at the sight of the confused child, her mother was immediately added to a truckload of bodies upon their arrival. No test was conducted on the corpse of the unidentified woman, and the cause of death has not been established.

“They never carried her inside to know what killed her but instead added her mother’s body on that truck, right on top,” added Bai Passawe, a bystander.

Meanwhile, the toddler has been identified as Pearlina, and a recent facebook page comment from Katie Meyler photographer the day after the incident stated the condition of the child.

“We met Pearlina yesterday; her mother had passed away in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Sitting shocked as her mother was taken away, the attendant brought me over to her explaining her situation and not knowing exactly what to do with her. We don't know her age and none of her neighbors will take, they are scared of the virus. The hospital workers do not know what to do so they just kept her in the office. So Katie Meyler took her and put her in the More Than Me guesthouse (after we had medical personnel prepare the space) bought her some stuffed animals, a DVD player, new clothes (hers were burned ) and have her a room till her family comes to claim her. Nurses are checking in with her daily and she has been tested. We are waiting on the results. Fingers crossed,” face booked M warren.

As Pearlina sits and awaits a destiny she has yet to understand, anyone who recognizes the child is asked to contact the Daily Observer.


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