ORANGE, UN Women, LMA to roll out 500 Orange Money Kiosks

Presenting the kiosk, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Orange Liberia Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly said that the program was part of his company’s long-standing commitment to empowering women.

The management of Orange Liberia, UN Women, and the Liberia Market Association, have announced a new collaboration focused on empowering Liberian women via gainful employment.  The collaboration was announced on Monday at a program held at the Ma Juah Market in Monrovia.

Through the partnership, Orange Liberia, UN Women, and the Liberia Market Association will prioritize the employment of women as operators and supervisors of a large number of  500 Orange Money kiosks set to be rolled out in Liberia this year.

The vice president of the Liberia Market Association Abraham Barchue noted that Orange Money kiosks were a fantastic way to boost the development of Liberian Markets as a safe approach to make business and ease payment of all sorts. He commended Orange and UN Women for this great initiative and asked for more kiosks to be deployed across the country, especially in the vicinity of markets.

Presenting the kiosk, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Orange Liberia Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly said that the program was part of his company’s long-standing commitment to empowering women.   “Just a few weeks ago during the global celebration of the International Day for Women, we honored 100 business women who received grants up to 100,000 LRD from Orange Money to enable them to develop their businesses,” Mr. Coulibaly recalled.

He went on to introduce Madam Catherine Sackie, who is the first market woman employed as a kiosk operator.  Extending congratulations to Madam Sackie, CEO Coulibaly said he was confident that she would be successful at the business and looked forward to the day when she would earn enough to build a house and buy a vehicle for her family.

Mr. Coulibaly explained that the kiosks, which are already being rolled out in Monrovia and would appear shortly throughout the country, would offer “increased service availability and visibility for Orange Money and more locations for cash in and cash out services.”

He noted that the kiosks would also offer various telecommunications services such as SIM cards, e-recharge, and sale of a wide range of mobile devices.  In addition to the ease of access, Mr. Coulibaly noted that the new kiosks will employ more than 500 Liberians.

Responding, Madam Sackie thanked Orange Liberia and UN Women for their support. “I am starting small by selling scratch cards, doing Orange Money transfers; but I am confident that in no time I will grow this business to sell phones and even to be in charge of other kiosks if possible,” said a confident Catherine Sackie.

The head of UN Women Madam Marie-Goreth Nizigama commended Orange Liberia for a successful partnership and for its engagement in supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment in Liberia. Ms. Marie Goreth indicated that UN Women remains strategically positioned in responding to the needs of women entrepreneurs, besides being committed to strengthening its partnership with the private sector, to diversify livelihood options for market women.

In separate statements, the Acting Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection Alice Johnson-Howard and the Deputy City Mayor of Monrovia Edwin Tisdell both congratulated Orange and UN Women for prioritizing the empowerment of women via employment through the Orange Money kiosks. They stressed that the initiative was a major support of the Liberian government’s “pro-poor agenda.”

Furtherance to the commitment by Orange to participate and empower business and economic growth of Liberian communities, Orange is extending an invitation to business people or organizations who can become partners in deploying kiosks across Liberia and especially in the rural market. Orange can be directly contacted for this project through 077777518.


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