Orange Liberia Reacts to Arrest of CEO


News reports that the Chief Executive Officer of Orange Liberia. Mamadou Coulibaly had been invited to the offices of the National Security Agency to answer to charges of his suspected involvement in the June 25 riot and violence which led to the setting up of road blocks and burning tires to barricade the Tubman Boulevard near the Old Road junction has left many questions unanswered particularly in view of growing public suspicion that the riot was actually masterminded by highly placed individuals said to be linked to a new GSM company shortly to be established in Liberia.

A highly placed source (name withheld) told the Daily Observer that top officials are linked to this company. According to the source, the proposed increase in floor price of data and voice calls is intended to place immeasurable strain on GSM companies currently operating in the country which will serve to edge out either one or both companies, force their closure due to high operating costs and ultimately cede their market shares to this new company. But officials have remained tight-lipped on the matter arguing that the case is already pending judicial review and according to a well known legal practitioner(name withheld) the matter is sub-judice meaning that he cannot discuss the merit or demerits of the case at bar because such could cause an offense to the Court.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer has confirmed in a press release that the proposed increase in floor price of data and voice calls will jeopardize their investments and continuity of their business enterprise in Liberia.

But according to analysts, the closure or pullout of any or both of the currently operating GSM companies will spell doom for an economy already struggling to cope with negative growth rates and the adverse effects of COVID-19.

And they believe strongly that should the Liberia Telecommunications Authority persist in maintaining its stance on the increase in floor price the resultant consequences will cause immeasurable harm to the country’s economic interests with implications for peace and stability.

In its reaction to developments surrounding the invitation extended to Orange Liberia Chief Executive Officer, Mamadou Coulibaly, the company issued the following statement below:

“The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Liberia Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly was invited by the National Security Agency (NSA) of Liberia for questioning in relation to protests
held in Monrovia on June 25, 2020, against the imposition of new Surcharges on mobile voice on-net and data.

Orange assures the public that Orange Liberia stands by its policy of non-involvement in politics as it is the main rule of conduct within the Group worldwide. Under no circumstances does Orange support politics nor has the company or any of its executives been involved in political actions directly or indirectly.

As regards to the issue of the imposition of Surcharges to current tariffs, and as Orange Liberia’s shareholder, Orange Group has analyzed the impact of the Surcharges of the LTA Order 0016- 02-25-19 and concluded that these additional Surcharges imposed to GSM operators are jeopardizing their investments and their business continuity in Liberia.

Therefore, the Board of Orange Liberia instructed Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly, as CEO of the company, to make a case before the Courts of Liberia. Orange, as a law-abiding corporation, believes that the best recourse is always through the use of dialogue with the authorities and the rule of law.”

It remains to be seen however which way the Supreme Court is going to rule on this matter.


  1. The naivete of CDC seriously blinds them from seeing glaring dangers at hand!

    According to rumors, which are yet to be confirmed, can an increase from $2 to $6 (200%) be considered a pro-poor initiative?
    Maybe some of us do not know the truth but I hope I will have a CDCian to calmly clear the air for me.

    Also, given the current economic status of the country, do CDCians think getting an aim at a multinational like ORANGE is sanitary to the economic wellbeing of the country?

    Well, if you guys have the intention to create your own GSM company, why can’t you guys do so without killing existing jobs?
    A competitive market will determine who stands the heat and who would bow out. Create yours and face the competition instead of killing others. This is unfair competition.
    And mind you, beware of multinationals like ORANGE!

    Weah had the golden opportunity to create jobs in Liberia but lamentably failed; he set up a TV network (ClarTV) that could not emit beyond central Monrovia, a radio station which could not be monitored outside Monrovia.
    Will the presidency make you to become a welfare businessman or provide better services?

    Come to yourself eeh!
    Liberia is from far ooh!
    May God watch over Liberia!

  2. Well lets see what happens when the GSM companies closed or creased fees on everything due to the charge, maybe more jobs will be created and everyone will have means of calling or govt will publicize its agenda. These days everyone uses the internet and phones. The few Internet provide will also increase their fees due to high increased or use on their network.
    Things will then get better than ever before and we Liberian will celebrate CDC achievement.
    Keep push the GSM companies and lets see what happens when they closed down for a day or week.

  3. These guys are so broke, they are searching everywhere for something to steal. When these companies can no longer withstand their pressure, they will simply foldup, and leave.

  4. What did say about Tolbert ? They said that if Liberians did not get the opportunity to work for the government, they will see themselves working for the Tolbert’s family and their group of companies. He had to go , they say. History in Liberia does not repeat itself , but Liberians do like to repeat failed history. And so is George. That is , if Liberians do not get the opportunity to work for the CDC regime led government as a service to their country, they will most likely to go seeking for an opportunity at the headquarter of CDC to get a job working for the establishments of George and his wife. That too is a family affairs being established. Remember, it is not what one says is inciteful, it is the regime’s unpopular governance policies and practices that are responsible for inciting citizens to protest and violence. Listen to how George explains the unpopular governance policies and practices of his CDC led regime to the citizens of the country, when Liberia becomes bad it will not be me George, it will be you. That is when Liberia becomes bad to what point George ? To the point when things become unpleasant and uncomfortable and unbearable, it will not be me George, it will be you. You who ? The citizens. The inciteful policies that created the ideas that if citizens of that country did not get the chance to work for the Tolbert’s regime, they will get the chance to work for the Tolbert’s family group of companies. It is the same failed history being repeated by the family of George and friends. This episode of chapter 1 of a cellphone takeover in the country has all the trade marks of Emmanuel Shaw and company. This kind of manipulations are his footprint left in the sand . Take a step along with it, it leads straight to the Presidency. This has happened before, so allowed the unaware majority to continue sleeping. What they do not know for now will not hurt them. But it will, like it did for almost three hundred thousand of their fellow citizens back then.

  5. James Davis, whoever told you “Tolbert had to go because Liberians did not get the opportunity to work for government, and they will see themselves working for the Tolbert’s family and their group of companies; hence he Tolbert had to go”, has lied to you either out of idiocy. ignorance, negligent misrepresentation, or blatant fraudulent misrepresentation.

    Despite the sad irony that:

    (1) the settlers with the slogan, “the love of liberty brought us here” imposed forms of forced labor akin to slavery, on the rest of the citizenry, and;

    (2) the existing social inequities in the distribution of wealth, and the TWPŚ LAW prohibiting the establishment of of unions encompassing both agricultural and industrial workers and the rubber workers, or,

    (3) the TWPŚ LAW stipulating that only property owners were entitled to the vote, leaving the vast majority of the citizenry effectively out of the voting process, or;

    (4) the economic advances of the country only serving to highlight the growing disparity between the ostentatious lifestyle of the rich elite, had Tolbert;

    (5) not recognized China and established diplomatic relations with the Communist Bloc, Tolbert and his TWP would have;

    (6) remained in power longer than Omar Bongo of Gabon, Eyadema of Togo, Houphoet Boigny of Ivory Coast, or Mobutu of Zaire!!!

    So rescind that thought about “Tolbert had to go because Liberians did not get the opportunity to work for government, and they will see themselves working for the Tolbert’s family and their group of companies”, IMMEDIATELY!

    • Well Mr. True Nationalist, James Davis will recognized you and respect you for by your chosen social media name. Allow James Davis to refer to you as young man. No disrespect. Once a traffic New York City cop, will always be one with respect. Now, concerning your question about Tolbert, and his rice production and family businesses, who told young James Davis that, was Dr. Tipoteh, Mason and Dr. Amos Sawyer. Mr. R. Goodrich referred to them as the Sineo County Connection. Back in the days before you were born, that was the popular saying. The rest is history about the Tolbert families. Dr. Tipoteh is still alive. Dr. Amos Sawyer is still . Mr. Mason is still alive. Won’t want to tell a lie on these politically personalities. It was a common general saying among those who had the monopoly on education and political knowledge. From your question , you must be very young. But the end results proved that Tolbert had to go . April 14 is a testament. Not to insult your personality by referring to you as young man, it was a common saying back them that led to the protest and eventually the removal of the Tolbert’s regime. Well, did not read the whole post due to time. But check out with those political personalities that had the educational information and influence over the less fortunate. They are still alive.

      • This is a warning, James Davis! NEVER AGAIN, refer to me as “young man”. If you dare make the mistake to ever refer to me again as “young man”, my reaction SHALL BE ACERBIC!

        You must be a very stupid bastard to refer to ANYONE in such manner as: “Back in the days before you were born, that was the popular saying.”

        Does your very silly ass know when I was born? You better take your bastardly idiocy, ignorance, and myopic insanity to where it is tolerated, or to those who imparted it into your backside! Again, this is a warning!

        • Ha ha ha ha ha , young man. Thanks for reading and responding. You were not authorized to respond, young man. Now move ON !

          • James Davis, it is your dirty mother who is a “young man or a young woman” and your stink father who did not impart into you civilized demeanor and or intellectual mannerism. If you think I am one of your prostitute motherś customers, you dare continue to open your myopic bastardly backside.

  6. Why should the government set a price floor for data and voice? Shouldn’t that decision be left to the operators? Government should not pick winners in the market.


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