Orange Liberia Launches New LRD Scratch Cards with Voice, Data Promotions

Mr. Chateau displays the cards

The Chief Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service Officer of ORANGE Liberia Mr. Noel Chateau last Tuesday launched new scratch cards as part of celebrations marking Orange Liberia’s first year in the country at its Capitol Bypass headquarters, according to a press release.

Mr. Chateau said each of the new scratch cards would be sold for LD$100 and will allow customers to choose between a voice and a data bundle. “As part of the anniversary, we believe it is time for sharing and this is why we are launching these scratch cards with two great bundles, each coming with gifts.”

He said when “our customers activate the voice bundle, they get 4 days free calls for only LRD100, 3 days are for them and they have to share the extra day free calls with the person of their choice. This is the way to bring the whole community of Orange customers into the celebration and sharing of gifts.”

Mr. Chateau went on to demonstrate live to journalists how to activate the bundle with the new LRD100 scratch card. “Just dial *127* then the hidden number of the scratch card then press #. To get the voice bundle, select 1 and you’ll immediately receive 3 days free calls, then enter the number of the person who will instantly receive your 1 day free calls gift.”

Mr. Chateau then presented the data bundle: “Alternatively, if the subscribers select 2 after using the scratch card, they will activate the data bundle and will receive 500 MB of the internet as well as an extra 500 MB of free music on”

Mr. Chateau said that these two options were created on the same scratch card because there are customers who have a higher need for voice services while others preferred to use their 100LRD for browsing the internet and listening to music.

The inclusion of Tunes Liberia as a value add-on to the data option for the new LRD scratch card is part of Orange Liberia’s ongoing initiatives to support Liberian music.

It may be recalled that earlier this year the company was the prime sponsor of the very successful first Tunes Liberia music award and has promised that over the coming months it would make steadfast efforts to support the development of Liberian music.

Mr. Chateau revealed good news for music lovers by explaining that the users of the new LRD100 scratch card would stand a chance to enter the Orange 1 year anniversary concert at Monrovia City Hall on the 9th of June. “500 exclusive tickets will be provided. Every day, there will be around 30 lucky winners who will receive a special SMS upon using the LRD100 scratch card. Together with the scratch card, the SMS will be their ticket to enter the concert which will feature Deng, SoulFresh, Kizzy W, Eric Geso, Christoph, CJ, Jaredo, Pillz, PCK & L/Frankie, Angel Michael, JZ and Master Queen.”

Mr. Isaac Muthama, who serves as Chief Sales and Distribution Officer for Orange Liberia, said that the new scratch card is a part of ongoing efforts by Orange Liberia to diversify its products and ensure that customers have access to products and services that are sold in Liberian dollars.

“This particular product is created to provide more convenience for our customers and to boost the government’s pro-poor agenda,” Mr. Muthama said, noting that Orange was already working with its distributors to ensure that the new scratch cards are deployed at all sales outlets not only in Monrovia but across Liberia.

It is expected that Orange will release several additional new products, services, bonuses and surprises throughout the month of celebration marking its first-year anniversary.


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