Orange-Liberia Donates Anti COVID-19 Materials to Ministry of Health

Presenting the donation to Minister Jallah (right) was Sara Elizabeth Buchanan (left), who said since the outbreak of the pandemic, Orange Liberia has stepped up to respond to the fight against the virus in the country

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has received a huge donation of medical consignments and other accessories from Orange Liberia to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The items, which include hand gloves, PPE, face shield, nose masks and other essential medical supplies, were presented on Monday, September 28, 2020, at the Health Ministry.

Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, receiving the items on behalf of the government and her Ministry, said the donation will help boost the country’s fight against the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

“These donations came at the appropriate time when we are in the middle of the fight. As we are into the COVID-19 major fight, these materials will help in the combat against the deadly virus. These supplies will also be used during the treatment of other diseases, even if COVID-19 is eradicated from the Country”, Dr. Jallah indicated.

The Minister, on behalf of President Weah and government, used the occasion to thank Orange-Liberia for its continuous commitment to reaching out to the Ministry in these critical times.

“The NPHIL, Ministry of health and all the healthcare workers around the country that have been participating in the fight against COVID-19, we want to say a big thank to Orange Liberia for this donation. We are going to follow up, to ensure that it reaches the beneficiaries — those facilities and people who are using them”, she assured.

Presenting the donation to the Ministry was Sara Elizabeth Buchanan, Director of CSP and Internet Communication at Orange-Liberia, who said since the outbreak of the pandemic, the telecommunications operator has stepped up to respond to the fight against the virus in the country, naming the 14 Military Hospital and other medical facilities across as beneficiaries of their goodwill.

“You know this is not the first time that Orange Liberia has come with such donation: when the 14 Military hospital was the first setup, we were one of the first to show our partnership with the Ministry of Health and the republic of Liberia, telling the Country that we are here for the Liberian people, and we are here to help with what our people need, in that time and in this time.

The approximately 60,000 Euros’ worth of medical supplies, she said, was made available by Orange Liberia in association with Orange Foundation.

Earlier, Minister Norwu Howard, Deputy Minister for Administration, said the supplies will prevent healthcare workers from contracting infectious and other diseases.

“The world that we live in today is such that, if not because of healthcare workers and eventually the use of universal precaution in everyday life, the health of everyone will go the other way. Our healthcare workers out there need to take precaution as they work in the various hospitals,” Minister Howard urged.

She said the donation will enable the precious healthcare workers out there to stay safe from contracting any infectious diseases.

“This will also make them brave in performing their respective duties and continue to collect the samples that will help us do our work until Liberia can be declared COVID-19 free,” DMA Howard said.


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