ORANGE Liberia Celebrates International Women’s Day

The 100 women who received the prizes had all opened an Orange Money account last Monday.

100 women receive cash prizes via Orange Money

Today is being celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day, and Orange Liberia has used the umbrella of the global celebration to impact the lives of 100 Liberian businesswomen.  The 100 women who received the prizes had all opened an Orange Money account last Monday.

Orange Liberia held a special press conference at its headquarters on Capitol Bypass and the company’s Director for Internal Communications and CSR, Ms. Sara Buchanan said that the event was a proud moment for her and the entire Orange Liberia family.

“I am very honored and proud not only as a Liberian woman but also as a member of the Executive Management team of Orange Liberia to announce the initiative Orange is taking to empower Liberian women,” she said.

Ms. Buchanan presented a symbolic check to the women and also explained that she believed that Orange Money would have a transformative effect in terms of boosting their businesses.

Ms. Buchanan said:  “These women have made the wise decision of opening an Orange Money account this week and as they utilize their account, they will see how it will help them manage, save, and conduct efficient business transactions.”

She declared: “Orange Liberia is here to support you.  Orange Liberia is here to empower you!”

The Corporate Communications Strategist for Orange Liberia, Dr. Kimmie L. Weeks noted that the Orange prizes had been provided in various categories to the women.  Ten of the women won LD 10,000, 40 won LD 5,000 and 50 of them received LD 2,000 each.  He encouraged Liberians to activate Orange Money by visiting any Orange Money kiosk or agent, any Total Service Station, Orange POS or store.

In response, the women praised Orange Liberia and stated that they would remain loyal to the company. They observed that any company that was actively supporting the wellbeing of Liberian women and empowering their businesses via Orange Money was a company they would continue to use and encourage their friends and families to use as well.

Dancing and singing her way to the stage, Madam Elizabeth Weah praised Orange Liberia explaining that she had recently opened an Orange Money account for her business and was surprised when she got the call that she had one LD 10,000 from Orange Money because she had activated an account and because of International Women’s Day.

A visibly excited Madam Weah told the gathering: “I thank God first and Orange second because both Orange Money and the money they have made me win today will make me take my business to higher heights.  Thank you, Orange Liberia I am going to tell all of my friends in the market to switch to Orange which is the best GSM Company in Liberia.”

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. International Women’s Day first emerged from the activities of labor movements at the turn of the twentieth century in North America and across Europe. Orange Liberia proudly stands in solidarity with this year’s International Women’s Day global theme #PressforProgress as well as Liberia’s national theme of “Act now: support the Liberian Women Agenda,” a release said yesterday.


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