Orange Launches Total Card Top Up With Orange Money

Orange CFO Diakalia Berte and Total Sales and Marketing Manager, Muwuso Kachali at the launch of the Total card prepaid with Orange Money

The management teams of Orange and Total Liberia have announced a new partnership that allows subscribers to reload Total fuel cards using Orange Money. The announcement was made at a press conference held on 11th April at Total’s 5th Street Service Station in Monrovia.  

The press conference was opened by Mrs. Noosevett Weah, Media Relations Manager at Orange. Speaking on behalf of Orange Liberia, Zaza Mulbah, Head of Orange Money, said: “We are excited to launch this innovation today which will bring a lot of convenience to Orange and Total customers. Now, Total customers can simply refill their Total card directly from their phone, through Orange Money. All they have to do is to dial *144#, select USD currency, then Pay with Orange Money, select Total top up, then follow the instructions. Once the transaction will have been completed, customers will receive a confirmation SMS with all the transaction details.”

Mr Mulbah went on to explain: “By using Orange Money to refill their Total top up cards, customers no longer have to commute to the Total headquarters to make payments which is a hassle for many. With Orange Money, customers are able to make payments from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere. It is instantaneous and secure. No risk anymore for carrying large amounts of cash all the way to Total headquarters.”

Making her remarks on the new service, Ms. Monique Stewart, SFS & Communications Manager at Total, said: “Our Total card which was launched in 2009 is more than just a fuel card. As a company that believes in designing solutions that offer increased value to our customers, it is no surprise that we have partnered with Orange Liberia to launch the ‘Top up’ service. With a well-established trend of innovation and continual improvement in our products and services, Total is committed to responding to demand for digital services across our network.”

The launch of this service between Orange and Total is another milestone in the long-standing partnership between the two major international companies. Speaking on behalf of Orange, Diakalia Berte, Orange CFO, acting CEO, said: “We are delighted to be here today before you with our partners from Total. The two companies have been working together for years through the availability of Orange services at Total stations, what everybody calls Orange Total POS.

This new service strengthens our partnership and is bringing a solution for both our customers. We know that cash availability and carrying cash is an issue for many customers. Now with this service, they will be able to refill their Total top up card directly from the comfort of their homes, at any time.” Mr. Berte added: “We want to thank Total for their trust and commend them for taking this step with us into the digitalization of the economy in Liberia.”

Answering to Mr. Berte’s remarks, Muwuso Kachali, Sales & Marketing Manager at Total, said: “Today we bring our partnership with Orange to a new level by offering our customers the convenience to top up their fuel card using Orange Money without having to drive to our offices. This demonstrates our commitment to deliver energy to our customers in a responsible manner. We assure all stakeholders that Total shall continue to innovate with our partners in order to make our stations the one stop service point providing the most convenience to our customers”.

Before closing the press conference, Mr. Eric Clarke, Corporate Sales Manager at Orange Money, and Ms. Monique Stewart demonstrated the service to the press, proving its ease of use and immediate availability.


  1. On the surface, this may be convenient for customers of these entities to effect money transfers and payments – but could somebody answer this simple question?…

    What regulatory role does the Central Bank of Liberia play in all this activity? After all, the mobile phone operators and other parties engaged in such trending schemes are actively and directly executing monetary and other forms of depositary financial transactions.


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