ORANGE Launches Major New ‘Zagga Christmas’ Campaign

Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Isaac Muthama

More than 10 million LRD to be given away

Over the weekend, the Management of Orange-Liberia announced a major new promotion, which the company says is geared towards following its tradition of bringing early Christmas joy to its more than one million subscribers.

The announcement was made at a major press conference at the company’s headquarters on Capitol Bypass and led by its Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Isaac Muthama and Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks.

Mr. Muthama explained that it followed a trend Orange established in 2017 and 2018, with the launch of its “Christmas in October“ and “Da Ma Tan Na” promotions, which gave away more than US$600,000 in prizes.

Muthama said, “Our goal is that as long as we are in Liberia, we will ensure that with Orange, the Christmas festivities will always start early.”  He announced that the new promotion is known as the Orange Zagga Christmas promotion.

Mr. Muthama elaborated that the new campaign will have five weekly winners who will each be entered into the weekly cart race.   “Each of the winners of the daily prize will be taken to Harbel Supermarket, where they will have one minute to race through the supermarket filling their carts with whatever they desire and we will pay for it,” he said.

The promotion includes a weekly prize where for every week until December, a lucky winner will be awarded LRD 500,000. The promotion will culminate with a grand prize winner who will be announced in December and will win 2.5 million LRD. To be eligible to win, Orange customers simply have to activate at least $1 or more any day for the daily prize and $1 at least once a week or more for the weekly prize.

Dr. Weeks explained that each of the prizes would be doubled if the winner had used Orange Money the week ahead of their win.

He explained that for daily winners who will win the weekly cart race, they will have their time doubled from 1 minute to 2 minutes if they had performed any Orange Money transaction.  The weekly prize will be doubled form LRD500, 000 to LRD 1 million if they had performed an Orange Money transaction in addition to their regular activation during the week.

Dr. Weeks explained that for the grand prize, the winner will have had to have activated a minimum of $1 per week for every week to qualify to win the LRD 2.5 million and, in addition, also performed an Orange Money transaction every week to double their winnings to LRD 5 million. The competition begins this week and is expected to continue until December.


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