Orange Announces Big Plans For 2018

Orange Liberia CEO, Mamadou Coulibaly

The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Liberia, Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly, has issued a special statement commending the government and people of Liberia for making Orange’s entry into the Liberian telecommunications market in 2017 a resounding success.

According to an Orange Liberia press release, Mr. Coulibaly said that the cooperation of the Liberian authorities had been essential to the Orange Group’s decision to enter the Liberian market and to invest millions of dollars in the Liberian economy.

Mr. Coulibaly said the confidence that the company has in the Liberian economy encouraged it to make major investments in the Liberian telecommunications industry.

He revealed that Orange invested close to twenty million United States Dollars in 2017, mostly to build 65 new sites and expand its 4G LTE internet network to ten new cities out of Monrovia, making it the first GSM company to offer high speed internet services outside of Montserrado County.

Mr. Coulibaly explained that a significant part of that investment also went towards the development of a powerful Orange Money platform, already deployed in 16 African countries, that will transform the Liberian commerce sector in the near future and create jobs.

Since its successful launch in Liberia in May 2017, Orange has introduced a remarkable array of new services and promotions along with various Orange Money services. The company also launched an unprecedented range of new devices to bring a smartphone for everyone in the country.

These new services and products, the company said, have saved Liberians thousands of dollars while challenging the entire Liberian telecommunications industry to do more. “We’ve led a major transformation in the Liberian telecommunications sector,” said Mr. Coulibaly. “Whenever we have released a new package that saves money for our customers, our competitor has been forced to do the same, thus leading to better quality and affordability across the country.”

Recently, Orange Liberia announced its Infinity Pack which introduced a flat rate, all-inclusive package for the first time in the Liberian telecommunications market. For less than a dollar a day, the package gives subscribers unlimited on-net calls and SMS, unlimited calls to other networks, unlimited calls to the USA and Canada and unlimited data. While launching the Infinity Pack, Orange Liberia also announced that it had obtained a license to be an authorized distributor of iOS devices (iPhones, iPads etc.) in Liberia.

Mr. Coulibaly said that as long as the Liberian government continues to create a conducive atmosphere for business, Orange Liberia would continue to strive to design innovative new products and services while investing more in expanding its mobile, data and financial services networks.

Mr. Coulibaly stated that the confidence the company maintains in the potential of the Liberian Market  was a driving force in its decision to continue to make significant investments in 2018. Mr. Coulibaly says that the company has set as its overall theme for 2018: “Reaching New Horizons Together” and says Orange Liberia will continue to introduce new products and services that will benefit all Liberians.

According to him, the theme “Reaching New Horizons Together” is a clear signal that Orange Liberia will remain a key partner in Liberia’s progress and development by providing a plethora of new innovations that will give customers the freedom to do what they want.

“In 2018, we will announce several new products and services, which we believe will truly transform the Liberian telecommunications market. We will notably focus on developing our Orange Money services portfolio and distribution network, so that Orange Money becomes the everyday money management solution for millions of people and businesses,” Coulibaly said.

He concluded that the company will also continue to make major infrastructure development to expand network availability, improve quality, and extend 4G LTE coverage to more parts of rural Liberia.



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