Opposition Urged to Redesign Strategies

Darius Dillion: "Opposition should wake up now."

The Political Adviser of the opposition Liberty Party, Abraham Darius Dillon, has told opposition political parties that waiting to reach out to citizens in times of election with political ideologies is the worst thing to do at this time of political, social and economic distress facing Liberians.

Dillon, who gave the caution over a radio talk show in Monrovia on December 8, 2018, emphasized that the majority of Liberians and even other nationals have known the shortcomings of the CDC-led government and that it is not time to criticize President George Weah in a way that he will feel demeaned.

According to him, appointing inexperienced people to top public positions, erections of private buildings and purchasing of properties worth millions of United States dollars, constant violations of the Liberian Constitution by the President as evidenced by the recent appointment of an ambassador to the United States, among others, are activities widely known of the George Weah Administration.

However, Dillon said the opposition’s silence on violations of the Constitution, the state of the economy (missing billions of printed banknotes and unaccountable US$25 million said to have been infused into the economy), coupled with gross human rights violations and without action by the George Weah leadership, remain cardinal issues that do not help the country’s democracy.

He said in order for the opposition to be relevant to Liberians, they have to begin now to speak on behalf of the people on key national issues that will keep their hope alive.

He acknowledged that besides the Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander Cummings, who at times reacts to some national issues when they unfold, the rest of the opposition leaders are silent and seeing Liberians suffer.

“The Liberian people are right now in need of the voices of Joseph Boakai, Charles Brumskine, Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence, and the rest of the opposition that usually seek votes from them,” Dillon said.

In his analytical view, Dillon said if the opposition fails to speak against bad governance in the country, the people will brand everyone to be the same which, according to him, will aid the people to retain the same people in power.  Furthermore, Dillon noted that keeping silent indicates insensitivity to the plight of the people, stressing that if the opposition does not make their presence felt now, it would lead to a loss of confidence in them.

He recalled that the Crusader for Peace had bestowed its Golden Image Award on Cllr. Charles Brumskine for being a champion for the rule of law in Liberia.  With such an honor, he believes Cllr. Brumskine and other respectable opposition leaders in the country have to reach out to the people, enlighten them on governance, speak against the ills infiltrating the society and hold the ruling establishment accountable.

“The act of going to the people in the last minute has registered on their minds that every politician is the same; therefore, it is about time that we build confidence in them so that they will not brand all to be the same,” Dillon noted.

He also told the opposition political parties that in order to change the dynamics of governance in the country so that those in leadership will feel obliged to do the right thing for the people, they should build a cohesive coalition to reduce the multiplicity of political parties.

In his view, having multiple political parties running individually for elective positions is most of the time responsible for their defeat in elections.

Currently, the former ruling Unity Party, the Alternative National Congress, the Liberty Party and the All Liberian Party are in a coalition to challenge the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the 2020 special senatorial election and the presidential and legislative elections in 2023.

According to Dillon, 63% of the total votes in the country are from the opposition, and if political parties combine forces to go into the competition, it is certain that there will be more new opposition Senators in 2020 and 2023  as well as a “one time victory” without a runoff in the presidential election.

He said there has been no time the Liberian people need  the voices of the opposition than now; therefore, he said the opposition bloc should be proactive and restore the hope of the people so that they will feel the presence of conscious minded people.

“As President George Weah is about to give his state of the nation address this month, we in the collaborating political parties will make sure to crystallize everything he will say in order to bring out what is true, false and overstated,” Dillon said.


  1. There is no opposition parties in Liberia. Almost all of those who used to be called opposition had crossed over to CDC over night because the only thing they know is government jobs, I can assure you that before next year, Liberia will return to one party state and Dr. Weah will win his second term and pass it on to another CDcian. Watch my word, the fact that Liberians can not stand on their own feet without government job, that is a receipe for a one party state


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