Opposition Stalwart Menipakei Dumoe Arrested

Menipakei Dumoe

Police have arrested Menipakei Dumoe, an opposition stalwart and member of the Council of Patriots (CoP).

Dumoe’s arrest came following a post he placed on his Facebook Page indicating that “We don’t need free bags of rice; I say we the poor in Monrovia need AK-47s so our leaders can take us seriously.”

Before his arrest court sheriffs had searched his house apparently in search of weapons or any inciting communication that may have been in his possession, but there has been, to date, no statement about what security findings are.

Dumoe has of late been associating with the Liberty Party. He was previously an executive member of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC).

His arrest has sparked up contentions and criticisms in the opposition community.

Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon has posted on his Facebook page condemning the arrest of Dumoe.  Dillon said:  “The arrest and search of the home of Menipakei Dumoe is an impulsive knee-jerk by the Weah-led regime. Unacceptable!!!”

Henry Costa, chairman of the Council of Patriot, has described the arrest as “draconian” and planned to react sternly in a live podcast.

Other comments and posts suggest that during the administration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Representative Acarus Gray made a public statement that they in the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) would make Liberia bitter for Ellen and he was not arrested, but a similar statement made by an opposition has prompted  arrest and search.

Attempts to contact Police Spokesperson Moses Carter on the issue proved futile as he refused to pick up many calls this paper made to him.  In a text message to Mr. Carter, this paper wrote: “Mr. Carter this is the Daily Observer.  We understand that the police have arrested Menipakei Dumoe. Can you please confirm or dispel this. If true, can you please tell us why he was arrested?” But no response has since been forthcoming from the Police.


  1. ”Black people cannot rule themselves because they don’t have the brain and mental capacity to govern a society … Give them guns, they would kill themselves; Give them power, they will steal all the government money; Give them independence and democracy; they will use it to promote tribalism, ethnicity, bigotry, hatred, killings, and wars!” ~ Pietier Williem Botha (South Africa, 1988). I believe this…

    • If you believe in this provocative and racist comment, then you appear to have lost hope in Africa or academically limited!
      Just look around you in Africa and see many sub-Saharan African countries flourishing in every aspect.
      While black Africa may be confronted with imperialism and covetousness due to our rich natural mineral resources’ endowment, Liberia is singularly handicapped by past and present selfish and inept rulerships.

      Try something Mr. Doe. Come 2023, learn to listen to politicians, critically analyze what they say and make an informed and decisive choice not based on tribalism, nepotism or religious affiliation.
      If Liberians dare vote the rightful person to head the executive branch of government and 50% career people in both houses of the legislative branch, a 6-year presidential term will appear very short to every Liberia.

      Try the ANC come 2023 and find out if this racist comment is true or foolish!

    • A fool and semi-grade school mentality (Dumoe) like this is executive member of a political party, and worse of all Vice President of that PIECE OF SHIT CALLED CoP.

      No wonder Washington and the diplomatic community, and to a larger extent, the major supranational economic and political international actors as the UN, ECOWAS, AU, EU, etc., treated them so called CoP as pieces of dirt lying here and there on the street.

      The first time it was their so called gang leader making similar silly utterances; only to come telling the public, ” I am not an adult.”

      Now his deputy (Dumoe or whatever they call him) will come and prove they are just a bunch of janitorial rags for that thief Benoni Urey, and that good for nothing Joseph Boakai.

  2. “Dortus Nimely Die” aka “Jackson Neal” no matter whose name you try to use, the Liberian people are aware that you used your two boys children for ritual. And your Freetown wife was very devastated at such savagery and primitive conduct of yours. No one misspells his own name. The fact you would misspell the surname Doe which you claim to be your surname, proves you are NOT ANY “Dortus Nimley Doe”. If you do have conviction in what Williem says, why did you and your fellow bandits invade Liberia in 1985?

  3. As much as I disagree with the distribution of bags of rice, a hypocritical humanitarian or political gesture and pretense for rampant corruption, I equally disagree with anyone who would incite violence by calling for the distribution of AK47 to unseat a duly elected government, especially given our recent past.
    Mr. Dumoe must face justice for being childishly emotional in his public declaration. We need to maintain a cold-headed behavior and composure to methodically and strategically undo this unpopular, dictatorial, corrupt and inept regime come 2023.

    I therefore condemn Mr. Dumoe’s post. It doesn’t, in anyway, portray the vision and aspiration of the CoP to which we aspire.

    Peace in Liberia forevermore!

  4. Chapter 111, Article 14 under fundamental human rights of our 1986 constitution holds that “All persons shall be entitled to freedom of thought, conscience… and no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment thereof except by law to protect public safety, order, health…” Notwithstanding, some are questioning a legitimate proactive police response when Dumoe threatens “public safety” in the middle of a pandemic. Apparently, we would like our law enforcement agencies to sit supinely like scarecrows while a few add more panic to Coronavirus fears.

    As for the excuse that the threat was made on Facebook, well, it doesn’t matter. Terroristic threat, threatening remark, and malicious communication cases linked to social media are being prosecuted in the U.S and elsewhere. Dumoe knew he was committing a prosecutable crime. After all, his boss in the COP Henry Costa had once threatened to “buy guns for old rebels” towards bringing the President down should government close down his radio station. In other words, guns and violence aren’t news to him.

    Moreover, Dumoe’s threats pose a larger question about the role of a foreign-controlled COP. Is it a civil society organization or merely serves as storm troopers for stirring up uproar for the CPP’s electoral objectives, a la Dillon’s protest-driven Senate victory? The perception could be wrong. However, when despite a February 25, 2019 joint statement by the UN, AU, and ECOWAS warning against “media messages that promote violence” in a fragile postwar state, these guys remain adamant, one wonders whether we Liberians will ever be serious about public safety, or stability for that matter.

  5. Joaquin M. Sendolo, you are extremely NAIVE to equate a threat upon the nation by “bringing in AK47s for distribution to people” with one saying he “will make the country (Liberia) bitter for an incumbent president (Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf)”.

    More so, when such seditious and treasonous threat upon the nation is publicly made by the No.2 of a group on domestic and international record for similar threats by the No. 1 of the very group known for serious breaches of public order acts of sedition, criminal syndicalism, and anarchy, as warned and condemned by the diplomatic community in and near Monrovia.

    Oh how I wish this situation were to happen in say Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, or Rwanda, etc. etc.!!!

  6. How unfortunate….let Mr. Doe explain himself…..let him expound….what does he mean by the statement that “we the poor of Liberia need AK-47 instead of free bags of rice”?

  7. So we are not just dealing with a scumbag who has plotted with enemies of the state, the country, and the nation, to carry out massacres or terrorist crimes, but actually a man who has stolen 25 COVID-19 Passes!

    Dumoe says the 25 COVID-19 Passes discovered by the police in his bedroom is for his business.But the police has detected he has no business!

    Probably the business he is referring to is his business engaged in importing AK 47S to carry out the crimes of treason and sedition, or war to overthrow the government.

  8. A speaker once spoke of Liberia, “…for Liberia is a country of contesting values and compounding contradictions. As the country grows old, so grow her problems in age and complexity.”

    Just yesterday we had a group of CDC politicians marching in the streets of Monrovia toting coffins on their heads and making incendiary remarks, which were geared towards the overthrow and assassination of Ellen. What came out of that provoking demonstration? Nothing came out of it.

    How different was that kind of freedom of expression from Mr. Dumoe’s statements now? Have we forgotten already that such demonstrations also had the highest propensities for causing maximum chaos in the country? And therefore, this event fits in the speaker’s descriptions when he says that we are a nation of “contesting values and compounding contradictions.”

    Moreso, why was the wearing of bloody panties signalling terrorism and massacres of Unity Party officials acceptable then, but not acceptable now for Weah’s government when in fact, he was the prime organizer?

    While my statements are not intended to imply I am in the affirmative with Mr. Dumoe’s remarks, but this event is re-enforcing an already familiar stinging indictment of Weah’s CDC government; it is
    that Weah practices double standards!

  9. Right to be Anonymous, cut that bull-dung out about “my statements are not intended to imply I am in the affirmative with Mr. Dumoe’s remarks.” You are dull, insane and sick!

    That you would equate “politicians (whose partisans were murdered by the Unity Party Government Police) marching in the streets of Monrovia toting coffins on their heads” with another so called politician making public and international solicitations for AK 47S to remove a government, indicates you are dull, sick, and insane!

    Like some have commented, that fool behind bars should have been in Nigeria, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, South Africa, or Egypt.

  10. Sr. Engineer, Geophysicist: Peter Curran (Yarkpajuwur N. Mator 2017-Independent Presidential Candidate)

    A joke, AK-47 will never develop anybody. We have seen that since 1980 and before that, in 1822.
    Education, Know-Hows, Skillsets are the only ways to create economies (advance jobs) for exports; not AK-47.

    We MUST look to other counties (Nimba, Bong, Lofa, etc) for leaderships with the needed Know-Hows in 2023 and not just looking in the same regions with failures. Why don’t we have Rubber factories, Steel factories, etc?
    Why is Bong Mines going down; no steel factory?
    Why is Lamco gone down, no steel factory?
    Why did Bomi Hills go down; no steel work?
    Why are almost all the Rubber farms gone down; no Rubber Products?
    Will we always be fools?
    President George Bush Jr. gave you Book when he visited Liberia? Did he give you bags rice?

    God bless Liberia.


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