Opposition Senators Warned…

Mr. Ali said Floyd Sayor (pictured) is such a nominee who has integrity problems stemming from the very NEC where he has been presiding over Electoral Data Processing.

Against endorsing NEC nominees with questionable characters

With information surfacing that some of the nominees of the National Elections Commission have been confirmed, a member of the opposition bloc has told this paper that they will not take “Lightly” their Senators who will go against the decision of their parties not to see most of those nominees confirmed.

The ascension of President George Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led four opposition political parties to establish a collaboration basically aimed at sharing party ideologies and amalgamating political forces to democratically dethrone the Weah Administration in elections to come.  This effort brought about the establishment of the four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) whose membership includes the All Liberian Party (ALP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the former ruling Unity Party (UP).

As they await  the record of how the Senators  voted in the confirmation process, Mo Ali, Assistant Secretary General for Press, Publicity and Outreach of Unity Party, says the party will take seriously any action by the party’s Senators to vote people with questionable characters to go to the National Elections Commission.

Mr. Ali did not clearly state how many opposition Senators are in the Senate for the CPP, but in a random count, he noted that Montserrado, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, River Gee and other counties have Senators who are members of the UP, ANC, LP and ALP, and they expect nothing less than voting against all nominees of President George Weah who have credibility and integrity problems.

Making  specific reference to a nominee, Mr. Ali said Floyd Sayor is such a nominee who has integrity problems stemming from the very NEC where he has been presiding over Electoral Data Processing.  Sayor, who was nominated as one of the Commissioners, has come under sharp criticisms for his alleged manipulation of data during the 2017 presidential election and the by-election of 2019 in Montserrado County District #15.

Ali said such a person does not deserve being a commissioner, and if opposition lawmakers can see him and confirm him for such a sensitive position that needs people with integrity, it sets the pace for confusion, violence and other lawless activities that are associated with election in Liberia.

“Election Commissioners have to be neutral, and let me say this. You know that in this country we have record of election violence that resulted from vote rigging and people have been indicted for electoral fraud.  We don’t expect people without neutrality and have poor integrity record to be confirmed by our Senators, and if they do, the parties will not take it lightly,” Ali said.

Mr. Ali did not state exactly what action will be taken against opposition Senators who voted to confirm those deemed unfit  but in most, if not all instances, lawmakers and members of political parties who go against the decisions and ideologies of the parties are usually expelled or suspended.

It can be recalled that opposition political parties warned their partisans not to vote in favor of the impeachment of former Associate Justice Kabineh J’aneh in 2019, but some opposition Senators including Thomas Grupee of Nimba County voted in favor of the impeachment; something that led the party to suspend his membership indefinitely.

When President Weah nominated Ndubusi Nwabudike and others a few weeks ago as Chairman and Commissioners at the NEC, CPP Chairman and political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni Urey said all the nominees should be rejected by the Senate because they are almost all partisans of the CDC and in such a case they will not credibly conduct elections in the country.

Meanwhile, the Daily Observer has received confirmed reports that President Weah has reportedly withdrawn the nominations Nwabudike. Also withdrawn is Edward Martin, who was nominated to chair the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission. Presidential press secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbeh, noted that the President has the prerogative to withdraw nominations before confirmation.


  1. ”if not all instances, lawmakers and members of political parties who go against the decisions and ideologies of the parties are usually expelled or suspended.”

    And then..

    (1) when they are expelled or suspended, THEY..


    (3) happened a little over a fortnight ago with the now ousted Chairman of the very Unity Party Wilmont Paye, simply because of his patriotic, legal, legitimate, nonviolent, and constitutional stance which aborted CORRUPT AND SELFISH JOSEPH BOAKAI’S PLOT AND TREASONOUS HIDDEN AGENDA.

  2. With all the grot that’s been dug underneath Nwabudike, there’s a window (I couldn’t tell how wide) of opportunity for him to be confirmed. I don’t have any insider information, neither did I consult with a Palm Reader in order for me conclude as such. But I know a thing or two about Liberian politicians. Based on that, the odds against Nwabudike could evaporate mysteriously.

    I humbly submit, the above is not a game of prediction, but rather a thought!

    As always, peace.

  3. Many Liberians who live in neighboring and faraway countries (but especially in neighboring countries) will dance in the dark because Nwabudike has been withdrawn from consideration.

    Who is to be credited here?
    The Liberians who reside in neighboring and faraway countries?

    The Senate confirmation committee?

    Or the president, George Weah?


  4. Democracy, Nigerian afrobeat veteran, Fela called it ‘demon crazy’. he literally defended the termed that he demons has left his denizen and entered into a person and befuddled their minds with perplexity,seditious and unpatriotic. I wholly believed and stand with Fela theory in this context most especially looking at this our contemporary society

    Liberia’s, a small and impoverished country negatively charged with politics who has miserably failed over hundred of decades to be developed due to unsubstantiated politicking. Dictating to the seating President for nomination is part of Fela way of understanding democracy. Where was Mo Ali when the 53rd legislatures openly declares Madam Mary Broth as nongovernmental material, the then GAC boss’s Robert Kembeh and on the list goes on. Is Mo Ali was dead? But thank God for president GMW who always in the light of backing down to public pressures to circumvent any chaotic situation as he may understood it. The Formation or aggrouping of these criminals into another form under the canopy of advocacies or noise maker is disgusting and intended to further retrograde this nation. They have they misused all the wealths they looted from this country and criminally finding means to gain power. Today, Urey is preaching integrity, where Mo Ali at the time when Urey was crossing multimillion armed deed for Taylor that brutally killed, raped and enslaved Liberians. Where was Urey when Mo Ali 12 in power that saw the finance ministry empty. We should stop holding this country like rock. Because Liberia is all we have. We should try to be responsible citizens. We should emulate other countries, for instance, Guinea in recent time they are facing constitutional problems that had led to many of their citizens to lost their lives, but they are dealing with the situation patriotically as compare to we the Liberians. This country is underdeveloped today is because of lack patriotism and unnecessary politicking. Even if Liberian talking on radio or social media you see no true patriotism in them but at the end they want to rule and steal and take them to their desire destinations, God bless Liberia.

  5. Corrections: the demon, and the list goes on, they have misused, 12 years in power, where was Mo Ali, you will see no, that had led many, lack of, noise making, a small impoverished

  6. Now with the exception of Nwabudike (who actually deserves his fate), ALL OF THE NOMINEES HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED!!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!

    Let see now WHAT HAPPENS WITH FULA MO ALI’S POLITICAL STUPIDITY ABOUT ” We will not take “Lightly” our Partisan Senators who will go against the decision of our parties not to see most of those nominees confirmed.” STUPID LITTLE FULA BOY.

    • Come on now, Mr. Siboe Doe. It was a political trade off initiative by the con artist Senator Sherman who saw a defeat for George in the Senate concerning most of his nominees . Having the trump card of the reconsideration motion to his chest, which was foolishly awarded to him by the self proclaimed people’s opposition bloc in the Senate, the con artist Senator made a deal with George to withdraw the Chairman designate, and in return the motion for reconsideration will be dropped. Paving the way for the controversial Sayor and others to sail through the cracks. The self proclaimed people’s opposition bloc was of the opinion that the con artist Sherman was still a member of the Unity Party, and that he would go along with the self styled people’s opposition bloc to defeat the remaining nominees. Later did they know or forgot that Senator Sherman the con artist is a CDC man who is always voting alongside of CDC and always pushing the agenda of the presidency in the Senate. George got to withdraw the Chairman designate, and con artist Sherman dropped the reconsideration motion that would have held up the nominee in question. Sherman is a con man as a CDC man in sheep’s clothing of the Unity Party. He actually played or fooled the self proclaimed people’s opposition bloc into believing that he Sherman was on their side. The con man works for George , not the citizens of Grand Cape Mount County. So that’s how the trade off was made. No big deal here, but smart politics by the con man, Sherman.

  7. James Davis, check The Perspective.org site, you will see your Dortu Siboe Doe and me Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah in heated exchanges prior to and during the 2017 presidential and legislative elections. One wonders what is really wrong with you people. This one man Dortu Siboe Doe is nearly everybody.

    As for your hypothesis, it is flawed, wrong, and poor. Re-read Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence’s conceeding statement in this very story as she makes clear the the opposition simply did not have the votes to reject those confirmed nominees”. Secondly, your attempt to use Senator Sherman as a mask to cover your lackadaisical argument is laughable; since the unprecedented and abrupt manner in which Nwabudike’s hearing ended made it very clear to everyone that Nwabudike’s nomination wad doomed for forthwith withdrawal.


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