‘Opposition Political Parties Dangerous to Liberia’s Democracy’

Mr. Morlu: “There are bad elements within the NEC working against the CDC."

-Says CDC, Blasts Opposition Parties on their Response to Weah’s Annual Message

The chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Mulbah K. Morlu has described Liberia’s opposition political parties as dangerous to the country’s democracy, because of their “hate messages and weak response to President George M. Weah’s annual message.”

Chairman Morlu made the remarks yesterday at a news conference at the party’s headquarters in Monrovia. He declared that opposition political parties have a mindset regarding President Weah’s annual message, despite all the good things highlighted and those pending for Liberians.

“These people never believed that President Weah would make such huge progress during the course of one year. They are not just enemies of the state, but they hate to see President Weah making gains,” Morlu said.

“Weah’s development successes will not give the opposition the opportunity to win an election in Liberia. Weah is now cleaning the mess, which was created by the past administration, including Kofi Woods, Alaric Tokpa and others; he is making right decisions that will impact the lives of the Liberian people,” Chairman Morlu said.

He continued, “Why the opposition political parties did not talk or highlight the successes of President Weah during his one year in office? The greatest expectation of the opposition was to see Weah’s low performance,” Morlu said.

He said expectations of the opposition political parties were not met, which focused on the failure of the Weah led-government during his first year in power.

Chairman Morlu said: “Our critics are very angry now because of the tremendous progress that was made in 2018. They created this mess that President Weah is now helping to fix and make better for everyone,” he said.

He said it was unfortunate for Kofi Woods, Alaric Tokpa and others to purport themselves as advocates of the people of Liberia, after the huge embezzlement from the past administration.

According to Mr. Morlu, the opposition parties were using lazy propaganda to brand President Weah a failure so as to be given the opportunity for jobs, but that will not happen in the CDC government.

“We are aware of the opposition political parties’ tactics. This is meant to put fear in President Weah, the Liberian people and the CDC government, which will not be given space in the country. They want jobs and lack the required character to be accepted into the CDC government,” Morlu said.

He said President Weah will lead Liberians to prosperity that will change the lives of the people and ensure that the country is better.

Morlu said the CDC will win most of the seats in the pending senatorial elections, which is scheduled for 2020.

He called on the media to see President Weah’s government as a partner of the Liberian media, which is proven by passage into law of deceased Press Union of Liberia (PUL) President Kamara K. Kamara’s bill that decriminalizes free speech.


  • Anthony Kokoi is a young Liberian sports writer who has an ever-growing passion for the development of the game of football (soccer) and other sports. For the past few years, he has been passionately engaged in reporting the developments of the game in the country. He is an associate member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL). He is a promoter of young talents. He also writes match reports and makes an analysis of Liberian Football.


  1. wow, this man who was hanging around looking for work in Philadelphia now has the guts to start talking to destroy our country. because he is now sleeping in feather bed. Monkey now get clean hands to sit down and eat at the table. This country better watch out. The terror net that is now spreading by these hungry rebels will destroy our country.

  2. “Why the opposition political parties did not talk or highlight the successes of President Weah during his one year in office?

    a) Umm because there’s nothing substantial to highlight b) the job of the opposition is to highlight your shortcomings, of which you’re in abundance.

  3. Mr. Idiot, no investor wants to invest in a country that is not stable. No investor wants to come to a country where the ruling party is talking about the president assination. This man needs t ogo scrub pots. He has no sense. Where did Weah pick up this has been grona boy?

  4. Morlu red head lizard was brought to the party by Tubman. ha, ha Weah cannot stand his ass so he is trying to get Weah to like him. Weah can’t stand Morlu. Weah will change him quick. He trying to stay relevant, grona boy. Morlu was expelled from CDC becasue he lied on Weah. He na forget, Weah will not forget. Lied tlaking about he met with Obama. Refugee camp pastor in Ghana, ha ha

  5. That´s what I like about the CDC, they have heroes and giants at the top and on the ground who are firebrand politicians with stately and diplomatic characteristics. Thank you, Honorable Morlu. You are a true son of the soil, and the right and timely representative and chairman of the people´s party and coalition. Thanks also for offering the olive branch to the press., and reminding them and the nation that President George Forky Klon Jlaleh Gbah Ku GbehTarpeh Manneh Weah is the President of every single Liberian. This is a reconciliatory spirit. We are carrying the CDC for twelve years, because CDC is the only party which has come to power and so much focused on the wellbeing of the poor who are indeed in the majority. We really admire your democratic spirit. Once again, thank you sir.

    • Wow, it is rough. Congo woman and all trying to get some cash. be careful your firebrand politician don’t waste gasoline on all of you.

  6. Morlu speaks from his ass but shit comes out of his mouth. He talks about the opposition is “dangerous to democracy.” What nonsense? It is the opposition that makes democracy work. Without the opposition you will have an autocracy/dictatorship where the leader does whatever he wants like for example the stealing of the people”s 16 billion Liberian dollars that is yet to be accounted for and the 225 million United States dollars that the CDC government pocketed or divided among high executive officials. It is time that we ridded ourselves from these rascals that have no plan in running a government but their main objective is nothing more than high grade stealing.

  7. President Trump is a Republican. But Trump is unpopular because things are not going too well economically, politically and socially. Trump was handed a good economy by Mr. Obama, a Democrat. The 2020 presidential season is fast approaching. Trump’s democratic opponents are poised to challenge him. That’s an undeniable fact. Trump’s democratic opponents will not paint a dirty picture of America during the upcoming presidential season. Rather, Trump’s democratic opponents will present a contrast of wonderful ideas. Furthermore, Trump’s democratic opponents will speak truth to power by telling the American people what could happen if Trump is not stopped.

    In Liberia, the opposition parties are doing the complete opposite. That’s probably because they are clueless about what it means to present a smart contrast for the people of Liberia to see. Unlike their American colleagues, the Liberian opposition party leaders make outlandish statements that bring about social polarization. On the economic front, Liberian opposition party leaders are reluctant to say whether Weah’s predecessor, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, handed Weah a good economy just as Obama did when his presidency came to an end. Perhaps, Weah’s opponents are shamefully quagmired in a state of denial. Lastly on the Liberian political landscape, the opposition party leaders are mum. There’s no explanation from them that spells out anything. Example, should Superintendents be appointed by the president or elected by the voters who reside in their respective counties? It’s almost certain that the Liberian opposition is out of innovative 21st century ideas.

    Morlu Mulbah, the chairman of the CDC party, is obviously disliked by many commenters. But despite the fact that he’s being denounced and vilified so negatively, (something which is uncivil, uneducational and unnecessary), Mulbah has made a very good observation. First of all, Mulbah has told no falsehood. Secondly, Mulbah states that although progress has been made during Weah’s first year in office and while progress is being made, the opposition party leaders discribe Weah as a president who’s on a mission to destroy Liberia. Liberia will not be destroyed because of Weah. Liberia could be destroyed by the clueless opposition if the good citizens of Liberia are not informed. Weah is vision-oriented. Weah will succeed.

    The ball is in the hands of the opposition. The opposition makes statements that amount to a form of domestic political terrorism. They have the burden of proof. We the jurors will continue to monitor them.

  8. Is Mr. George Manneh Weah, aware that having characters like Mulbah Molue, Jefferson T. Koijee, Rep Solomon George, Eugene Fargone and others people like them speaking on issues relating to governance in Liberia, harms Liberia and the people of Liberia? Why has Liberia been driven so low? Absolutely, Liberia and Liberians are suffering because Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf knowingly and intentionally delivered Liberia into the hands of Mr.Weah and CDC, just to save her skin.

    Liberians need to come together to save Liberia. Under Mr. Weah, Liberia is a failed state.

    Frederick A.B. Jayweh
    [email protected]
    Ph: 720-278-8735

  9. Chairman Mulbah Morlu is right, the first year of President Weah was surprisingly successful vis-a-vis major parts of his development agenda considering that he inherited a malfunctioning economy. But expecting appreciation for a good job from defeated politicians is a tall order. Ironically, though, the Tripartite Opposition lacks a resonating narrative worthy of convincing voters, because it seems the dog being wagged by its tail – an adversarial partisan press allegedly emboldened by infusion of covert funding.

    • This is the notorious NSA Director from Samuel Doe, I see why all the fake coups and extrajudicial killings were everyday events then, burning of Daily observer and consistent attacks on free press was a norm. Now you are accusing the Liberian media of “covert foreign fundings”, this is dangerous, you caused so many deaths please dont bring your bloody lies to President Weah. I see you carving a way to get back to NSA to wreck new havocs and set our country back. BEWARE OF THIS EVIL MAN PRESIDENT WEAH, NEVER APPOINT HIM, HE FOOLED YOUR GODFATHER SAMUEL DOE!!!

  10. Slyvester Moses,
    Good for you if you consider Pastor Weah’s first year in his administrate as a success. It won’t surprise me if you or a relative were getting SOMETHING on the side from some of those contracts he is giving mostly to foreigners. I know you will also consider the disappearance of the $16 Billions and the USD 25 millions unaccounted for after the Finance Minister alleged that he took it New Kru town to mop up Liberian dollars.

  11. Moses,
    You guys have to stop accusing people falsely. Sometimes I laugh or get upset when I see provocative and demeaning comments. Your comment about Miss Witherspoon is unfair.

    General Moses, let me ask you this question……Are Congo people disallowed from participating in the development process of Liberia? Or yet, is it illegal for a Congau person to express herself or himself in the Republic of Liberia? Come on young guy. Knock it out. If anyone becomes personal with you on this blog, your help will be forthcoming immediately.

    It’s good for us to debate/discuss the issues as we see fit. But let’s not become personal when Mapu or Musu say or write something that Wleh or Nimely disagree with. Express yourself, yes. But, let’s not become personal, No.

    Just a thought. Not a sermon.

  12. Bravo comrade Freeman.
    I really enjoy reading the comments. What disturbs me most is when invectives fly in the faces of people with whom we have a disagreement.

    My God….there’ll always be disagreements. But do we have to curse in order to resolve an internal conflict? Jokes are okay, but not to the point of disparaging one another negativity. Personally, I am often accused as a paud agent of Weah. Bunk!

    I’ve got grand kids that I urge to do their homework. They hate me for telling them that. When it’s time to go to McDonald’s, then I am a nice guy.

    I’d like to see Weah succeed. Not just Weah, but our country and all serious-minded Liberians. Getting a paycheck under the table is too scurrilous for me.
    I know I can’t win on this one, but I will give it my best shot.

  13. Paid. Not paud.

    What I really wanted to say before talking about my grand kids is that I prefer to mess with them than to act as a paid agent.

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