Opposition Leads Early Results in Key Counties

Opposition candidates taking an early lead in the Senate race (clockwise from top left): Sen. Abe Darius Dillon (Montserrado, LP); Sen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence (Grand Bassa, LP); Rep. Edwin M. Snowe (Bomi, IND); and Rep. Prince Moye (Bong, UP)

— Dillon tightens grip on Montserrado County

Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon, is stamping his grips on the senatorial seat in the county while at the same time projecting himself in the spotlight of the national body politic as he heads for reelection—that is if preliminary results coming in are anything to go by.

Votes that have been tallied so far since polls concluded in on Tuesday put the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) candidate on the verge of being reelected. Preliminary results from over twelve of the 17 districts are giving the Liberty Party strongman a commanding lead as the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change seems not to be doing too well.

The CDC seems to be struggling in Bomi, Rivercess, Gbarpolu, Lofa, Grand Bassa and Bong Counties. Nyonblee Karnga -Lawrence leads in Grand Bassa; Wellington Geevon Smith of the CPP Leads in Rivercess; CPP’s Edith Gongle-Weh is pushing a narrow lead in Nimba while CPP’s Brownie Samukai Leads in Lofa and Prince Moye of CPP Leads in Bong. Edwin Snowe (IND) Leads in Bomi.

Tuesday’s election was generally peaceful in most parts of the country as 2.2 million registered voters went to the polls to elect 15 senators. However, isolated incidents were reported in different parts of the country with few people being caught with multiple voter cards.

Senator Dillon early Tuesday morning voted at the Grace Baptist Institute in the 1603 Community in Gardnersville where he said that there is a need for a paradigm shift in the political governance of the country. He called for calm as the voting process went on.

Rep. Thomas Fallah, the front-runner for the CDC in Montserrado, told journalists on voting day that he was “certain of victory,” though he was not complacent.

However, the two leading senatorial candidates in Grand Bassa County, Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence and former Pro tempore Gbehzohngar Milton Findley also vowed to accept the outcomes of the Tuesday polls based on official release by the National Elections Commission.


  1. Good news so far. Let the word goes forth thus, that Liberians are tired with incompetence, lies, deceit, corruption but especially the wanton killings that is going on in our country now. Thank you Jesus!

    • These are end times for the CDC Inquisition (not everyone within the CDC, I am referring to the Inquisitors within). The Inquisition using the so called “Pro Poor Agenda” rhetoric has pillaged the nation enriching themselves overnight, promoting partisan nepotism filling the government with their incompetent girlfriends and comrades. One such proof among others is higher level insider rendition of accounts, aka the party Chairman’s leaked tape. One could call that a gossip, but in Liberia truth mostly is revealed by gossips! That’s just how it is here!

      The people are tired! The Inquisition has to repent and do some weeding of the garden!

  2. Daily Observer, this is actually FAKE NEWS! Where are the numbers! What are the sources! This DISINFORMATION is to simply give the WRONG IMPRESSION now that opposition candidates who lost were cheated. Daily Observer is notorious for INACCURACIES, DISTORTIONS and FAKE NEWS..

  3. My prayers out there especially to Senator Dillion. May God give him a convincing victory over his opponent to thwart any form of hooliganism and hoggishness.
    And for the sake of CPP, I also wish a resounding victory to Senator Nyonblee. Show the CDC you can fool some Liberians sometimes, but they cannot fool all the Liberians all the time.
    My people in Bomi, I think you should have looked the other way, not within the CDC. How long shall this one last?

    Congratulations to all Liberians for adopting a new constitution with a massive YES votes to pave the way for sustainable development of our beloved country.
    Long live Liberia!

  4. My prayer is out there for Dillon’s opponent. After this election, I certainly hope he will get the message. Dillon’s alliance with the CPP/Rainbow Coalition shows how disorganized and dysfunctional he is. Liberians do not want disorganized politicians. Liberians are in search of better days.

    Secondly, I think Mr. Concerned Liberian is 101% correct to suggest that without the numbers, Daily Observer misleads its readers by saying that the opposition is in the lead in the un-tabulated votes. The “numbers” are the gamechanger. Without the numbers, there’s no evidence!

    I also hope that Senator Nyonblee will learn how to control her temper, especially in the well of the Senate. Without proof to support her theory, Nyonblee came out earlier this year by saying that “Liberia is sinking fast”. Nyonblee has a right to politicize, but she’s obliged to abide by the truth. The untold truth is that Liberia had sunk to the bottom a few years ago when her yearly salary and salaries of her Senate colleagues went skyhigh.

    Congratulations to the Bomiams because they didn’t go astray as others would have liked.

  5. If the Daily Observer did not have figures, they could NEVER have written such news article. This is a credible paper with some of the most prolific journalists in Liberia. We need to respect them for their professionalism.
    This is not a US election where 130,000 ballots will come in at once for a candidate, it is a Liberian election with the reality, not fictional data.

    It is sometimes difficult for a person to control his temper in Liberia. How can you promise FIXES, yet people do not receive their salaries over 20 months?
    FIXES are improved salaries, better jobs, joy and happiness to the entire country, NOT the contrary.
    Ma Nyonblee, when reelected, try as much as possible to restrain yourself until the dawn of 2023. We shall sweep them clean with their corrupted minds to the dustbin and instill progressive thinking in their minds.

    My people of Bomi, please, do NOT repeat this mistake of the past. Look ahead to make a change. Try someone credible; someone who will identify with you ALWAYS in times of trouble, not only when they need your votes.

    Congratulations to the people of Montserrado for the reelection of Senator Dillion!

  6. Who is the source of reports that tallied votes indicate “Opposition Leads Early Results in Key Counties”? Talking of election violence, such reckless misinformation can stoke them. One can understand opposition partisans telling lies to fire up their base, but not a newspaper dependent on for accuracy of reporting: Stop the nonsense.

  7. Monseiur Defender,
    First of all, I read Daily Observer’s news. I contribute to its readership almost everyday by the comments that I write. I really deserve to be compensated.

    If there are no numbers to verify the opposition’s early lead, the Daily Observer should not say who is leading. Secondly, if no exit polling was done by the DO or by anyone, the Daily Observer should not tell its readers who has an early lead in yesterday’s Senatorial by-elections. If Dillon wins, he wins. But to say that the “votes that have been tallied” show a commanding lead for Dillon is wrong. As you know, that’s not fair and balanced reporting.

    Early Projections…..
    The DO projects early leads for the opposition without saying how the information was obtained. Again, the DO has an obligation to report the news accurately. But the DO’s early projections are in favor of the opposition. Is the DO being biased? Secondly, it’s not good politics to see a lawmaker spill coffee because of rage in the well of the Senate. Liberians do not want anger-filled lawmakers in both Houses.

    Tricky Stuff….
    Dillon and Nyonblee are opposition members, regardless of their party affiliation. Whereas Dillon calls for a reduction of pay in the take home pay of lawmakers’ salaries, Nyonblee has become mute on this issue. Someone needs to ask Nyonblee if Dillon is spearheading a faulty issue? Liberia is not sinking “no fast”! The country had sunk when huge salaries began going out to Nyonblee and her legislative colleagues.

    Trump-style politics….
    Liberians will be well-off if the politics of division (which is Trump’s trademark) is neglected and rejected in Liberia. For instance, the NEC so far, has not declared a winner in the December 8elections. Somehow, we’re being told that Nyonblee and her opposition colleagues are in the lead. What happens if Nyonblee’s opponent wins? Will Nyonblee adapt Trump-style politics and cry bloody murder?

    In America, the Supreme Court of the USA has rejected the Texas Attorney General’s request for the race Biden had won to be reversed or overturned in Trump’s favor. The Supreme Court’s rejection sends a message to Trump. But knowing Trump as the “cry baby” he is, he will not relent. And that of course, is negative politics.

    With regard to the manufactured number of 130,000 votes that came from “nowhere” and dumped in Biden’s column, there’s no evidence. What is known is that false ballots were never received and processed after the 8th of November. The truth is that more Americans voted this year than ever before. As a consequence of that, it was not possible to have tabulated all the ballots on the same day. Finally, because of Trump’s unhappiness with the outcome of the election, ballots were counted and re-counted in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan. Each time the ballots were re-counted, Trump lost and Biden won.

  8. Mr. False Nationalist and bling Apologists, Greetings!

    Where are Mr. False Nationalist, Garsuah Gbovlehn, Mr. Hney, Mai Moore, Matilda Whitherspoon, and other cold-heart and blind apologists and heartless praise singers of Dr., Dr., and Dr., George Manneh Weah, (Ph.D)., (Th.D.)., (D.D)., (M.DV) and what have you, and not forget to Mr. Sylvester G. Moses, where are you and your group? Joyfully, early news from Liberia, our beloved Country, holds that CPP and Coalition are decisively winning Bong, Nimba, Lofa, Grand Bassa, Grand Cape Mount Montserrado, MarGibi, and now 10 counties out of 15 counties of the Republic of Liberia. And so my question to you and your group of praise singers, is this: where on earth you are when Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government are shamed and become a national disgrace and embarrassment?

    Speak now Mr. False Nationalist and Manneh Weah-led apologists and heartless supporters and praise singers or forever hold your peace. By the way, where is Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the deceiver and and undeserving 82 years old heartless Grand MA and her family that put Liberia and our people in this MESS?

    The Republic of Liberia, our beloved country became absolutely lawless and ruled like a criminal plantation when Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleafs insanely chose to leave Liberia in the hands of determined GROUP OF CRIMINALS. Today along with Mr. George Manneh Weah, Mrs. Sirleaf is a national DISGRACE!

    Certainly, come 2023, Mr. Weah and his GANG will be run out power to prison.

  9. Grand Frere,

    First, I will like you to read Frederick A. B. Jayweh. I think he is addressing you people. I hope to see your reply to him.

    The Daily Observer, a credible news source, will NEVER comment on such a subject without credible information source. It is not permissible for any news agencies to give results to the population, like in Senegal and Ghana. In our country, the NEC is the only authorized voice to read out official results. So, please stop the rants on credible Daily Observer.
    I hope you are not getting heart attacks for Weah.

    Lawmakers’ emoluments
    As much as I disagree with Senator Dillion on the reduction of lawmakers’ emoluments, it doesn’t mean I disagree with the honorable senator on other points. In fact, this is the ONLY topic he and I don’t see eye to eye for now.
    Why do you want Senator Nyonblee to comment on something with which she has no qualms? Watch out for the results, Grand Frere.

    US Politics
    I think on 2 different occasions on this blog Grand Frere Hney told me he has worked with an election board in his state.
    If my memory is good, did you ever witnessed participation rate in a given election at 105% or 120% or even 90%?
    Also, have you ever taken 130,000 ballots (counting from 1 to 130,000) at once, all belonging to a given candidate? Maybe you did not experience that, have you ever heard of such anywhere in the world since you were born?
    Beware, I am not referring to a YES or NO referendum, I am referring to the election of a mayor or governor or senator or representative or president. I also await your reply!

    A point of correction, Grand Frere, the Supreme Court of the USA has NEVER dismissed any case from the Trump’s team, but the Court of Pennsylvania has done so. In fact, that’s where Trump wants to get to; the Supreme Court.

    The opposition in Liberia will not cry foul. I personally trust the current leadership of the NEC. They will do a professional job. I may be wrong, but that’s my conviction because I trust Madam Lansannah. She is a lady of moral probity!

  10. Cllr Jayweh,
    It’s being said that the poorly disorganized
    and dysfunctional opposition political parties are in the lead so far. But there’s no evidence to authenticate that bogus claim. Where are the numbers?

    Clarification Is Needed:
    Let’s get this straight. President Weah is not the mother of Jesus! In that sense, Weah is definitely not a saint. Never will he be. If Weah is democratically voted out of office in 2023, I will not behave like Trump. I will accept the result on a democratic basis.

    Warning… Weah’s removal will be a tough cookie to crack!

    Basic Understanding….
    What needs to be understood by you and Weah’s hardcore critics is that when he became president, the economy was in a free fall. In other words, Weah’s predecessor did not hand over a vibrant economy. Although I agree that progress needs to be made, I cannot in my good conscience blame Weah because of a weak economy. I am not proud of a sagging economy! If anything is to be done, I think it is fair for me to help him build a robust economy.

    Ritualistic Killing vs Evidence….
    According to the critics of his, Weah is solely responsible for the mysterious deaths. There are scores of people who claim that people are being killed for ritualistic purposes. Somehow without any evidence, many people want all of us to accept the fact that no one is responsible but Weah. That doesn’t make sense! As a free thinker, I dwell on evidence.

    I am not a Trumpian, but let’s consider a scenario. Trump was defeated by Biden on the 3rd of November. Whereas it is universally known that Trump actually lost his re-election bid, Trump continues to say he won the election. Trump has been granted the right to make his case in the courts. He’s trying his darndest, but to no avail! I brought up the Trump issue because I’d like to say this…..if Trump can argue about the fact that he won the election, I think a similar right should be granted to some of us who demand evidence about whether Weah is the mastermind of the mysterious killings in Liberia.

    Lastly, if the opposition dis-organizers are in the early lead, disclose the evidence. Don’t assume or spread rumors. Also, if Weah is the notorious mastermind of the mysterious killings, step to the plate with your evidence. If Weah is wrong, I will be the first to condemn him. If there’s no evidence, desist from spreading falsehoods!

    Thank you!

  11. Frederick Jayweh, take on the case of your client or whom you support, but never take their cudgel! Your nihilistic character to the truth and knowledge proper has sunk you to such a mentally illiterate ebb!

    My God, do you not know that if this rubbish spewed here by this news outlet had any ounce of truth, FrontpageAfricaonline would have been the first to attain such information and even be the first to publish and disseminate such information?

    Have you forgotten how this very Daily Observer was disgraced by the Court after daily Observer disseminated who lot of fake news on the theft conviction of Samukai only to have the court reveal the truth, or how the Supreme Court debunked the criminal modus vivendi of the Daily Observer in the disputation between the LNBA and Cllr. Nwabudike the Honorable Chairman of the LAAC?

    Well, your nihilism has now plunged you into the abyss of allowing yourself to be manipulated by a non credible news outlet notorious for its politicized or advocacy journalism in the interest of the highest bidder.

    • Mr. False Nationalist,

      Did I hear you say FAKE NEWS and LIES? You and all heartless and blind supports of George Manneh Weah, certainly need to wait and see if the Daily Observer Newspaper is telling lies. For your information, Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Lofa, Nimba, Grand Cape, Gbapolu, Bong, MarGibi and a total of 10 counties out of the 15 counties in Liberia, have clearly and without a doubt falling to CPP and Rainbow Coalition.

      What have you, Sylvester G. Moses, Garsuah Gbolvehn, Mr. Hney, Mai Moore, Matilda Whitherspoon and the other cold-heated and bling apologists have got to say about George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government shameful and embarrassing defeat in Liberia?

      You and your naive and insensitive group, have obviously got nothing to write and speak to.

      Let me help you, your group and the George Manneh Weah and his CD-Government’s struggle and defeat out of this public disgrace and embarrassment:

      1. Return to your socio-political and economic table and immediate terminate Samuel D. Tweah as Liberia’s Minister of Finance and Development for publicly and intentionally deserving and misleading Mr. Manneh Weah and his Government and forthwith subject him to investigation for financial and economic Crimes;

      2. Proceed and immediately discharge Nathaniel F. McGill as Liberia’s Minister of State for Presidential for knowingly and intentionally misleading and deceiving Mr. Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government by designating Mr. Weah that he is and has been the BEST President Liberia has ever produced, and subject him to indictment and prosecution for having reportedly committed Financial and Economic Crimes;

      3. Forthwith proceed and immediately terminate Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, Liberia’s Minister of Justice & Attorney General for knowingly and intentionally deceiving and misleading Mr. Manneh Weah by publicly coming to the people of Liberia and reading an Autopsy Report that failed to coherently state the cause and time of death of Albert Peters, Gifty Lama, George Fahnboto, and Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa;

      4. Effective immediately terminate Bill Tweaway as Managing Director of the National Port Authority for his deceptive and misleading role in clearly not stating the economic downfall of Liberia and residents.

      5. Terminate the Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia for his ineptitude and incompetence in running the Central Bank of Liberia and have him replaced with a more qualified, capable and skilled Liberian, and have him investigated by the Ministry of Justice for any economic and financial crimes he might have committed;

      6. Forthwith terminate Jefferson F. Koijee as the Lord Mayor of the City Corporation of Monrovia and replace him with a capable and more mature Liberian and have him investigated by the Ministry of Justice to determine his role in separate and countless distinct attacks and street violence in Liberia.

      7. Surrender and have Liberia’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs to report to the Ministry of Justice to state his role in the overt and public sale of Liberia’s diplomatic passports out to known and unknown characters;

      8. Effective immediately, appoint and set-up a National Assets Recovery Commission (NARC) to help target and swiftly investigate and independently investigate all financial and economic crimes in Liberia; And

      9. Immediately have Liberia’s new Minister of Justice review and investigate the audit reports conducted as to the whereabouts Liberia’s revenues and resources before and during the Government of Mrs. Sirleaf.

      The foregoing national suggestions and recommendations need to be swiftly implemented come January 2, 2021.

      Trust me, the foregoing recommendations are helpful to Mr. Manneh Weah and his Government.

      Looking from where I sit, Liberia and the people of Liberia are overburdened and fed-up with Mr. Weah and his CDC-led Government.

  12. George Weah’s entourage is a pack of diabolical and malevolent cunning individuals. The CDC inquisition (some ill intent members of the CDC) successfully succeeded in ruining his reputation and destroying the nation at large, adding further complexity to the poverty equation Liberians are trying to solve. The CDC inquisition promotes elitism, vice and will not hesitate to commit murder to achieve their egotistic goals. Liberian are repressed in their own country.

    We the people are tired of the popular decline in governance, broad spectrum marginalization in our own country, hence the sum of driving forces acting against the current regime, which highlight the overwhelming support for candidate Dillon and other opposition figures for election to the Senate. Liberians want to revise and overhaul the decision making processes in government. This serves as a handwriting on the wall, and marks the accumulation of the people’s anger against the suppression we are enduring at the hands of your nefarious friends.

    And no,I did not vote and am not a Dillon supporter ( neither am I affiliated with any party ) and guess what, if Dhillon et al of the opposition get elected, we will watch them and criticize them no less than we are criticizing the inquisition right now! Dillon et al , if you are reading this, the people are watching you ! If elected (as is becoming increasingly obvious by figures from many other media outlets) any misstep will not be forgiven.

    What are the implications for the Weah led regime ? Liberians are demanding a political transformation. Throw all the bad apples out of the basket, repent! Liberians will forgive you! At the end of the day, its your reputation that’s ruined!

  13. this early result showed CDCians how angry Liberians are, we are expressing our anger through the ballots box Mr. President rethink or you will never win election in Liberia.

  14. Fake News Daily Observer, pay your employees their 20 months you owe before lying that opposition leading us. Where? The only people leading da Daily Observer because your ain’t want pay your employees dem their salary. Da human rights abuse daily observer. When people work for you, pay them ya.

    • @Inquisitor_Vhichipoky

      When you point one finger at someone, Four(4) fingers point back at you.!
      I wonder when was the last time the Government paid civil servant salaries…??


  15. Petit Frere,
    I went out looking for a car today. I wanted a smaller car (Versa by Nissan) but my mechanic says it will be better for me to get a Honda or a Toyota. I am saying this because had I not been out there in search of a car, I would have responded to you and Jayweh earlier.

    Starting from the bottom of your comment, I hereby present my argument from the bottom and up….

    #1. Like you, I respect Madam Lasannah. Her appointment at the NEC means that Weah has made a good decision. You always blame Weah because according to you, his appointees fall below expectation. I am somehow surprised, but I very proud of you because for once you’ve acknowledged that Miss Lasannah is a competent lady. Remember, she’s a Weah appointee. Case closed.

    #2. Walking my way up, your point of correction is applicable to you, not me. The Texas Attorney General’s case which calls for an overturn of the results in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin was rejected by the Supreme Court of the land. So far, up to 17 states have joined the Texas Attorney General in order to re-appeal. For the Trumpians, there’s a rocky road ahead. But I know this…. come January 20, AD 2021, Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as President and Vice President respectively. Trump’s childish musings will fade in oblivion.

    #3. 130,000 ballots found…
    Personally, I have not seen something like that happeni. But the truth behind the number of 130,000 must be told. According to reliable sources, the ballots weren’t mysteriously brought to the vote counters by a ghost. First and foremost, the ballots came from a county where an overwhelming number of Biden’s voters live. That’s not strange at all.

    To amplify further, I’ll give an example. Trump won the state of Utah. A majority of ballots that came from one of the counties of Utah, went to Trump, but none to Biden. Very strange? Nope! It’s just a reality. For Biden, it would have been a display of childishness had he complained. But there’s Trump who’s fuming. Trump has to fess up like a gentleman.

    #4. Did you say that Senator Nyonblee does not have to respond? Think again Mon Frere. I have said over and over again that the CPP people are dysfunctional, weak and disorganized. Just see what’s happening. If one Senator believes that lawmakers” salaries need to be slashed and another one believes it is wrong to slash lawmakers’ salaries, do you think that those Senators will ever compliment one another in the future? By the way, does that show unit cohesion or disunity? In reality, it proves my point.

    #5. Don’t get ❤️ attacks over this issue. That’s what you said.
    Well, we will not be disheartened or get sick if Weah’s opponents win. The truth of the matter is Weah’s opponents are the ones who always complain and wail. Your people dennouce some of us as being”heartless”. But we’re grown. Thanks be to God. If the CDcians lose, they lose. So what? We will be okay. In the end, Liberia should be made priority number one.

  16. Mon Cher Grand Frere,

    You are a defender who never sees any wrong in your camp. I think you should be objective sometimes, as I am, to admit loopholes and weaknesses.
    Some quick responses to your points as enumerated above:

    Point 1
    It was not a long time ago when your president Weah appointed Nwabudike, the controversial Nigerian-Liberian to head our NEC. You witnessed the strong opposition to this appointment from every Liberian due the dubious character of the individual. Upon proposal and due to pressure from civil society and political groupings, Weah had no choice but to appoint Madam Lansannah-Brown as chairman of the NEC.
    Can this nomination be attributed to Weah? Your president was forced into accepting the will of the people. That decision was not his, it was the will of the people that prevailed Grand Frere.

    Let’s give credit to where it belongs. I do not always blame Weah for his appointees falling below expectations, NO Grand Frere. I praised him when he appointed the Honorable Jeanine Cooper as minister of Agriculture.
    I objectively criticized him, given the economic status quo of Liberia at this time, for appointing Honorable Kemayah, a seasoned manager and financier, as a foreign minister.
    I also frowned on him for sending Lenn Nagbe to a position that should have been reserved for a manager or a marketing or an international trade expert.
    I equally condemned him for sending “don papay” Wilson Tarpeh to EPA. Grand Frere, this papay is tooooooooo don oooooooooooh!

    Please, do not crucify me while I am still alive. I know what I say, and I stand by them. The appointment of Madam Lanasnnah-Brown should be accredited to the Liberian people, not Wean, for we knew his first and second choices.

    Points 2 and 3
    Come January 20, 2021, Trump will be inaugurated again, Grand Frere. Again, I admonish you to browse through the news not only on the mainstream media, but also on centrist and rightist media.

    Texas has filed a lawsuit to annul results in 4 states, 17 states have joined in the bid, Hunter Biden is being investigated, counties in 5 states are refusing to certify the election results, and many unprecedented developments are ensuing in the USA.
    Those people were not all masterminded by Trump, the USA is NOT Africa or other third world countries. Grand Frere, you must be objective, at least sometimes.

    Where did all the people in a given county or town vote for Trump? I mean where did Trump earn 100% of the votes of a given group of people? Have you ever seen or studied or heard of such anywhere on planet earth?

    Well, the USA will be the second case. The first case was in the Ivory Coast, when the rebels where occupying the north. The lovely president of the mainstream media earned 130% of the votes in the north, while his challengers all came out with zero votes; it means not even the people who represented the other people voted them.

    Grand Frere, have you ever seen or read from history where votes from a given region will be counted from 1 to 130,000 all for one candidate? Not even one (1) of them for the other candidate, my God, what is happening to my Grand Frere? Help him to open his eyes to reality!

    Point 4
    In a democracy, not because you belong to a given political grouping or collaboration and so you will agree to an idea. In politics, you sometimes put your divergent views and ideals aside and come together for a common (political) objective.

    As much as Dillion and Madam Nyoblee are in the same political parties, they may hold divergent view/s on some subjects.
    In the same way in the USA, you have Sanders who holds socialist views, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and group who hold a very radical (socialist) view and the rest of the other partisans who agree to sometimes disagree on many key subjects. Aren’t you seeing how Biden is under fire for his cabinet picks?

    In a nutshell, we may all belong to an organization, holding the same philosophical view but disagree on (methods) how to channel such view.
    It should therefore not surprise you that Madam Nyonblee does not comment on lawmakers’ emoluments while Dillon does. I personally disagree with Dillon on this subject as well, as much as I support him and his reelection bid.

    Point 5
    I pray that you don’t feel dishearten when Weah loses. I also pray for all CDCians to accept the results from this election and other elections to come in 2023. I agree that some opposition leaders wail in vain, but I trust that Madam Lansannah will do a good job. As you rightly said, I pray and hope that the CDC will put Liberia first, and not their egotistical gains and objectives.
    I also pray that Liberia will not imitate “barbaric” democracy in neighboring countries. May Liberia adopt at least the Ghanaian-styled democracy, or at most the Indian or Brazilian-styled democracy.

    Long live Liberia, and congratulations to all senators to be elected or reelected. I pray that they always put Liberia first, like Dillon, when entering the Capitol.

  17. Correction : pOINT 4 (2nd paragraph)

    As much as Dillion and Madam Nyoblee are in the same political party (not parties), they may hold divergent view/s on some subjects.

  18. Petit Frere,
    I think your use of the words, “be objective” is a little too offensive. We are engaged in an intellectual discussion. I have a right to disagree with you. Yes, you have a God-given right to disagree with me as well. If I refuse to agree with something you write, you should understand. My disagreement should have nothing to do with whether I am being objective or not.

    In an earlier post, I stated that the Texas Attorney General file a brief with the US Supreme Court. Upon seeing that factual statement of mine, you responded by saying that the Texas Attorney General’s brief was filed in Pennsylvania, not with the US Supreme Court. You were wrong!

    The demand to overturn Biden’s win is gaining momentum. So far, seventeen states are planning to file their case to overturn Biden’s win with the US Supreme Court. But every Republican is not on board with this idea. Although Trump appointed three conservative justices on the bench, the pundits warn that the US Supreme Court will not waste its precious time and energy to take the case. We just have to wait and see!

    Hunter Biden….
    The US Justice Department indicated yesterday that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is under investigation. (Politics is at work). The investigation will take its course unimpeded. But, the said investigation will not stop Joe Biden from being sworn in on January 20, 2021.
    On the flip side, there are people who believe that Trump himself is going to be investigated. Example, the NY Attorney General compiled a litany of irregularities against Trump earlier this year. The case has not been dropped. What goes around comes around!

    Radical Socialist Views…
    Yep. Sanders and AOC are democratic socialists. Depending on the subject, they hold divergent views sometimes. Irrespective of the views, both of them express themselves by stating why they differ. In Liberia, the situation is different. Senator Nyonblee has a temper problem. Nyonblee has never said why Dillon should shut his mouth up and quit talking about slashing lawmakers’ yearly incomes. My point was (and still is) that there’s disunity on certain issues in the camp of the CPP. However, the fact that there’s a disagreement between Nyonblee and Dillon on the issue of a pay cut does not suggest in any sense a collapse of the CPP. It is common for partisans to diverge on one or more issues.

    Biden’s Cabinet Pick…
    There’s no “fire” anywhere so far. We know for sure that Biden’s Defense Department appointee, Gen. Austin has become a petite problem. But Biden will not shake like a coward, neither will he withdraw the appointment of his nominee. The Austin appointment has become a petite problem because it’s untraditional for a military person to be made a Secretary of Defense. Trump appointed a former top General to be his Secretary of Defense. The difference between Trump’s appointee (Gen. Mathis) and Biden’s appointee is that Gen. Mathis is white. Some rednecks are unhappy with the elevation of colored people into positions of influence. I know you are in touch with American news. But some local noises are made that you don’t hear.

    I am not a supporter of every Weah appointee!!!!!!!!! The fact that I sympathize with Weah does not mean I support the actions of his appointees. There are some appointees of his who are damaging him because of their incompetence. That’s where my sympathy begins. Let’s face it, Weah is trying. Example, Weah made an announcement for a project to be undertaken in Nimba county recently. My people, is that progress?

    If I break ranks today and say, “Weah is not making progress”. All of you will say “yes”. Do y’all want me to say that? Guess what? I won’t!

  19. Grand Frere,

    I am sorry if the use of the expression “be objective” irked you in any way. I did not mean any harm to you, though, and be assured that I will NEVER mean disrespectful or harm to you.

    I want to believe that my English is sometimes not clear enough. However, I did not mean what you just wrote about the lawsuit.
    You said that Trump’s lawsuit was rejected by the Supreme Court. I debunked you by saying that Trump had NEVER filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of the USA, but rather with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. I continued by saying that in fact, Trump’s final target was the Supreme Court of the USA; which implied local courts had to render or dismay the claims of fraud before filing any case with the SCOTUS.
    Furthermore, I brought in the lawsuit filed by TEXAS to emphasize the seriousness of the fraud case, where 17 states have even joined to overturn the election results.
    I hope I have been understood this time.

    Trump will always have lawsuits on his back; as a president or not. The guy has entered so many “chromosomes” and disorganized so many deep state secrets to be left alone, like Laurent GBAGBO of the Ivory Coast. But the children of God will pray for him to be strong to stand all trials and tribulations.

    The CPP is NOT a political party, like the Democratic Party or Republican Party or the ANC or CDC, with a single philosophical orientation. It is a gathering of many political groupings to undo a plague hovering over Liberia. And so, do not be surprised that there are discordant or divergent voices within the CPP.

    There will be no slash in lawmakers’ emoluments from views from people on this blog. In fact, not many people acquiesce to this call. I disapprove it. I am not a lawmaker, I do not intend to be one (at least no intentions yet for the near future or even in the far future) and I am currently not a politician, but I am for the maintaining of our lawmakers’ emoluments as they are.
    What we need to do as a people is to vote the right people into both houses. You will NEVER get the right people in there if you SLASH salaries. We need the best of us with great experience and moral probity to make sound policies for the country, not the bunch of rogues and killers we currently have in there. Do not look at the current occupants, envision a better and prosperous Liberia.

    Biden’s picks
    The leadership of the USA directly and indirectly affects world peace and prosperity. The choice made by Americans frightens or assures poor countries.
    I am an African (black) but I am personally afraid of the nomination of Gen. Austin, and so I will pray for Trump to fight until he can overturn the election results.
    This is a general who, under OBAMA, trained and equipped terrorists to fight a legitimate regime in Syria. Unfortunately, he neither accounted for the men he trained nor the weapons he gave them. During a congressional hearing, he could account for ONLY 4 men out of the thousands trained. So, where are they? And the arms he gave them? Am I secured, as a citizen of a poor country in the Middle East?
    Why should such general be nominated to head the fiercest fighting forces with some of the deadliest weapons in the world? I just hope a nuclear ship doesn’t get missing under his watch.

    I will sympathize with Grand Frere Hney if he were to be appointed as a minister of education in Liberia or elected as president, because I know he will find it difficult understanding and dealing with me.
    I will torment him day in and day out to improve the road conditions in my village while he may be concentrated on a bigger picture; improving the livelihood of everyone.
    But I will NEVER sympathize with Grand Frere Hney if he were concentrated on building houses and mansions for himself while I do not even have a kitchen in my village or living on only 1 meal per day.

    So Grand Frere Hney, if you want me to hold you in sympathy, try to please me when you become president!


  20. It is sad to see some Liberians writing rubbish of praises for the corrupt Weah’s government. What has Weah done for Liberia since his incumbency as President of Liberia but steal? In no time the rascal George Weah and his cohorts in his government could not account for US 25 million dollars and 19 billion Liberian dollars of his people’s money. Surrounded with the likes of Jefferson Koiji, Nathaniel McGee, Varney Sherman, Francis Korkpor, Finance Minister Tweah, Gbezongar Findley, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Justice Minister Dean, and all of their surrogates, make up the corrupt cartel of significant corruption against the state. These people have brought Liberia to this level of degradation and it is time that we give them the boot.

    As for Cllr. Varney Sherman, the most corrupt Liberian in modern history, the People of Grand Cape mount county need to petition the Senate for his re-call. For it is unfair to the people of Grand Cape Mount County to be represented in the Legislature by one with no integrity and with such dubious character as described by the Government of the United States of America. Copy of their petition could also be submitted to the Newly assigned American Ambassador for onward submission to the State Department.

    • Mr. Gballay Gotombo, I see you asking “What has Weah done for Liberia since his incumbency as President of Liberia“. You must be asking such a question for asking sake, or you are simply jesting or humoring yourself.

      Let put aside the improvement in the rule of law, the far less corruption of which the diplomatic and international communities are “blowing horns“ across the globe! Or not let deal now with the unprecedented tuition free college and university education introduced in Liberian academia by President George Manneh Weah. Or better still, building hospitals, great market malls for our poor people, the massive post modern road constructions been erected throughout the country or even the post catalyst and post modern RIA Monrovia Highway etc.etc. etc..

      You here ranting about US 25 million dollars and 19 billion Liberian dollars…a nonsense credible neutral and forensic investigators as Kroll, the US Government, and the FBI have long dismissed in their own words..NO MONEY WAS EVER MISSING!

      My friend if even anti government liars and media cheerleaders zombies are now giving thanks and praises to His Excellency President Dr. George Forky Klon Jlaleh Gbah Ku GbehTarpeh Manneh Weah for

      (1) amongst the great things he has done for Liberia, he is now on world and national record for being

      (2) A TALK AND DO President by inter alia inheriting a deteriorated and a dangerous deflation BUT carrying out his economic policy of having the CBL printing more money or buying bonds known as quantitative easing or QE thereby salvaging our national economy from collapsing through deflation which has made those foolish who

      (3) argued that printing more money (quantitative easing ) was wrong and dangerous. So, you see, to day everybody except probably you have reached the conclusion that President Weah’s decision and action for printing more money ..QUANTITATIVE EASING WAS STRONGER AND WISE!


  21. Gbayllay, you are simply jealous of Varney. And you have yourself to blame for this sizzling jealousy against the poor man. The both of you began school around the same period!

    After overdosing yourself with so much NEHNSII, you chose to career in History, politics, and Philosophy. Varney rejected any amount of NEHNSII, and resolved to study Business and Law. He has become a successful lawyer and a successful businessman, and a renown Liberia statesman. As for you, with you beaucoup politics, history and olden time philosophy, you have become only good A TOOL to invade your country.

    Hence, those who call the shots on the global stage know you as a dangerous communist , while your own comrades as a matter of having no trust in you, prefer you stay away as they avoid you. Your Sierra Leonean classmates from Fourah Bay College say you do not know what you want, and besides, they say they have their own problems

    Now with ECOMOG keeping at bay any thought about invading any ECOWAS country or even anyone or any group attempting any coup, you are left in limbo at the age of 71.

    Do you think we Capemountainians are as foolish and blind or inferior as others who would jump to conclusion simply based on an allegation from foreigners???

    We and the rest of the Liberian people and the rest of the world are aware that Varney has long been acquitted of all those bogus political motivated cases or charges and has been vindicated as an innocent man by all of the courts in Liberia including the Supreme Court of Liberia!

    Your jealousy against Varney is to your own mental torture. For Varney is very rich, highly educated, and loved, admired, and respected, by Capemountainians and the Liberian people, as evidenced by his social status as the Senior Senator of our county and the Chairman on Judicial Affairs in the Liberian Senate, while you are a doomed political nobody.

  22. The people of Grand Bassa County have made the right choice. It’s Gbehzohn Mar; Nyomblee not Gbehzohn Gar. My highest esteems; Madam Senator.


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