Opposition Lawmakers Join CDC for Polls?

Representatives Sloh, Duncan and Kolleh are the latest batch of legislators who have turned their allegiance to the Coalition for Democratic Change

-Three filled membership forms

There are talks of ongoing plans for the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to offer and convert more political parties into its merger to maintain “power” for 24 years. But to create a “political base or grounds” and jerk the strategy, there is a massive recruitment of representatives and senators including senior citizens from the five southeastern counties as well as Bong, Montserrado and Nimba counties, respectively.

This radical inkling would be a heavy blow for the main opposition party, the Unity Party, which is plagued by in-fighting and an exodus of party members.

On Friday, July 13, the CDC voiced out its tactics, announcing that President George Weah “shall govern for 12 years,” and thereafter turnover the Presidency to another CDC’s candidate for another 12 years.

The ruling coalition Chairman, Mulbah Morlu, said the “President will carefully guide the process of his successor.”

Within seven months, five members of the House of Representatives have joined the CDC including the most recent, Representatives Jay Nagbe Sloh (Sinoe County District #2 – UP), Crayton Oldpa Duncan (Sinoe County District #1 – UP), and Joseph Papa Kolleh (Bong County District #7 – ALP) in a formal program held at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town.

Earlier were Representatives J. Fonati Koffa (Grand Kru County District #2 – LP) and Matthew Zarzar (Sinoe County District #3 – UP). The total number of CDC-loyal Representatives in the Lower House reaches 25.

Besides the CDC’s campaign for 24 years of rule,  there is also a strategic political realignment of the incumbent lawmakers to be reelected or seek the senatorial election, along with the 2020 Senatorial Elections and the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

Over the weekend, Rep. Sloh said they are breaking ranks with the UP to join the CDC to help make the party win and build the country.

“We will recruit more representatives and our colleagues from the other side,” Rep. Sloh said.

“We have also petitioned Senator Milton Teahjay to come back to the CDC.”

Rep. Duncan said his joining is for the sake of the people of the country and infrastructure development, while Rep. Kolleh said his membership is “belated.”

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers said he is confident that the President will improve the country.

CDC‘s role in the exodus

There are unconfirmed reports that as part of the CDC’s strategy to maintain power for 24 years, the CDC will also instigate “buying” or “wooing” of opposition parties and shut-up critical voices.

Political analysts believe that the CDC is aiming to dissolve opposition and merge parties, thereby taking advantage of opportunities for politicians who are looking for a new political home.

The future of the opposition

The trio political parties, the UP, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the Liberty Party (LP) are said to be determined, but it is undeniable that the political shift in the country has begun in earnest as CDC prepares its campaign of power maintenance.


  1. This is just another demonstration of the self-centeredness of the representatives engaged in this unscrupulous alliance. And just like the law or caveat being sponsored by Sen. V. Sherman, et al, suggesting the relinquishment of prior offices in order for the incumbents to seek/contest another public office, another such law is needed to curtail this obvious opportunism by these unprincipled rascals. The various political parties upon whose tickets or platforms anybody is elected to one of these positions, ought to have the right to recall any miscreant who abandons the party for greener pastures. In addition to that, the Liberian people should pay keen attention to the rascality of these scums so as not to reelect them ever! In fact, the electorates don’t necessarily have to wait for 6 long years to kick some of these hustlers from office. A campaign to recall them from office could be started right away in some instances. The electorates ought to have that option too, to teach some of these rascals lesson in loyalty and principles.


    To some of our brothers in the upper and lower house, please be sincere in serving our people. Also be an honest opposition members. Don’t be an opportunist; don’t benefit from the weakness of your opposition! Try to find a way to defeat your opposition with out being an opportunist. Only then, your service to the Liberian people will be meaningful and honourable!
    Remember, you were sent there to serve the Liberian people, not searching for GREENER PASTURES. Please, let’s not go back to the old days.

    From: Sydney, with love to all.

  3. CDC is looking to replace the TWP sooner as expected because Liberians are seeing how POWER has stronger wave and influrence. Lawmakers are leaving their PARTIES to join CDC without solid reasons. I believe, where the power is, all will follow. These LAWYMAKERS have no shame. They are only looking to capitalize on the disable leadership of the CDC Ruling Administration to corrupt the Country for many years to come but I have NEWS for them. Liberians abroad are watching these moves with seriousness and looking to establish a MOVEMENT that will be unlike the old (PAL)that brought about changes in Liberian POLITIC. We will oppose any move that intends to re-establish a ONE PARTY SYSTEM. CDC is far below political experience to re-birth one Party System in Liberia. Liberians are watching from far and near. You, Guys will fail.


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