Opposition Figure Warns Consequences of Fraudulent Election


-As the December 8 senatorial election drags to kick-off

By Joaquin M. Sendolo

Cllr. Cole Bangalu, a staunch member of the Unity Party that forms a part of the four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), has issued a warning to the National Elections Commission to be cautious in anything that has to do with cheating and fraud in the election.

Even though NEC Chairperson Davidetta Browne-Lasanna has assured the public that her leadership will conduct a free, fair, and transparent election, Cllr. Bangalu says some situations have manifested the presence of cheating and fraud in the pending election that, if it continues to the day of the election and they in opposition are cheated, it will also yield grave consequences.

According to him, the recent voters’ roll update was characterized by fraudulent activities where people were carrying out double registration and voter trucking.  Furthermore, Cllr. Bangalu indicated that the voters’ roll is yet to be cleaned up as mandated by the Supreme Court, and there is no indication up to present whether or not the NEC has begun the process; something he says rings a bell that there may be a plan to cheat.

Cllr. Bangalu who lost to former Defense Minister Brownie Samukai on the Unity Party’s ticket in the CPP primary to contest for the senatorial seat in Lofa, sent a caveat on October 10, 2020, during the dollar rally organized for Senator Darius Dillon, that he is campaigning for Samukai in Lofa, and any attempt to cheat in the election, the outcome will not only be catastrophic but devastating.

“Let me say today, I am a Zoe and a Christian.  As a Zoe and Pastor, any attempt to cheat in this election, the result will not only be spiritually catastrophic but will traditionally be devastating,” said Bangalu.

In his clarification as to how devastating and catastrophic it will be, Cllr. Bangalu said if the Christians’ choice is cheated, they are going to pray in grief and the response from God against those who cheat will be catastrophic.

For the side of the Zoe that is purely traditional, he could not explain further but said: “If you want to know, join the Poro Society.”

Bangalu, who an executive of the Unity Party refers to as a “Party-disciplined” partisan, said despite his defeat in the party’s primary, he is in full support of the decision and the choice of the party.  Therefore, he said he is going to campaign for Brownie Samukai in Lofa against George Tengbeh, who is contesting on the ticket of the ruling party, the Coalition for Democratic Change.

On the concern of Samukai’s pending case in court, Bangalu noted that as a lawyer, he cannot comment on a matter in a court or use it as a condition to prejudge someone. Until the court comes out with a decision defining Samukai’s fate, Cllr. Bangalu said, he (Samukai) remains a person of no-fault.

In a brief statement during the rally on October 10, Mr. Samulkai said: “We must boot out these people. Let people be placed where they belong.”


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