Only You, Community Members, Can Stop Ebola, not Doctors, Nurses …


Margibi County Senator Oscar A. Cooper has underscored the need for all Liberians,  irrespective of culture,  religion or economic status, to take seriously the preventive measures instituted by government through its Health Ministry to combat the Ebola outbreak across the country.

According to him, the level of the outbreak now in the country required all Liberians’  holistic participation in the fight against the disease. He said government and partners alone cannot stop the spread of the disease.

Sen. Cooper made the assertion recently, at his residence at Cinta, a Kakata suburb, when he presented a special Ebola awareness message to the media in the county.

In his message, Sen. Cooper told his citizens how they can prevent themselves from getting the disease and the danger it poses to family members who may encounter the Ebola virus.

He advised Liberians to always avoid shaking hands, or touching an  Ebola-related dead body.

The Margibi County Senator further cautioned citizens to report immediately to the Ministry of Health or a designated group,  cases of people suffering from severe pain, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, fever/malaria, red eyes, and rash, among others.

The Senator noted that by adhering to these measures, it will certainly help the government and its people to eradicate the pestilence from Liberia.

He averred, “My people, this Ebola thing is not only the government business but all of our business. We have to find  security for ourselves from this deadly disease. When you discover that you are not feeling well, go to the hospital. The sooner you go to the hospital, the better your chances of survival.  If you are sick, or you know that you have the virus, don’t endanger another person with it. Doing that will not help you nor stop the widespread of the virus,” Sen. Cooper cautioned.

“The current status of the virus in Liberia cannot be stopped by medical Doctors, nurses nor government alone,” he told his Margibi citizens, “but by all of you –community members.  You are the participants in the fight against Ebola,” he declared.

Senator Cooper encouraged all Liberians to team up  and unite to defeat this human enemy.


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